Migrants vs Zombies: They are taking over the world!

The foul stench of festering flesh, rat infested pollution and rotten feces reeks through the bleak air as the sound of crying children and women weeping in agony and despair eerily echo’s in the backdrop over the grey and dejected unsettled skies on this abysmal depressive setting. Welcome to Germany in 2017.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel opened the flood gates to an influx of Migrants resulting in a rapid increase of crime, violence and sexual assault. The once beautiful and prestigious surroundings of Germany have deteriorated beyond recognition and repair.

The E.U are at their wits end and is anxiously pulling the last remaining strands of hair from their receding hair lines in frustration at their inability at seeking a solution to the rabid inundation of migrants.

Rodents and cockroaches live side by side like neighbours in makeshift shanti towns built from garbage and waste. Desperate, neglected and starving migrants scavenge what bits of food they can among the dirt and decay to feed their children, knowing full well what they feed them could potentially make them ill or worse yet, kill them.

This vision of suffering and downcast humanity certainly draws comparison to an end of the world scenario, but is the human race on the brink of destruction as a virus infected zombie apocalypse wreaks havoc on society and civilization, as we know it?

No, well not yet, anyway. Trapped behind fences like caged animals in inhumane and filthy camps, millions of migrants have fled their poverty-stricken homelands and war-torn countries and crossed the dangers of the Mediterranean Sea to Germany, risking their lives on dingy boats to cross the depths of the unforgiving seas. Many of these migrants have lost their lives as corpses of dead babies and children litter and wash ashore on beaches across Germany, like emotionless and hollow rag dolls.

However Germany struggles to process the unprecedented number of arrivals and as a result more camps are built and erected to control and try to contain the overwhelming amount of bodies entering its open borders.

Angela Merkel questions if the heterogeneous migrant mob baying at the fences; can really be transformed into constitutionally loyal citizens and taxpayers, there is much doubt among the masses and as a result a sinister plan is about to take place that will affect the innocent lives of millions of stranded migrants, who ventured to Germany seeking a better life.

Germany always looks to its past. The remains of Adolf Hitler and his infamous Nazi movement is much documented in the vaults of history and was thought to be buried and forgotten beneath the ground of the holocaust genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by Hitler its collaborators. The Nazi human experimentation project was a series of medical experiments on a large numbers of prisoners in these Holocaust camps where prisoners were forced into participating in sick experiments that resulted in death, trauma, disfigurement or permanent disability and as such are considered as the examples of medical torture.

Germany who during the rise of migrants has taken in millions of migrants has now reached breaking point, the German people march and rally on the streets feeling oppressed in their own country, frustrated at the lack of concern for Germany’s own native people. German women are fearful to walk the streets alone, fearing attacks from rowdy and barbaric migrant men who came from primitive lands, where women are merely beings for sexual usage.

The German government fearing civil unrest and extreme violent riots, propose a plan to the E.U, who along with the fellow countries of Europe are facing a public backlash and anger from their own native citizens, which seems justified.

The German government have declared a state of emergency as tough new laws to stop migrants entering came into force, the borders of Germany officially closed and hordes of migrants are turned away in despair.

But, what of the millions of migrants that have already entered Germany? As crime rises and tensions heighten amongst the German people, Angela Merkel has no other alternative.

Looking to the dark and barbaric history of the Nazi party as a source of inspiration, the German government search relentlessly amongst the winding archives of Nazi scientific documentation and research that was thought to be long destroyed during the bloody climax of World War II.

Hidden away in the dust filled and torn pages of Nazi propaganda are the blueprints of project “Geistlos”, a scientific project created in the hallow depths of Nazi laboratories, under the strict supervision of the “fuhrer” Adolf Hitler, himself.

Project Geistlos outlines the plan to infect Jewish holocaust prisoners with a mutagenic virus created by top Nazi scientists, transforming its host into a mindless creature genetically modified for use as a violent and brutal killing machine. These infected and mindless hosts under the command of the Nazi regime, would take front line in the war against Europe and ultimately lead to the downfall of Winston Churchhill, the United Kingdom and ultimately the control and complete world domination under the Nazi flag.

That was the plan anyway, but with Adolf Hitler dead (vanished) and the Nazi party coming to an abrupt end, project “Geistlos” just like the Nazi party ceased to exist, gathering dust and ultimately was only a sinister reminder of what could have been. However, the past ultimately will rise again like a flesh ridden hand creeping out from a shallow grave, project “Geistlos” would soon become a reality and the unsuspecting migrants have no idea at the true anguish and suffering which can await them.

Angela Merkel’s plan was simple, to infect a few of the migrants in the shanti towns and camps scattered around Germany and turn them into bloody thirsty Zombies, thus killing the un-affected migrants and eliminating the migrant problem in one blazing move. The blood of the migrants would not be on the hands of the German government and the deaths would be blamed on a simple virus outbreak, that originated from the migrants who were confined and later wiped out. Fingers of accusations and conspiracy would not be pointed at the unassuming German government and the whole episode would be blamed as an unfortunate tragedy.

The ripples of the tide calmly sweep the sand coated beach, as the chirping and wailing of Seagulls echo the deserted beach set along the empty German shoreline. On that barren shore cuts a lonely figure, the dead body of a migrant infant, face down on the wet sand as waves of the ocean covers the cold and breathless body rinsing the clothes that are still clinging onto the child’s dead body, soaked and drenched in salty sea water. Blood pouring from the vacant child’s face adsorbs into the blitzing cold splashes of the ocean, as the small lifeless body floats in the deadened sea beneath grey coated puffy clouds in the benumbed sky.

How did the deceased little body of a migrant child wash ashore onto an empty beach? The bite marks etched with the outline of teeth into the young delicate skin, tell a rather sinister tale. Project “Geistlos” had begun.

It could happen and we thought we’d entertain the idea, as a precautionary measure.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay 

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