The Fling is Out: Angelina Jolie & Jared Leto Are Hooking Up, plus Brad gets to see more of his Kids

With the ongoing “elephant in room” of divorce proceedings, that have been in the celebrity ballpark since late September of 2016, in the Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt match-up; we’re now finally hearing the rumors of just who is having flings with who? Yes, post the imminent finalization of the divorce and whilst rumors had suggested a casual friendship between Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson, since November 2016, Angelina Jolie has gone one faster and she’s reportedly already been close with actor, Jared Leto, 45, since October 2016.

Yes, whilst Brad Pitt has finally got time back to see his kids (visitation rights), mostly time spent with Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox, not Maddox and Pax because of that plane incident and with Zahara, we don’t know, but Brad is finally happy to have unsupervised visits and even have two days a week, plus sleepovers with his closest kids.

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An inside source revealed about the breakthrough in Brad Pitt’s visitation rights, “He’s become a much more prominent figure in the kids’ lives, and they seem to be doing a lot better now that things have calmed down. He’s recently had two different overnights with two kids without being moni­tored, and he’s hoping to have them for at least a week at a time by the end of February or early March.”

Brad and Angelina haven’t seen each other in months, whilst their lawyers iron out the divorce and now with the kids seeing more of Brad, this leaves Angelina Jolie with more free time to see Jared Leto? Hmmm?

This is the secret that they hoped to keep under wraps, but inside sources say that Angelina Jolie, 41, has always had a crush on Jared Leto and news emerges that they have been talking over the phone, for obvious phone support reasons, trouble shooting technical difficulties and such, after her split with Brad, even going as far as meeting up for secret dinner dates in Los Angeles with Mr. Leto.

Hanky-panky trysts even, perhaps? Not surprising to be honest and it’s always interesting to see who broken up couples, have sex with next, don’t you think?

Firstly, there was decoy rumours that Angelina was consoled by Johnny Depp (The Tourist – (what a sh*t film!) whilst he was also going through a messy divorce with Amber Heard and also had chats with Billy Bob Thornton on the phone, but now comes the revelation of Angelina meeting up with Jared Leto. Could they already be in the midst of a fling?

Angelina Jolie co-starred with Jared Leto in the films, ‘Alexander’ (2004) and in ‘Girl Interrupted’ (1999), so it’s not like Angelina and Jared didn’t have each other’s phone numbers, already? In Hollywood, even J.Lo has Leonardo Di Caprio’s phone number, so it’s always open season, all year-long in Hollywood.

It’s like a celebrity network of friends and mostly everyone knows everyone, that’s “Hollywood”. You can even have your agent phone someone else’s agent, to set this sort of thing up. You could also order anything, but that’s another story. Only kidding, but we’re not really kidding.

An inside source, close to the Angelina Jolie, said that, “There has always been a spark between them. Now, during these tough times for Angie, it seems Jared has helped her cope and even brought her out of her funk. They’re kindred, unconventional spirits — so much so that I think Jared could be the perfect guy for Angie if she’s ever ready for a new love in her life.”

Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad. Photo Credit: Inquisitr

What an odd couple they would make or would they? Gone would be the seemingly reasonable man’s man Brad Pitt, and in-comes the flamboyant actor, Jared Leto, a more androgynous metro-sexual man, who even cringefully stars in his own rock band, as a lead singer, but apparently they have some fans, but who? Nobody knows?

Interestingly enough, Jared Leto has also worked with Brad Pitt, as they co-starred in 1999’s ‘Fight Club. Small world, right? And, even though Edward Norton (Tyler Durden aka Brad Pitt’s alter ego) beat the living daylights out of Jared Leto in the film, it seems like Jared hasn’t forgotten and he will now swoop in and give Angelina Jolie some loving.

As is confirmed here, “Jared reached out to Angie after she filed divorce papers in September. The word is they spoke several times on the phone before meeting up in L.A. for dinner, and they’ve been seeing each other whenever they can since then.”

It seems like Jared Leto might be sealing the deal, as we speak? But, is he ready for 3 kids or even 6 kids, for that matter? We’re not so sure that he is, or that he even who would ever sign up for that kind of thing?

But, if Jared and Angelina can get some more free time, you can expect to see this fling go on for a long while yet, but just leave the kids out of it, right? No bachelor like Jared Leto, has got time for that sort of thing and I’m sure this a welcome break for Angelina, as well, to blow off some steam, as they say.

We think Brad Pitt, will come back in a few months with something even better to top this or we would definitely expect more class and manners from somebody like him, but don’t be surprised to find Brad with a new Victoria Secret model some day soon or something similar, come the sprint time. You know, the time of year, when the women come out to play after a long winter?

6 kids? Or even 3 kids, hmm? Don’t worry, there are baby-sitters and there’s Brad, too. Photo Credit: MetroUk

Yes, we think Brad Pitt, 53, needs to switch up his style a little bit and go on a dating rampage soon, with some of the hottest women on the planet (Victoria Secret models etc.), just to remind Angelina of just how old she’s becoming.

For it’s actually been rumoured that Angelina would always bring up Jared Leto in order to make Brad Pitt jealous during their marriage. That didn’t make Brad happy and they would even argue over it. But hey, nothing pisses a woman off more, than when her Ex- finds a younger and more beautiful love interest. So, just be patient Brad……

For in being a man, you must have patience and remember the timing in all break-ups, as it takes a lot more time and patience, than it does for women, since they can just go out, rebound and find whatever support system that they can get, for the time being. Whilst, the many men are very happy to just get into their pants, without any direct commitment ever being spoken of…..Yes, divorced women are definitely, sometimes the best!

And, around and around we go, in the world of relationships, love, divorce, flings and hardcore sex! Haha!

It’s all the same, even in the world of celebrity. It’s good that everybody is getting laid again; maybe that’s why Angelina Jolie finally calmed down, after initially sending the FBI out on Brad Pitt, over ridiculous child abuse claims. That was shutdown by the FBI and this now finds Brad getting shared custody of the kids. Ironic, but fair!

Maybe, finally Angelina came too and now she realizes that she was just being truly insane all the time. Hmmm? Sometimes things just don’t work out and we don’t really wonder, why?


Brainstain, over and out!

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