Angelina Jolie Speaks For First Time On Split With Brad Pitt In BBC Interview

It was an active weekend for Angelina Jolie as she took her six children, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 to the premiere of her new directed film, entitled ‘First They Killed My Father‘ at the Terrace of The Elephant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Both Maddox and Pax helped to work on the film, as stills photographer and production assistant respectively. The film is based on the non-fiction book by Loung Ung and is about her experience as a survivor of the Pol Pot era and also the horrors she lived through during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie said about the film, “I cannot find words to express what it means to me that I was entrusted with telling part of the story of this country. This film was not made to focus on the horrors of the past, but to celebrate the resilience, kindness and talent of the Cambodian people. Most of all, this film is my way of saying thank you to Cambodia. Without Cambodia I may never have become a mother.  Part of my heart is and will always be in this country. And part of this country is always with me: Maddox.”

L to R: Pax, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh. Photo Credit: People

The apple of her eye, that Maddox, isn’t he? But, well said overall about the film and we will most definitely look forward to watching the film, as it sees Angelina first’s direction in such a foreign film from Asia. Watch Angelina’s interview regarding the film here.

The recent premier of the film in Cambodia, was the first public appearance of Angelina Jolie with her kids since the first reports of the split and on-going divorce from Brad Pitt. That’s a story that has touched and disappointed many people, as they were the “celebrity power couple,” so if they can’t manage a marriage, what does that say about marriages, overall?

We are all human and what’s clear here is that things were not going well in their relationship (they were not happy) and there only needed to be one spark, to tear it all down. Yes, just one trigger is all that was needed to send the whole marriage into free fall and  into meltdown. Yes, it was that disagreement on an airplane between Brad Pitt and 15-year-old Maddox, which sealed their fate. By the way, are 15-year-old kids not at a difficult age? But, Angelina “mother hen” decided that was the final straw. This saw everything unfold since the end of September in 2016, with Angelina starting World War III with Brad Pitt, even having him investigated by the FBI for supposedly abusing Maddox on that airplane and reportedly making him do drug  tests, in order for him to be able to see his kids in supervised visits. That was of course only some of the dirty tactics of Angelina Jolie’s smear campaign on Brad Pitt, before the FBI left that whole lie alone and now Brad is most likely going to get shared custody of the kids. That’s only fair…

Truly Angelina has conducted herself in the worst of ways, making things public with her dealings with Brad with claiming some sort of abuse against Maddox on the plane. And, what of Maddox? Who knows? But, this triggered “mother hen” Angelina somehow and Brad and her are now no longer together. Maybe, Angelina feels she rushed her decision to go on a divorce crusade, so rapidly? Perhaps, but perhaps things were already not good. Perhaps, they needed a time-out, but now that’s a little bit late.

The sadness, regret and many emotions are all too clearly, written all over her face. Brad Pitt was most definitely a good husband, no matter what, as we can see here by her comments. But, Arminka Helic formerly working for politician William Hague, who was hired by Angelina to help forge her, a political career, saw her ultimately losing her husband in a trade-off of priorities.  She alienated Brad Pitt and that is common knowledge as Brad had stated that both Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton, drove a wedge into their marriage.  Brad Pitt even referred to the effect on the marriage as having a witches coven in your home. How stupid could Angelina be to alienate her husband like that? It’s not like there would be any other women who would treat him nicer, in other places, right? That didn’t happen, but just in general it’s not nice to be alienated by two former political advisors in a marriage.

Maybe, Brad knew what would happen if there were ever to be an issue or disagreement with Maddox, because he had had enough, or maybe he didn’t know? We suspect the latter, but this was a very isolated incident and with their marriage already on the rocks, this was the true catalyst for the commencement of the official split.

Maybe, their relationship was beyond broken already? This is usually the case, as arguments in relationships that aren’t addressed, when one alienates the other or when somebody in the relationship, acts without reason, all these things mount up in inner resentment, like a time bomb of overlooked instances that kill the relationship. Now add six kids into the mix and you have the recipe for an imminent disaster, as how is it even about Brad and Angelina anymore, for years and years during their marriage? How were their needs going to be ever met?

Photo Credit: PopSugar

There have or were reports of cheating, although, none are confirmed and we guess this would be present on both sides. When a relationship is dead, before break ups, when there is a lot on the line and a couple no longer communicates, this is where the affairs come in. Why aren’t they communicating? Well, because they let that resentment of passed incidents build up and perhaps this escalated quickly or slowly over the years, until there was no real love left to give in the relationship.

The love died. Sad. Unresolved problems lead to divorces. It happens all the time. They say that 50% of marriages end in divorce, but in reality, we bet that the stats are even higher than that. Who is to say that we can’t have different lives in a lifetime and that new journeys don’t begin, at all? Who is to say that wrong choices aren’t made? Who really thinks that things last forever?

Anyway, what’s always worse is the time after a break-up, the year or even two years afterwards, then now add six kids to the mix and “wow!”

That’s a lot to take in, but you’d think with Brad and Angelina’s net worth estimated at being around or just over $500 million, that they’d be able to handle the marriage with so many kids. Not so, not so at all, as we’ve seen here.

This just shows that in any marriage or relationship, money can’t fix the problems of disagreements, alienation and resentment and unresolved issues as a couple. Money can’t buy that; money can’t fix emotional differences or even reverse arguments or domestic outbursts, which kill the relationship over time. So, people are left living a lie, whilst the relationship is already dead or dying.

Additionally, as was reported which was that Brad and Angelina were almost living separate lives for a whole year, even before their divorce announcement, in late September 2016.

Divorce happens, relationships break up, this is just a fact and it makes us sad is that that’s the reality, but it’s how you conduct yourself afterwards and how pull yourself up again, which really counts. But, admittedly Angelina conducted herself at first, very selfishly and also very viciously, with lawyers and political advisors steering her smear campaign against Brad.

But, she has now calmed down a bit because this was not going to work, like a petulant child, hell-bent on destroying Brad Pitt, so she has been careless with Brad, with her even suggesting that he should pay her child support directly to her, instead of putting money into a trust fund for the kids.

This child support direct to Angelina wasn’t granted of course and now the divorce proceedings are still ongoing, with a co-parenting deal looking to take place and this looking like it will be the most likely outcome, or end result, if you will?

Your heart sinks when you put yourself into their situation, for Brad, for the kids, and also as you can clearly see for Angelina, as well in that video. “We will always be a family” she said.

We bet that she’s thinking, “Why couldn’t we keep it together?” or “Why are we divorcing?”

There’s sadness and elements of regret on her face, although she is keeping a brave face, we can’t imagine what Brad is going through having to watch their trip to Cambodia and to see Angelina’s first exclusive interview, so he must really be going through hell, as well?

Well, sometimes even the people who are meant to be together, end up breaking up and it can take years or even a lifetime to heal. This is called life and the ever evolving consequences of action-reaction, mixed with fate in relationships. Life is ever-changing, after all, so rarely do you see those getting divorced, getting back together. Not even in Mrs. Doubtfire, so that sums it up.

You can see and imagine why the relationship was heading for its eternal fate of failure? That’s because that’s what happens and that’s what’s so sad, yet more proof that most marriages usually end up in divorce or in a couple being very un-happy.

Maddox exclaimed to Brad Pitt, that “you’re not my father” on that airplane.This picture might suggest otherwise, Maddox? Photo Credit:

The wounds of this break-up for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be fresh for many years to come. It leaves a major empty space in your heart, doesn’t it? The worst is also having to leave parts of your once happy life behind, this can be locations that you shared, memories that you had made and or also seeing people move on with other people who you may know. This is all taxing on the soul and heart, at the end of relationships.  Couples go through situational imbalances post break-ups and it will take them time to remember all that they miss.  But, by then too much has happened, the once unified couple, go through their post-beak up experiences at different rates of speed, never ever has this seen the same emotion, strike both of them at the same time.

One day Angelina could wish to have Brad back, whilst he already thought about that two months ago, or Brad could want Angelina back, but she won’t think about that until she’s exasperated a new relationship opportunity, six months down the line. See? It never quite matches up again.

So, was the Maddox incident just the spark or the trigger? One thing we know and that is that once a step-father or somebody like that, even does as much as sneeze at a Hen’s little “chick” – “son”, the mother hen will then make ruthless decisions, that she’ll regret much later. That happens all the time. Things are blown out of proportion.

This is what’s happening now. But, should they ever get back together? No, “never” as its beyond all repair at this point. Some rumours suggested Angelina turned to support from Jared Leto and Brad had spent some friend time with Kate Hudson.

So, Brad could always trade in for a younger version, so could Angelina, but you can’t replace originals with new one’s and then expect it to be better than before, but this is the best thing that Brad can do now and that is to find a distraction and to not look back at all the sorrow and move forward.  As for Angelina, what should she do? We have no idea.

We’ve been following this evolving story and you can almost feel all the emotions in here, right? It’s sad.


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