Amanda Knox aka “Foxy Knoxy” Writes About Lesbian Relationships from time in Prison

The year was 2007 and out of Perugia, Italy, on November the 2nd, came the unfortunate tale of an American college exchange student, Amanda Knox, 20, at the time and her boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito, being caught up in a murder investigation after the killing of British student, Meredith Kercher in a dorm room of the University town in central Italy. You know the story? In 2009, Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito stood trial in the Corte d’Assise, pleading not guilty on charges of murder, sexual assault, carrying a knife, simulating a burglary, and theft of 300 Euros, two credit cards, and two mobile phones.

In 2007, the first sights of young Amanda Knox being unfairly imprisoned for Meredith Kercher’s murder. Photo Credit: DailyMail

However, the prosecuting lawyer Giuliano Mignini had dreamt up a salacious sexual story in the town, with the use of the media, where there hadn’t been a murder for over 20 years, where he had fictionalized a sort of sex game gone wrong, between Amanda Knox, Raffaelle Sollecito and an African born man, from the Ivory Coast, named Rudy Hermann Guede, who had lived in Perugia since the age of five, all being somehow involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher that night.

Yes, for the prosecuting lawyer, who often acted like a detective of sorts (like a crime fiction writer) had pushed for his version of events of a college sex game gone wrong, which saw Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito be convicted on December 5th 2009, after two years already in jail, to a term of no less than 26 years to life for her murder.

However, the evidence didn’t add up, but it definitely added up to Rudy Hermann Guede’s bloody fingerprints being found at the scene, which would’ve cleared Amanda Knox and Raffaelle accusation for the murder, but Mignini wanted to seemingly take everyone to prison.

Let’s play spot the killer. Who do you think it is? Photo Credit: Mirror

Amanda had returned from Raffaelle’s place, to her dorm room, which she shared with Meredith Kercher, finding that Meredith’s bedroom was locked and there was blood inside the bathroom. Where was Rudy Guede? He was gone and the police were called and seemingly by Amanda Knox first implicating her former boss, Patrick Lumumba, a restaurant owner where she worked as a waitress, this threw a pitchfork into early investigations which saw Rudy Guede walking free to begin with. Here we can see him, being arrested, with his bloody fingerprints found at the scene and with an obvious fictional sexual fantasy of the prosecution only to go by, which later saw the release of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito for insufficient evidence in an acquittal and release on October 3rd 2011. This later followed up with a re-trial in the Italian High Court which Knox did not have to attend, as she was back in the U.S.A. plus a full Supreme Court decision to clear them of their names in the incident in March 27th, 2015, above all proving that both Amanda and Rafaelle should never have been locked up in the first place.

Guede being extradited from Germany back to Italy in 2008. Photo Credit: Mirror

They already had their killer, Rudy Hermann Guede, who initially fled Perugia to Germany, which was not suspicious at all (yeah, right)? Even more crazy was the fact that before Kercher’s murder on October 7th, Guede was arrested in Milan after breaking into a nursery school with an 11-inch knife, that’s not suspicious right? What’s worse is that the Italian prosecution and judges extradited him from Germany after Skype interviews, proving that he was their most likely suspect, until they matched his bloody fingerprints at the crime scene and so he was rightfully convicted of murder in October 2008 for murder and sexual assault of Meredith Kercher and sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment. But, Judge Micheli acquitted Guede of theft, suggesting that there had been no break-in. Wait, what?!

That was a full year before, the first trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito in 2009 for murder, but because of the blundering and salacious story that the Italian Press had run with and with trying to safe face, they decided to prosecute Amanda and Raffaelle to prison without any evidence, and so they did? How’s that for justice?!

Photo Credit: DailyMail

So, Amanda Knox spent four years inside the Perugia female prison, for something that she did not do and let’s just say that even spending one day, for something that you didn’t do, is bad enough. We cannot imagine the hell that they went through at the hands of the Italian legal system. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Amanda Knox who has since been living in Seattle and working as a freelance writer, wrote an essay about her time inside the prison and specifically about lesbian relationships.

She revealed that she formed a close bond with a fellow inmate called “Leny”, a small town drug dealer that she met on the inside.

She wrote about the notion of being “gay for the stay” in female prisons, where same sex relationships form, in order to withstand the horrors of being locked up and in trying to better human connection, whilst facing the daily dread of being locked inside.

“Leny” who arrived three years into Amanda Knox’s sentence of 26 years, before her acquittal and release, became close as friends, but eventually it all cooled off, as Leny pursued too many unrequited sexual advances towards Amanda, which made it difficult for them to remain friends.

Amanda admitted that even though her family flew out in order to be close to her and visit her, she was still devastatingly lonely inside the prison and Leny was a friend that she could be close with at first for nothing in return, until it always became about sex in the end.

‘At least initially, Leny might not have been trying to seduce me, and was actually just in need of someone kind to distract her from her loneliness,’

When they first met, Knox told Leny that she had been supportive of the LGBT community in her high school and the pair formed a quick bond after that.

“I was cautiously friendly. We walked the perimeter together. She told me she was a lesbian and I told her I was straight.”

Their friendship started to crumble once Leny started saying that she had turned straight women gay in the past and saying, ‘”I can do things to you that no man can”.

This was awkward for Amanda and she felt annoyed whilst Leny felt that Amanda was only playing hard to get. They would share music, play chess and run the yard together as friends, but, Amanda wrote,

“One day, Leny kissed me. I gritted my teeth and half-smiled, wavering between embarrassment and anger.’ Amanda respectfully told Leny that unless she could adhere to the boundaries of sexual advances, then they could no longer be friends. Leny tried but that boat had sailed, as they say. Leny was later released before Amanda, who was left to serve her sentence, but Leny kept sending her Jazz CD’s with statements, like “Love always, Leny”. Unfortunately, Amanda Knox never replied. But, in essence she has replied with this new information, acknowledging the time they had spent together as friends.

The prison in Perugia. Photo Credit: DailyMail

Knox wrote that in the Capanne prison, most inmates were divided into cliques, like in most prisons, divided by race, color or creed and that she belonged to none of the established groups. That definitely doesn’t sound like a holiday camp, by any means and Amanda was very thankful that she still had help and contact from the outside.

Amanda wrote that crushes were common in prison and love letters and tokens of affection were commonplace, writing, ‘There were tearful breakups, and sometimes fistfights between new partners and exes”.

And, that many women who were incarcerated there, were heterosexual, but were “gay for the stay”.

Amanda explains that she had no real friends in the prison and that many were envious of her, because she was dubbed by reporters as “Foxy Knoxy” and was also known as the “famous one”. She was sought after and was also hated by some other inmates. Knox wrote:

‘Most of my fellow inmates were bigger, tougher, meaner, more desperate, and had less to lose than me, so I never let my guard down,’

In conclusion, Amanda Knox made a larger point of that people are often enticed into prison relationships, which she wrote, “Brings out the horny teenage boy in many of us.”

Further adding that, ‘The relationships inmates establish with each other are treated as nothing more than kinky lies to be ashamed of upon returning to the real world. But, they’re not”.

Meredith Kercher, who was sadly murdered by Guede. Photo Credit: AP/DailyMail

There you have it, more inside information of one of the most notoriously unjust criminal cases in European history, with a happy ending with the release of Amanda and Raffaelle, getting released in 2011, with a full acquittal to clear their names in 2015. Unfortunately, nothing will bring Meredith Kercher back, a life cut short by a vicious killer in Guede.

We took an immediate interest in the case back in 2007, being that Amanda Knox, was a lookalike for somebody that we used to know in the year of 2007, “Yes” an American exchange student too, as well, so this case always seemed to be something that seemed so fictional, that a good girl from the U.S.A. would somehow be in actuality framed for such a horrible murder and even garner such a prison sentence without any concrete evidence, just for the sake of juicy journalism and salacious tales, that were only backed up with a botched criminal investigation and a media circus, that was hell-bent on making their false story stick, somehow.

Justice was finally done in 2011, with her release, but within spending four years in prison, two years waiting for the trial, then a further 2 years, for her to be released and a further three years until her name was cleared, one thing that is clear and that is that Amanda’s scars and bad memories from her unlawful imprisonment, may never heal.

We are happy to see Amanda, “free and well”, despite all the things that she had to go through.

Two films have already been made about the Amanda Knox story and the thing that still beggars belief is how they could keep Amanda and Raffaelle still locked up, despite charging Rudy Hermann Guede for the murder of Meredith Kercher in 2008, a full year before the official first trial of Amanda Knox in 2009. Shocking! Keep your head up, Amanda, we feel like we know you, even though, we don’t…


Brainstain, over and out!

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