20 Reasons Why Far Left Protesters Are Really Really Stupid

Profound hypocrisy, absolute lack of common sense and utter lack of tolerance with dissenting views, and that’s just their good side. Far left protesters are the bane of humanity who serve no purpose to the existence that is life.

They are very angry, vexed, irritated and bad-tempered individuals who are never happy about anything. So with that in mind, here are 20 Reasons Why Far Left Protesters Are Really Really Stupid.

Also, we are expecting an aggravated far left protest about this list, because we all know that they hate opinions and views that do not conform to their own.

1 – They love protesting about anything, in fact, anything that they don’t agree with, so you can expect a protest about it, with little to zero of the correct information, in doing so.

2 – Far left protesters get ‘triggered’ and ‘offended’ easily when any views or opinions do not conform to their own far left deluded rhetoric.

3 – You see, holding up illiterate and badly made signs makes them feel ’empowered’.

4 – They feel superior when aggressively shoving their opinions down your throat.

5 – But, they do get upset when someone retaliates to their own violence. Why is that surprising? That’s self defence.

6 – In fact, they get very upset when they don’t get their own way. As is seen in this joyous moment of Donald Trump being announced as the President of The United States of America. A very priceless moment from the Inauguration Day.

7 – They say there is stupidity in numbers, surrounded by other equally deluded morons that make protesters feel ‘united as one’ in their common cause of far-left world destruction. We are amazed at these fools.

8 – The standard dress code for a far left protester is not complete without a beanie hat, glasses, ugly trench coat, rack sack and awfully coloured hair. Most of them are also obese and look homeless. Why do they all look the same?

9 – Far left protesters are really just attention seekers, desperately looking for their ’15 minutes of fame’, who have no idea what they are actually protesting about.

10 – Because being ‘Buzzfeed’ famous and hailed as an ‘Social Justice Warrior’ is an achievement to some. Plus, being a brainwashed bandwagon jumper, makes them feel included.  Ahhhh, piss off.

11 – Many of them are just glorified thugs who have no respect for democracy or the law. What better chance for a criminal to do crime, than in a protest full of moronic sheep.

12 – Or not even having any respect for themselves, for that matter. Here’s a classic far-left temper tantrum in action, down below.

13 – Far left protesters look like they just need a good bath. Maybe, that’s why they are screaming? Who knows?

14 – In fact, how many of them find the time to protest all the time I will never know. Do they not have a job to go to?

15 – They actually think they will ‘change the world’ by holding up a sign and shouting while looking angry and scary. Repeating fake news and just trying to cause an uproar, over anything.

16 – The best thing they can do for society is to get a job and contribute to the economic system. Facts!

17 – Far left protesters are really just angry people who need a hug. But, don’t get too close as they might hit you with violence.

18 – Far left protesters promote cannibalism. Just look below, they want communism sort of like cannibalism.

19 – Even far left protesters are tired of protesting. Do they even know what they are protesting or is it just a fun day out, for destruction and chaos with likeminded morons?

20 – Lets face it, far left protesters are just stupid people and the world would be a better place without them. That’s for sure!

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: NewYorkDailyNews

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