FIFA 17 RAGE & Ultimate Team Weekend League

FIFA 17 is the latest in the FIFA video game console series, after first launching on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 with FIFA. Since then, there has been a game every year, right up until 2017, with the game dominating sales on PS4 and Xbox, meaning that its own following is now much like a religion, just like the sport of Soccer (football).

Since Online gameplay came into the picture, FIFA launched Ultimate Team, a game mode where you create your own team and buy packets for players and collect enough gold coins to maintain, update and purchase new players for your side. And, boy does it become competitive. Ultimate Team even launched the career of KSI aka KSIOlajidebt, a gamer who became a millionaire from uploading his FIFA Ultimate Team antics onto Youtube and in turn, further fan following reached a fever pitch for the FIFA game franchise. His enthusiasm and crazy Youtube videos, no doubt helped a new generation to become hooked on FIFA, despite it already bringing in all the realism and excellent and none “two the same” sort of gameplay experience, that you would expect in a normal game of football. Here’s a video of  KSI playing FIFA, if you didn’t already know him already. His enthusiasm for FIFA17 is what made him.

And, as this video shows is that the competition out in Online match-ups is fierce and now in order to qualify for the Champions Weekend Ultimate Team Tournament, taking place on Friday’s to Sunday’s, first you have to win The Daily Knockout Tournaments, from Monday’s to Thursdays, which basically means you have to play on Weeknights, which nobody ever really has the time and energy for! It’s taking the fun out of the game and so basically unless you qualify on the weekdays, you won’t be having any fun Online gameplay in Ultimate Team on the weekend. That’s b*llocks, mate! (As they say in the UK)

Who the hell dictated the decision that there would be no other Ultimate Team Tournaments on weekends, unless you win four games in a row in the Daily Knockout Tournament? That’s F*cking bullsh*t ! (as they say in the USA)

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Maybe, we are too old for video games or maybe we are just sick of FIFA’s bullsh*t, as every year there seems to be something new that just quite isn’t right? Are we right?

Anyways, the game’s quality and fun level is undoubted, but where’s the fun, if it can turn into FIFA RAGE! Anything can happen in a game of football (soccer) as they say and this is even more true in FIFA 17, it’s like playing Russian Roulette, you just never know what you’re going to get?

KSI is truly one of most annoying voices out there, although sometimes funny, but with this new generation of FIFA gamers which has taken FIFA 17 to new competitive levels of making the game close to so annoyingly difficult to play in tournaments, because of all the fanatics and professional gamers that are out there! That’s the consequence of it’s popularity, unfortunately…

But, wait! What about the bullsh*t? FIFA Rage is a very real thing, luckily we are too old and have too little time to get very involved, but we have been known to experience FIFA Rage when we first started playing Ultimate Team in 2015, with a lousy Internet connection to make it even worse, so the “Rage Was Amplified!”

Yes, the excitement for the Ultimate Team game, coupled with lagging Internet connectivity and the imminent threat of disconnection from the Ultimate Team during a Final match, due to a lapse in Internet Speed.

This truly was enough to tear the house down, one really remembers! You can’t quite contain the “FIFA RAGE!” This is a worldwide phenomenon, that knows no age, race or creed, which mostly seems to affect teenagers and young adults.

So, do we have the time and patience to play FIFA 17? Barely, just “no, never really”, so do we have any fun during the time when we actually get to play it? The answer is “NO”, because it’s only fun until you lose in the Semi-Final or in the Final of the Ultimate Team Tournaments. FFS!

As we know, there is only one word for it, well two words, it’s called “F*cking Bullsh*t!”

So, looks like there will be no FIFA17 play this weekend, either? Why don’t they have running Ultimate Team Tournaments on weekends? “F-U to FIFA! and “F-U to EA Sports!” Who has the time and energy to play on weeknights to qualify for some stupid tournament?!

Some of us just don’t have the time to play video games on weekdays, “you bastards!”

Anyways, keep making the games because we will keep buying them, whether we play it or not. But, we advise the players not to smash their LED TV’s, the Playstation 4’s, the headsets, the controllers or any other valuables or even furniture (ripe for the smashing) in the process. Haha!

As you can see, it’s more than just a video game, it’s a religion. FIFA Rage is a real thing too, so do enjoy all the fun videos in this article! You haven’t heard swearing like this before, have you? It sure is a lot of fun, is it not?

But, even when writing this, we are in fact starting to feel FIFA 17 “RAGE” and believe me, you don’t want to go there!


Someday, someone will feel the Rage!

 <Story by The Narrator>

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Featured Photo Credit: Kosh/YouTube

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