Is Valentine’s Day Secretly Racist?

With so many things considered “racist” by liberal lefties these days, we wanted to ponder whether Valentine’s Day is really racist or not? And, low and behold, we found that it might just very well be “racist” indeed. Just think firstly, Valentine’s Day isn’t really a Muslim Holiday, so first off the bat, with our politically correct minds switched on, we thought that that’s “racist” for sure… It’s sort of a Christian and Roman tradition and thus the Muslims might feel alienated and you probably wouldn’t find them too pleased by an Ann Summers or Love Honey  Valentine’s Sale with everything 20% off of the original price. Anyway, such has been the rhetoric of socialism and multiculturalism and political correctness gone mad, in recent times. So, why not joke about it? As it wouldn’t be surprising at this point.

Only kidding, but that’s true, but we also find that Valentine’s Day might be “racist” to the single race. Yes, the “singletons”, nobody has thought about them in all of this, have they? Shouldn’t we be all-inclusive of all the lovely single “f*cks” that are out still there, on such a trivial day? That’s racist, man!

We have concluded that the sights of red roses, stringy lingerie and dark chocolates, are in fact “racist” to single people.

This is the liberal left  hand sign to make Valentines Day racist, again. This will be seen at the many forthcoming protests. Photo Credit: JohnHain – Pixabay

It’s a hard pill to swallow, when everything is considered “racist”, so do bare that in mind when you go for your Valentine’s Dinner for two, not three or even exchange naughty presents on this February the 14th. If you buy a purple rotating bunny for you girlfriend and not a pink one, isn’t that also considered “racist”?

Imagine, if somebody called somebody out for racial appropriation due to the color of a sex toy. Just cue the scene, when some liberal male snowflake working inside a sex shop, becomes absolutely livid when a caucasian woman buys an African-American dildo? “Hey lady, excuse me, ma’am, but you do know that, that’s racist, right?!”

What would happen next in this political globalist climate of race appropriation and everything now being called out as “racist” by liberals, when they lose a political discussion? Haha! Funny times! There should be a protest, we think.

Valentines Day racism here, for sure! Photo Credit: Geralt – Pixabay

With so many things being classed as racist nowadays, seemingly any of these things might become the “fake news” story of the day, any day now, of course, focusing on race.

We feel that their should also be a day for single people, where you celebrate and exchange gifts with yourself or give yourself a general pat on the back if you will, for staying single, especially through Valentine’s Day of all days. After all, all we want is equality and another day for single people to stand up for their rights as singletons.

In fact, we feel that there might even be a protest in formulation right now on some college campuses, right across America. People will be holding signs for single peoples rights and cry out about how there is no single day, yet there is still Valentine’s Day. White kids will scream that’s racist with their ear-spacers, tattoos and hooded sweaters, kicking up a “sh*t storm” of violence.  Was that racist or just plain old stereotyping?

Or what if some angry feminist mistook the V in Valentine’s day, suggesting that it’s disrespectful to the “Vagina”, you never know, it could happen? Cue the women with purple hair, wearing a “pussy hat” in protest of this whole damn day, all together.

Outrage! We are truly “outraged”, but we still feel good about how many people will be sitting down to overpriced Valentines menus and stressing out about Red Roses and also for not realizing that they can really have Valentines Day, anytime of year.

Our conclusion is that Valentine’s Day is indeed “racist” and we must stop it! See you at the protests, everyone!



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Featured Photo Credit: PixelsCreatures – Pixabay

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