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“Hello hello, loyal readers!” We hope you’re having a grand old day on this fine old week. It’s me again, back with another fun bit of information for you to soak in. Who knows? Maybe you might find it worth remembering. Are you ready to hear it? Alright, settle down, let me tell you what’s going on here.

Now, first and foremost let’s face some facts, we all kind of like to slack off work, even if it’s for a quick glance at something else, just to take your mind off the everyday stresses of life, am I right? If you fall into the category of people, who do this, there’s a good chance that you’re probably going to pop on to the ol’ Twitter and see what everyone else is up to. Maybe check the news while you’re at it, during your lunch break? Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you’ll see something you like and some days the news feed will be some mindless chatter that nobody ever wants to see.

That being said, do you feel like your feed isn’t as great as it could be? Well think that no longer, because we’re inviting you to follow our Official Twitter Page! We post there every hour on the hour, getting stuck in with various daily hashtag games, posting memes and of course live updates of when our articles go live on our website.


Sound good to you? Perfect! Remember…that’s @BrianstainNews or click this link down below: 

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