Britney Spears Throws Biblical Shade on Katy Perry’s “Shaved Head” Diss

During the recent Grammy’s Awards Red Carpet event covered by E!, Katy Perry was stopped by “you guessed” it, Ryan Seacrest and the usual stop and have an impromptu conversation of “blah-blah-blah” and what she “was wearing that night?” came into play, as well as, Ryan commenting on Katy Perry’s change of hairstyle and more importantly her color change to blonde from her usual dark-haired look.

Katy Perry is of course, that hugely successful and chosen establishment artist, coming quite a few years after Britney Spears, who we know now performs live, well sort of live at The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. Anyways, let’s see that moment here from Katy Perry with our favorite Ryan Seacrest (give us a sick bag, please) when she makes a snide remark towards Britney Spears, or did she?

First off, what in the hell is she wearing? Nevermind, let’s get to that later. But, Britney Spears didn’t take kindly to the comments by Katy Perry, “Yeah, that’s called taking care of your mental health” and “Fantastic! And, I haven’t shaved my head, yet”.

In this nauseating exchange of words with Ryan Seacrest, we remember that Katy Perry is an establishment-controlled artist and that she may be referencing that time way back when Britney Spears, had shaved her head in an apparent celebrity meltdown  in 2007, and then she later attacked a car with an umbrella.

This is all in reference to mental health and perhaps the puppetry control of these artists and once that mind control breaks; you might shave your head in rebellion? Or do they make you shave your head, when you disobey them? Anyway, who knows?

Probably only Britney Spears and Katy Perry, but fans have hinted at a response from Britney over Twitter, with her Tweeting,

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart (heart emoji) Luke 6:45,”

We love Britney’s new look too. Such a MILF. Photo Credit: Variety/REX/Stutterstock

Nicely put by Britney Spears, 35, who definitely retains a legendary and sexy role still, as that teen pop icon of many years ago, holding it down in Las Vegas, even when she’s miming. Who cares? It’s Britney Spears and she levels Katy Perry with her Tweet here, taken straight from the Bible. Nice! What sort of comeback will Katy have, if any?

What we think happened here is that Katy Perry was referencing that she hasn’t shaved her head, yet. And, it could be taken in a context of crying for out for help of some kind. Was Katy Perry suggesting that she should’ve probably lost her mind by now? We think “Yes”.

But, all Britney did was throw shade with Glory by using a verse from The Bible, translating to:

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart (heart emoji) Luke 6:45,”, which blatantly  means that Katy Perry is pinned down by Mind Control and she’s definitely on the verge of losing the plot and is almost close to shaving her head.

With Britney Spears having been enjoying a good life over the past few years, whilst Katy has to run around and perform at Hillary Clinton rallies and so forth, plus wearing in ridiculous outfits and also she even has to carry on like the true “Puppet of Satan” that she really is, then that’s what we believe to really be going on here. Not, anything else.

So, perhaps Katy wasn’t dissing Britney, but more that she is expecting to be shaving her head any day now. Just like Britney meant with her very correct “Tweet”.

Britney definitely won this one and let’s put it this way, do you remember Russell Brand? Well, you know that he was together with Katy Perry for a little bit, as you all can remember?

Now, if even Russell Brand couldn’t even stand Katy Perry, with himself being one of the most annoying people in the world and that their relationship didn’t work out, then you wonder as just to how much more annoying Katy Perry is than Russell Brand? How is it possible? Unthinkable thoughts to be having on a Wednesday. We apologise.

Yes, truly mind bogglingly annoying the two of them. Just think if Katy Perry is way more annoying than Russell Brand, then no wonder that Russell called it quits on her from early on.

So, we’re glad that Katy Perry is once again back in the news and although she probably means well, she’s definitely one hell of a “silly goose”.  We also expect more of her music to be dominating the airwaves, as it usually does, when it’s late Katy Perry season yet again.


Her fashion sense is most definitely “not of this world”. That’s for sure…

Buy Katy Perry ‘Prism’ as opposed to Prison.

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Featured Photo Credit: E! 

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