Vanessa Hudgens Stone Carving Controversy: Hitting Back At Critcism

Last year, actress, singer and former Disney ‘High School Musical‘ star Vanessa Hudgens was put under investigation after carving her and her boyfriend’s name onto a rock, sort of like what High School sweethearts do.

Vanessa and her boyfriend Austin Butler, were at Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona, when they were discovered to have drawn onto a rock face with their names and Vanessa later publishing the fete on Instagram.

Image Credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram

However, Vanessa denies carving their names. Instead, she insists that she merely used chalk. The National Forest saw this as only one thing and that was “vandalism”.

“Me and my boyfriend were on a hike and then wrote our names on a rock with another rock and then people accused me of carving into this rock. But literally, I took a piece of rock and wrote on the rock”.

“It’s the type of thing where it’s chalk, so if you rub it, it comes off. So, I knew with the first rain it would go away”.

Vanessa also claims that she herself is a tree hugger and doesn’t understand why she was subjected to so much criticism.

“I’m such an earth person. I love mother nature. I love being connected to the natural environment. It was a whole situation that was really frustrating. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone or the land. It’s not like I took a key and carved it.”

However, despite her claims, she had to pay a fine of $1,000 to the United States Forest Service for damage of property. Vanessa has also donated some money to apologise for the upset that the whole situation had caused.

It was a situation that had very much got out of control. While, there have been some insane stories of public celebrity behaviour in the past, this one really shouldn’t have been blown up to such epic proportions.

Writing one’s name and partner’s on a rock is a cheesy, but romantic gesture. However, it does little to no harm whatsoever, except for defacing a rock in a National Forest. I guess old fashioned romantic gestures just aren’t socially acceptable anymore. It’s a shame that Vanessa was so badly criticised over something so innocent and so silly. Perhaps, that was the lesson in all of this, which could easily be referred to as “Rockgate”.

It’s understandable as to why she’s confused over the whole controversy though, because it really shouldn’t have caused such an uproar in the first place. But, imagine if everyone did it? Then hundreds of years from now, there’d be nothing “National” about that forest and future historians would truly wonder who this Vanessa person truly was, with her name carved onto the rock face.

So, I guess the next time you’re out in National Forest with someone, you shouldn’t write your name on anything. If you do, then you could face a hefty fine yourself.  After all, National Forests are sacred and we believe that’s something that Vanessa Hudgens  has to come to terms with.

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<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: PopSugar

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