Western Society: Cold Winters, TV, and Nothingness

Have you ever stopped and wondered; why do you live in a place where your face hurts from the cold? If you have, then no doubt you live in a place where nobody enjoys the cold winters and you may live in a so-called Western Society, that doesn’t have much to offer you, apart from the boring creature comforts, such as a TV, a PS4, a warm blanket and the promise of a booty call, the basic things that are just enough to get you through this monotonous day-to-day, never-ending soulless existence.

But, you should’ve probably thrown in a wife and a baby in by then, to make things extra stressful and so that you have no free time to yourself, plus no money to afford as much anymore, then everything will be super happy, right? Wrong! Some people are not falling for that old trick of Western Society, either!

The sort of wonderful sights you might see, if you see any nature in the city. Crows = Death! Photo Credit: Pixabay

Furthermore, these places are usually located in the Northern Hemisphere and during the winter months, you turn into a hibernating bear or you do just enough to make sure that you can keep going in this boring existence, much like a zombie on a diet of fluoride pie. Whatever it takes for you to keep this dire routine going, you will most definitely do it.

It’s not like the sun’s going to come out and make you all “cheery and positive” about the forthcoming weeks or days or even life, for that matter. “Yeah” as if the summer weather would make anything better here, anyway, it’s ridiculous, it’s the same sh*t, only the temperature got warmer. Wake up people!

So, now you have to make yourself really numb and now we don’t recommend you start abusing alcohol or class A drugs or anything, but please, just please hang in there. If you own a gun, lock in the safe, in case you are ever tempted to just blow your brains out, just for the fun of it.

There might not be any relief to speak of, but god doesn’t like quitters. So, keep smoking. Or maybe, it’s time to start planning a life, a lot less similar to this Western City Living.

But, who is to say that it’s not just you and it’s not down to the extremely boring Western Society set up of Western culture, which has brought you to this dangerous notion of “not giving a f*ck” about anything, anymore? That’s the bliss that we should all strive to obtain to, apparently, because there seems to be no relief on the horizon.

But, we gave you “Tinder”? Hahahahahaha. “F*ck off!”

It is nice to overcome all the “bullsh*t” and be twenty steps ahead of people in knowing that this isn’t necessarily a life worth living. No fear, if you have none, this is good as it gets, because it then liberates you to a point where material possessions and garbage things like TV, your IKEA table and all things are easily sacrificed for better places and better locations, where there seems to be “life” and “things to do” outside and not everyone is just walking around in a world full of inner dread, with the facial expression to prove it. Plus, things are cheaper and you might even find some love…..

Do you know what we mean? Go outside later and try to find somebody smiling. Nobody is smiling, right? Smile at someone is quite a good one, as you’ll ruin their day, because they’ll be angry that you’re happy. We are secretly smiling whilst writing this and we will smile at people today. Perhaps, there are solutions….

We may have the “mood swings”, a nice momentary shift in outlook before coming crashing down to reality again.

Bored out of our damn skull, much like this cat. Photo Credit: Pixabay

But, when you don’t care anymore, that’s when you have reached a form of freedom. We also recommend not being locked into phone contracts or ever even owning a car or a mortgage, because then you’re truly stuck and “royally f*cked” forever.

It just keeps on going and going and going. We’ve even quit drinking, I mean, whats the point in that “sh*t”? I’ll drink when I have to, thank you very much.

You’d be forgiven for feeling like you’re 87 years old and all that you have to look forward to is when the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ comes on and also to that short and murderous supermarket experience, that you have to keep on going through, just to buy things that you probably wouldn’t need in less boring places. Starving to death never sounded so good, we might just quit “eating” for a challenge, as well.

So, are you supposed to live like your 87 years old and just give up on your life, just because you’re not buying into the model of marriage and children? Or even the boring night entertainment that’s available to you, since it’s all a con and an absolute waste of money, unless it’s a beer in a pub, which will just make you fat and unhealthy, plus the place, where there’s no nice looking women around? This is the “Catch 22” once you’re over the age of 22.

So, should you just waste your youth away on a soulless society like this? We don’t think so…

Yes, this life is the epitome of the Western World, living in your thirties without kids, where you could eat yourself obese on processed snacks just because you’re bored as all hell or just sign up to a gym, so you can stare at annoying people who dress up to go to there, whilst you exercise and stare at them as the being the absolute bane of all of Western human existence. Too much exposure to Western Reality TV, we think…

So, forget that and just work out at home and cut the crap food out and slowly become an over privileged prisoner of your own home, because you wouldn’t want it, in any other way. Fact!

Work, work, work, sh*tty weather, get tired, no good places to go with miserable people, because it’s all the same, just the same names and only the names of the bars, restaurants, shops and clubs, change names after all, so you turn on your TV and watch “Fake News” and pretend that you care about the weekend coming up.  Then after the weekend, when you hibernate like a suicidal grizzly bear, guess what? You get to start it all over again on Monday and look forward to the next boring “ass” weekend that’s coming up in five days time.

Live long enough and you’ll become just like this poor old man. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Yes, but waking up in your home in the city on the weekend, you can go out onto the street, where the people have no names and take a walk in the cold or meet a friend that you no longer even like anymore, just to drink alcohol and freeze less.  But, the frustration of just how boring everything is; might take you passed the four drink mark and then now we know that things will culminate into a hangover tomorrow, that’s for sure, to last you at least until Monday morning. So, what’s the point?! That is the point, apparently.

Sure, you do like a few of your friends, perhaps, 2 or 3 of them maximum, more or less, less and less annually. However, there’s no great economical sensibility to go to any places with them, since we are over pretentious clubs and we are not up to speed on the latest $20 cocktail place, because all of those places are the same sh*t, but to those friends that we already dislike, former friends, you’re finally at an age where you’ve seen through their false agenda and you can spot the haters from a mile away and you can just say “f*ck off” to their whole energy, all together; by just not answering their phone calls, because they are some sort of sick “weirdo” that wants to suck up your good energy and your remaining positive vibes. Oh joy! Just give up, man!

Weather report now incoming and yes we are seeing record low temperatures in London this weekend and in New York City there’s also the snowstorm, called “Chris”, well at least, they gave it a nice name. Nice one, Chris! At least now people can cancel those weekend plans that they didn’t want to go out to in the first place, without any guilt.

If there was ever a time to buy a bottle of whiskey and or start to abuse many substances or to do something “just for kicks”; now would most definitely be the time to include those on your supermarket run and also on your shopping list. But, if you have already exhausted every avenue of that already, then now what do you do? Even that got boring…Damn!

How about those people who you could potentially see out, in this boring city lifestyle? As if you hadn’t made it abundantly clear in the nicest way possible to them, that you don’t want to see them ever and that was in fact apart of your New Years Resolutions.  All you hear is the ring tone.

Western Society, it’s a boring old spiel, so you have to join in, but what if you could live somewhere that had just about anything to bring you, outside of work hours? Just imagine that, a society where adults weren’t meant to feel bored and isolated all the time? Where could this be? Where you’re not considered old, until you’re actually old.

You could be happy everyday, but no, you must keep going until you reach depression five times over in the Western world, first. That’s what we are trained into believing is the right thing to do and the right way to live. But, it’s wrong.

That’s a typical life in the West, so you can get a Anti-Depressant prescription from a doctor that gets his commission on it being prescribed to you, and then be told that you’re depressed, when in all actuality it’s only a situational depression and it’s because days like this have finally taken their toll. So, why swallow pills of junk chemicals, that won’t do anything more but to pollute your brain, when in all actuality, all you needed to do was to just leave this place already!

People, people everywhere and yet we still feel all alone. Photo Credit: Pixabay

We will tell you, it’s just so you can become even more of a zombie than you already are, and so that you can be stupid enough to actually buy into this alternative-fake reality of how these pills, made you overly “cheery” with the use of chemicals and you think you have cured your depression, via further fake means. That’s good, right? No, that’s fake and a weak choice to take.

Another much better medicine would have been to just get away from the causation of your boredom and depression, by getting away and starting a life, a new life, someplace else, where things didn’t suck so bad….

We will take bets now on who enjoys this European and Western city lifestyle and probably find nobody placing any bets at all, with the harsh winters and gloomy weather, plus the utterly crap forms of entertainment available to adults, even if the nightlife is on your doorstep.

A life nearer the Equator and you’ll find signs of life, but they would probably be called a 3rd World Country by Western Society, so you’re tricked into thinking that life there, isn’t good….

But guess what, it sure beats being here. Let’s face it, in the Western world, we have a culture of no enjoyment, plus drinking alcohol, surfing the web until our eyes get sore and then also switching on the TV afterwards, to keep you company.

Wow! Try to impress your foreign girlfriend with that kind of life, coax her over with those lies and then you can both become miserable together, forever.

There’s seemingly no culture of happiness in the general vibe of our existence in the West, where as if you travel a bit, you realize that in some places, in some cultures, people avoid TV, they have places to go to and things to be apart of; but at least we can say it’s weekend now and we will defiantly refuse to go, anywhere! Scientific studies have found that some of the happiest people live in some of the most impoverished places.

So, in the West, why would I want to spend money on that? With those people? Doing those things in all such boring places, that are all entirely the same? Where’s the relief in all of this…

Gotta take life one day at a time, my friend. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Yes, we definitely won’t go anywhere this weekend, plus we won’t sign up for any crappy excursions in this cold weather and or be forced to go to some dinner party with friends of friends (share a check) when there’s always someone paying less (annoying), with people who you don’t like and maybe even secretly despise, just so that you can entertain other people’s illusion of a good time. Been there, done that, “f*ck” that!

So, when you’ve done everything and you know there is nothing new for you out there, to even experience; why would you keep going until you reach new levels of depression, yet again? Or even perhaps, a month or more from now, down the line, you’ll catch the great depression all over again? That’s the real question?

So, in the voice of comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, there’s only one thing to say here, “Why would you do that?”


At least in the cold temperatures, we can still wear winter jackets.  I’m sold.

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Featured Photo Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

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