Mischa Barton Crashes into Her New Apartment Building with a U-Haul Truck

On planet Mischa Barton, things have gone from bad to worse, just two weeks ago when she was caught on her backyard fence in West Hollywood, yelling about her mother being a “witch” and that she could “feel the end and it’s angry” whilst, also being recorded by her neighbors. Watch below.

A celeb meltdown, of sorts. She was taken in for a mental health assessment and she claimed that she was drugged with GHB by someone after her birthday party. That’s a long party, that’s for sure, as it was the day after her birthday, when the incident occurred. Truly horrible scenes!

But, who knows? As she seems to be a little way too animated to be on GHB, to be fair? But, what do we know (hmm) about that? And, this was the day after her birthday, so, party on! But, it’s a terribly frightening video. We are glad that she received help.

What we can now gather is that Mischa has now moved out of the West Hollywood home, much to the relief of her old neighbors, we presume? But, what happened next?

Mischa Barton crashes her U-Haul truck into her new apartment building on arrival, that’s what’s happened now. Ouch! We bet her new neighbors are not so happy about her arrival, just take a look at this calamitous mistake .

She misjudged that headroom by a mile! What could go wrong next for the seemingly clueless and very helpless TV star? Well, one thing’s for sure is that she’s definitely getting a lot more press these days, than since the end of The O.C. TV show.

This could lead to new acting roles, give her a job, any job? As long as it doesn’t involve driving and or parking and or definitely not anything to do with a U-Haul truck.

And, how was your month? Surely better than Mischa’s has been of late. We wish we could be a fly on the wall, inside the new neighbor’s apartments’ and get a first hand listen to all that happens in the world of Mischa Barton.


What next? Let’s keep our ears and eyes peeled for more “Celebrity Meltdowns”.

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Featured Photo Credit: The Sun

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