MacGyver: The Return of the Handyman Hero

We we’re innocently brushing through the TV channels this weekend, when we saw it and wouldn’t you just know it? It was yet another re-make; this time of the classic TV action show ‘MacGyver’; we suppose they couldn’t leave it alone. They needed to re-make this quasi-mullet wearing hero from the eighties into something new, but would they change the hair? CBS decided to keep the hair of MacGyver in tact, spinning a new version of the popular TV series that ran from 1985-1992, with a fresh new look for 2017. What a joy to behold!

MacGyver developed quite a cult fan base over the years, even with Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma Bouvier, being huge Richard Dean Anderson fans, as seen here below, when he joined the Stargate TV show, bringing a meltdown from the twin sisters of Marge Simpson.

So, who plays the new MacGyver in the new CBS ‘MacGyver’ and has it really been well received, so far? MacGyver is played by Lucas Till, who keeps the famous hair to reprise the role over 22 episodes, with more of a Bourne Legacy or a feeble James Bond attempt at a similar aesthetic and feel, without the high budget action sequences or anything like that.

So far, on IMDB the new series has a 4.8 star rating out of 10, so it looks like it could be the first and last season of the reprisal. So, will the new “ Mac”, make a gun out of a potato and a slingshot? The only way for you to find out is if you tune into CBS or its equivalent UK TV channel.

Yes, “improvise” is the word here (much like the reprisal of the series) and yet he still wears the famous brown leather jacket and also he has that wavy hair, still. This will truly keep you glued to the sofa, or not?

But, will Lucas Till evoke the same type of cultish obsession as Richard Dean Anderson once did? Hmmm, we doubt it. But, will new audiences warm to this 80s legend of the TV screen, now in the year of 2017?

Early signs point to “No”, but if you’re a die-hard MacGyver fan, this might just be the thing for you. But, you can’t beat the music and memories of the classic ‘MacGyver”, as there is only really one “MacGyver”. Buy all 7 Seasons of the classic MacGyver, here.

Those drum machines and the synthesizer music and the helicopters, you just cannot beat the classic ‘MacGyver’ ever, but a nice try from CBS, anyway. Let’s see how many seasons they make, before it goes bust? We’re looking into the crystal ball and we see the number “one”.


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