iPhone 8: News & New Features Revealed

Do you remember the summer of 2007? We do! It was the year when Facebook rose to popularity and the prospective dating game looked promising, with a new lease of life on the tech-horizon and with that; the first iPhone was released. What a year! But, it hits you like a ton of bricks, “that was ten years ago!”

Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say and now everyone will try to remember what fun they had in the past ten years? We hope you’ve had some good memories, as we did over the past decade, but now comes the iPhone 8, a device that we definitely feel  we will get involved with, at some point, with it’s predicted release to hit Apple Store’s sometime in September of 2017.

So, with a decade of Apple iPhone’s behind us, what can we expect from this new concoction? Will you wait for iPhone 10 or will you only be able to hold out for iPhone 8? We think this will be iPhone 8’s year and after having skipped iPhone 7, who can really blame us? Let’s find out more because it’s all ‘bout the number 8 right now, ya’ dig?

First off the bat, the iPhone 8 is rumored to cost above or just on the $1,000 mark, which will make it the most expensive iPhone thus far. Time to start planning that in for September 2017, then? All the money you claim to use for entertainment, just save that or just don’t and then buy it, anyway. Who cares? Surely, they will have fixed the battery issues of the iPhone 6S by now?

Could this be it? A screen like a horizon pool. Sexy! Photo Credit: MuscleTechNews

The iPhone 8 will have a wrap-around OLED screen and even 3D sensing. So, out with the LCD and in with the LED screen and it’s about time, you could say? Since, that switch had already been made in Television’s, a while back, so now your YouTube experience shall be a lot more clear and pristine.

However, what about the 3D sensing? Well, this 3D sensing can digitally recognize your face, in case you had left your face somewhere and in turn, you didn’t recognise yourself. Ha!

But, in all seriousness, apart from your face now being already captured with facial recognition technology, as you stare into your handset, this will also mean that your face can also be used in an augmented reality. Wohuu! Let’s say that you could turn your face into a digital Avatar of some kind and that’s just scratching the surface of what this will mean, as Virtual Reality will make its case to take over our lives in the coming years. Why real, when it can be virtual?

Exciting times to come, no doubt…

So, a 10 year anniversary of the iPhone (Smartphone) and “boy”, do we have a lot to thank them for? Like being able to avoid human conversations come the iPhone 4 & 5, by ignoring people completely in preference for our handsets for many years already. This goes along with all the other benefits that an iPhone truly brings, but what else can we expect from the 8 model?

Apart from the OLED screen and 3D sensing, there’s justification on the price as the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256GB internal memory would set you back $969, so what’s another $50 gonna’ do? Burn a hole in your pocket? We didn’t think so…

Mark Sullivan of Fast Company, said “The new iPhone 8 is expected to be packed with many more features”.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be named the ‘iPhone 8’ or even the ‘iPhone X’, giving it that extra “X” factor, with rumors of it looking suave, with a smooth black monolith screen. “Tech-gasm!” Indeed…

There’s rumors of them launching two other smartphone versions alongside the iPhone 8, which is a 4.7-inch, as seen on the iPhone 7s and a 5.5-inch, as seen on the iPhone 7s Plus. With both the 5.5-inch model and the 5.8-inch model rumored to be equipped with the same camera that’s used in the iPhone 7 Plus, which is that dual-lens camera.

Furthermore, Fast Company were told that Apple might be moving on from the aluminum back cover and replacing it with stainless steel, which sounds nice, like a sharp knife.

Forged together with the new OLED screen, held together by a metal frame. Rock on!

Photo Credit: ValueWalk

However, in slightly worse news, after already losing the mini-jack on iPhone 7, now Apple have also been determined to lose the Home Button. Yes, the Home Button seems to be the next sacrifice and all we can wonder is how E.T. will phone home, now?

Yes, you guessed it, after the iPhone 7s ‘Home Button’ turned into an annoying touch button, now on the iPhone 8, the home button will be underneath the screen and yet again, it’s another ‘Touch Button’. So now, you can get back to poking your phone with your finger, over and over again, until you can finally get it right.

Mark Sullivan, “Our source says the technology is still “evolving” but that Apple is likely pushing hard to get the new ‘Home Button’ into the iPhone 8, which it hopes will be the most feature-rich iPhone ever”.

As long as you can call somebody on the device, we think that this will be the best feature of the phone, all together.

But, Apple sources have hinted at the notion that the side buttons of the iPhone could be replaced with ‘touch sensitive in-lays in the metal’, and we are all getting a sense as the iPhone 8 evolves, it’s becoming way more “touchy feely” than its predecessors.

Here’s a list of rumours about the iPhone 8, please enjoy!

  • Dual-lens 3D camera – Augmented reality to generate real-time views of surroundings.
  • Curved glass casing – Plastic OLED screen – Wireless charging – A folding element
  • New 5 inch (12.7 centimeter) and 5.8 inch (14.7 centimeter) model, which will have a wraparound OLED screen.
  • 8 inch will be designed with the Touch ID finger print sensor ‘under the glass and in the active display area’.
  • A new ‘pure white’ model – Aluminum back will be replaced with two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle.
  • Facial recognition.

We think that’s enough fun news for now on the iPhone 8 and we will definitely be in the market for the new 8, come September 2017. Let’s have it!


But, there’s still a long wait, so why not buy the iPhone 7 here

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Featured Photo Credit: BGR

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