Why Finding a Date in Big Cities is Soulless and Lame

Who lives in a big city, like London, New York or has ever frequented these bigger cities? Quite a few people have and although both are different animals, a lot of similarities come to mind when it involves dating or finding a date, or even being bothered to put work into getting laid, for that matter.

For example, in London the nightlife might stretch far and wide, yet most people are inherently all pent up and full of fear on your average night out, so why even bother going out, at all? Yes, the Londoners are mostly defensive and don’t have a lot going for them, apart from hanging in packs and not wanting to meet any new people. It’s probably because this type of behavior doesn’t fit in with the common notion of in England, nobody even knows their neighbors, as a guide to how it reflects on meeting new people or dating, for that matter. Add to this, multiculturalism, the birth and downward spiral of social media since 2007, plus many pretentious nightlife establishments or the down right grimy clubs that are out in East London, where there’s mostly piss on the floor and a high possibility of meeting somebody that you wouldn’t even touch with a selfie stick.

Those are your choices after a certain age, the façade and hassle of even entertaining to go out in the evening with your expensive cab rides, boring friends, entry charges and overpriced drinks, with hardly any beautiful women to stare at, you ultimately think “f*ck all of this BS!”, I’d rather do this any place else in the whole world, but here.

The weekend is here! “Zzzzzz”. Photo Credit: Geralt – Pixabay

In Manhattan, New York City, there’s admittedly higher chances of meeting somebody on a night out, as people tend to be more friendly and not so fearful, but now if you say you support Trump, you’re on your own and might even get melee’d for it.

But, the nightclub scene in the Meatpacking district seems to only mimic and try to be like boujis London, when it comes to clubs, with the Meatpacking district being some sort of pretentious mecca, “come on, this is lame!”

However, in New York City you’re likely to find more beautiful women languishing in regular dive bars, which is very refreshing, as in London, at the pub, you’ll only find the village alcoholic, which is where you’ll end up after giving the London nightlife the big middle finger. I’m not going to queue in some line and pay a cover charge to watch stupid women dance to sh*t music and look at themselves in the mirror of the dance floor. “What the f*ck is this?” You might ask? This is also seen in the night scene of the Meatpacking district, where women in their early to mid-twenties, or the single one’s going on thirty go out and then do their best to “cock-block” each other.

This can be exemplified most perfectly when you start talking to a girl even in London and clearly she’s interested, but then her ugly friends swoop in and yells “She’s not into you” and then proceed to drag her away from you. “I’m getting way to old for this!”

Classic big city BS! Could this be why the nightlife in cities has been crumbling over the years? That is when people finally realise that this going out “malarkey” just isn’t worth it, in the least.  You’re far better off saving yourself for that annual two week vacation.

Nowadays, people are expected to only speak over dating apps, like Tinder or some other new sh*t app, if you don’t already have a big group of friends that is; most of whom are now already married, yet, you can set a timer for their nearing divorce, happening in the next few years.

Tinder is useless and mostly full of fake profiles, plus girls who attach their Instagram page in hopes of accruing more followers there. Plus, also some click bait scams and so these dating apps will never replace how things were far better in terms of meeting new people, prior to Facebook in 2007. But, that was the illusion that Facebook served up as a momentary tool to track down any potential dates or even meet new or old friends; do you remember the poke?

But now we know, all Facebook really is; is an advertising information collection interface, a spying tool and which people now use mostly for venting political ideologies, sharing cat videos and just staring into their News Feeds for no reason, “what so f*cking ever”, except waste years off your life!

Nobody even gives a “sh*t” about messaging anymore and who can blame them? Receiving a message on Facebook nowadays is almost like receiving a bill through the mail, all you can say is; “For Fuck Sake!”

So, what are you supposed to do now, slide into DM’s on Instagram, apparently? That’s what the Millennial’s are doing, with women judging a prospective mate by how many Instagram followers they have, rather than trying to scratch the surface of any truth in their real lives.

Photo Credit: Pashminu – Pixabay

Yes, modern day dating via nightlife in big cities sees women flock to men who pretend to be rich by buying overpriced bottles in nightclubs in order to impress the impressionable ladies who want free drinks and instantly think that this man, must be somebody rich that they can finally sink their teeth into. But, how many Likes or Followers, does he really have?

All the while, he probably spent half his month’s wages in one night, just to impress these young women.

Lying will get you everywhere it seems in the modern nightlife dating scene of the bigger cities, like in London and New York. It’s not that you might be humble and be smart and not even care about how many Instagram followers you have, whilst, being well off enough, to not be stupid enough to pay for a table, plus bottles and throw your money in a trash can, in order to try and take a girl home for the night. Where did she go? She drunk all your alcohol and then just left, huh? Hmm? Who’s the idiot now?

The economics of supplying money to go out and the demand of your inner-self to just stay home instead, because it’s way better, is ever increasing as mass loneliness spreads due to the unwelcoming and overrated nightlife experiences that are available to your average city dweller. Why would you want to be judged at the door by some failed catwalk model and then pay to cross an imaginary line, all for being squeezed into a club, where the music is crap and the people in there are only pretending to really enjoy themselves? That’s the true death of western nightclubs in big cities, in a nutshell.

We’ve even seen women using Tinder inside the nightclubs, as opposed to listening to the awful music and trying to squeeze through to the bar, where they might have even switched the Silver Patron for poured in cheap tequila that tastes of gasoline, charging $15 a shot. Nice!

Good times? No! But, everyone says you have to get onto those dating apps, right? Why? So, that you can match up with somebody that you wouldn’t even take to McDonalds, let alone meet your perfect match for a “spoiling her” evening of fine dining? Where are the women? So far, it looks like they are only on Instagram, but they are probably at home, scrutinising all messages from men on social media dating apps, overviewing how many followers they actually have….

Photo Credit: Pexels – Pixabay

Yes, for all the attractive women in the younger generation have seemingly been polluted by Reality TV, Social Media and Bad Establishment music whilst growing up as Teens, making them look for love in all the wrong places in adulthood, with all the wrong ideals of “popping bottles” and “twerking it” to get attention, but clearly only for the attention from the very wrong people, entirely.

What an unspeakable reality of dire results that usually pans out with, as these young women will need to keep learning and re-learning the same lessons, that these clubs are filled with guys that only got in there, because they knew somebody at the door, their own PR door-contact and not because they own anything of any value, including any morals and or any talent, apart from trying to look important in a nightclub that caters to this pretentious code of which we have already mentioned. Truly sad!

No wonder, most decide to stay at home and just enjoy the creature comforts of a boring western lifestyle. This notion mostly aligns with the big cities that have terrible weather, like London and NYC, so why not just isolate yourself away from the cold and the unwelcoming nightlife, all together?


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