Sarah Silverman’s Recent Tweets Should See Her Arrested

Who is Sarah Silverman? Apparently, a depressing comedian, that everyone had almost completely forgotten about entirely, until she made her violent communist alignment very clear with recent events at UC Berkeley, with her tweet. as seen below.

Sarah Silverman, 46, apart from looking like the poster child of a feminist “basic b*tch” for no good reason, she’s also in a relationship with actor, Michael Sheen, not to be confused with the legend that is Charlie Sheen. What an odd couple, or what a strange couple, right?

Image Credit: Sarah Silverman/Twitter

Here, Sarah Silverman is calling out for Martial Law and a Military Coup in the style of George Soros, however, the military is with Donald Trump, nowadays.

Sarah Silverman was also no doubt involved in having partner, Michael Sheen, come out and say last month, that he might go into politics, back in his homeland of Wales, in order to counter the rise of populist politics, as they now seem to call it.

What a fickle public statement by Michael Sheen, almost as if he had thought that by playing Tony Blair in three different productions, that he now actually was or could be Tony Blair. This might have landed him in Sarah’s good books and hopefully he “got some” that evening, but we doubt it, because what he really got was a backlash from a vast majority of people across the world. They called him a “champagne socialist” and that’s just what he is and nothing more than that.

His films are forgettable, we won’t even watch ‘Midnight in Paris‘ again, which is not to be confused with that other film, ‘One Night in Paris’.

Back to Sarah now, as is seen by the red colors on her Twitter profile, she’s a true communist, a champagne communist, nothing more than a deranged “looney tune”, who’s hero is probably none other than, Karl Marx or Fidel Castro.  What a moron!

Image Credit: Sarah Silverman/Twitter

Back now to the vandals and rioters at U.C. Berkeley, who began with violence and the destruction ahead of a speech to be done by Breitbart Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos. A British man, that’s been wrongfully painted by the mainstream media as a “White Supremacist”, which is a complete and utter lie, which has even been followed by published retractions by the mainstream media, stating that those were in fact, just “lies”, but hardly not enough retractions have been published for a Soros led protest at U.C. Berkeley, to not go up in flames. Milo Yiannopoulos is in fact, a logical anti-socialist, an anti-communist and a Donald Trump supporter, based on the notion of common sense and logic.

We bet that she would enjoy that, very much. Image Credit: JimmyKimmelShow

There’s nothing racist or anti-LGBT about him, he is a gay man, which has also not been reported, as this would clash with the liberal narrative of “racists”, “sexists” and “gay-bashers”, all phrases that liberals like to try and use to divide and fuel more protests and riots, screaming words like “fascists”, when they are the real fascists at hand.

But, what you are definitely getting with Milo is “free speech” and “common sense” in an exciting new political landscape, the same common sense that saw Donald Trump elected as the U.S. President.

What did these liberals, as they are now called, do at the rally? Well, they burned cars, vandalized buildings and inflicted physical violence on innocent people, including Donald Trump supporters. How tolerant and how liberal is that?  Their weak games are crumbling and the democratic party are no more than a foregone reality, these days.

Silverman’s “Ooooo” face. How she might look, in relation to J. Kimmel’s Mean Tweets moment. Image Credit: Pinterest

These riots smell very much like the funding of George Soros, once again, which is usually followed up by and condoned by Satan’s minions, such as Sarah Silverman, aka the real “fascist”. Sarah is still a low-level minion, very low level, sort of like Shia LaBeouf, with hardly any fan base left to speak of; with their celebrity stock’s crashing now, just like with Madonna and Lady Gaga’s celebrity stock.

So, what of Sarah Silverman’s Twitter comments, well we think she should be placed under investigation for hate speech and also for inciting violence via Twitter.

It be great to see her face when she gets a visit from the U.S. Secret Service or even when she is put in handcuffs, all set for female prison, but we’re absolutely sure that she would enjoy that very much, maybe too much.

She’d turn into somebody’s “bitch” within the very first lunch break and continue to eat canned clam chowder, every day for the rest of her stay there. She deserves it, after these words that she has recently Tweeted out.

What a complete moron she is by taking a communist moral high ground, whilst she is reportedly worth $3.5million, but wait, could she do any charity or philanthropy work with that nest egg? No, probably not. A champagne communist!

So, what does she do? She posts Tweets inciting violence and cheering on destruction of a once prominent University, once revered as a reputable institution, but now it’s facing the consequences to its once pristine image, as a whole. Tragic!

Donald Trump has since stated that he could pull the funding for U.C. Berekely altogether and California is starting to look like a a place full of violent-cry-babies, that are brainwashed by the mainstream media, plus also being hell bent on destruction and causing chaos. But perhaps, its just the work of George Soros, yet again?

We find these people that are rioting as a disease and diseases must be eradicated, along with violent commentary by Sarah Silverman.  What a dumb ____!


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