Scott Disick Leaves Costa Rica after Row with Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner

Scott “The Lord” Disick has been in the news in recent days, due to the fact that he joined the Kardashian clan on their Costa Rica vacation for some filming of KUWTK TV program. However, only days into his visit, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian found out that Scott Disick had harbored another female at a nearby hotel, away from the family, since him and Kourtney are no longer an item for a long time already. Scott was keeping it on the DL (downlow) and being very respectful in hindsight.

This photo really does say it all. We like what Kourtney is doing here. Photo Credit: Brian Prahl/SplashNews/DailyMail

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian found out about it, because it was the same hotel that the KUWTK crew were staying in and somebody had ratted him out, which resulted in a huge explosive argument about how Scott wasn’t protecting the secrecy or honor of the Kardashian family. Which we think is some major BS! Kris and Kim apparently thought that this was disrespectful. Scott thought otherwise, and rightly so…

Scott did what any other man would do, which was to symbolically stick his middle finger up to the whole regime, then piss off to Miami.

Scott with Model J Lynne.  Photo Credit: KDN SplashNews/DailyMail

He can be seen canoodling  in this swimming pool with J Lynne, followed by hanging on the beach and by the pool, with yet another one, in quick succession.

Photo Credit: Vem Fame FlyNet Pictures

“Well played” by ‘The Lord’, as he’s surely sick of the whole KUWTK megalomania institution and their seeming moral high ground all the “effin'” time and so he flew into Miami, instead of wasting his time being in Costa Rica with them.

Living the Dream. Photo Credit: FameFlyNetUK/DailyMail

You could respect him for keeping his other girl at the other hotel or make a huge scene about it, resulting in him leaving Costa Rica and the vacation set of KUWTK altogether and thus deciding not to play any more charades for the cameras.

Imagine having Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian as your in-laws, talk about a power struggle, all the time. Here’s to Scott Disick, we raise our glass to you, sir.

Miami sure does look like a lot more fun than any more potential nagging from Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, because in you being there in the first place; it was very good for their ratings, after all.

Photo Credit: JLynne/Instagram

Plus add to that, the recent news that Scott Disick might be having model J Lynne move in with him, some day very soon. “My oh my”, how the tables have turned?


Sayonara, bitches! What a power play from Scott “The Lord” Disick, there! (Applause)


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Featured Photo Credit: FameFlyNetUK



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