The Reasons Why Donald Trump is Totally Right about Sweden

Sweden is a country in Scandinavia that has been under predominately Socialist rule for decades and has had an open door border policy, with crime rising to unforeseen levels over the past few years due to the influx of Muslim migrants and refugees, but not even the Swedish press, who are all leftist socialists, will honor the true reportage of such crimes by migrants and then they tend to cover up everything; by not stating who committed the crimes. Who did? Well, refugees, migrants and these opportunist social benefit seekers from Islamic states did, that’s who!

So, when it was mentioned by Donald Trump recently in his address from Tampa, Florida, to the USA, with “Look at what’s happening in Sweden”, the mainstream media tried to jump on his back and twist his words against him from within America, for the following comments. The ‘Usual Establishment Suspects’ of Anti-Trump political coverage in order to try and belittle him. Yet, he is right about Sweden, of course, you just need to watch this below.

Now, it didn’t happen that last night in Sweden as he said, but it is happening every night in Sweden, with arson, gun violence, including shootings, murders and rapes, especially in the south of Sweden, but this is all happening actually across the whole country. The Police cannot even keep up any longer, which is so true. There is even more crime happening just today, as is written by the Independent coming out of Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm, which is now basically a place of such daily occurrences of violence and arson, that it is almost considered normal, much like incidents across the whole country.

In Malmo specifically, where the most common name is now “Mohammed” in the public schools of Sweden, but these incidents are not just isolated to Malmo, where on New Years Eve, things turned into a riot of fireworks gone wild in the streets of the city. Much like a war zone, “yes”, that New Year’s Eve really did look like the Gaza Strip, but this is Sweden’s third largest city on New Year’s Eve in city center in the year of 2016. Just watch below. Unbelievable!

Many people were injured that night. Screams of terror and symbolic yells of “Allah Akbar!” were felt in the midst of the riot, weren’t they?

But, nobody stated that it was just illegal immigrants and refugees that caused all the havoc, was there? This is not the only city affected with the Muslim migrant crime surge, since it is happening in a lot of small cities and boroughs all across Sweden, where just recently in Uppsala, this happened, read here. But, you’ll see no reference to Muslim migrants or refugees really even being mentioned much in that article of the whole rape crime, right? Do you see a pattern, yet? Here’s another, but still no mention of the ethnicity or origin of these gang rapists.  Why not?

This time, North African refugees or migrants, all gang rape a Swedish girl in Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden and it is all live streamed onto Facebook. This is just one case of very many cases with Muslim migrants raping Swedish women. This influx of migrant rapes in Sweden has made now Sweden into the rape capital of the world. Also, murders are happening and yet Sweden showers their asylum seekers with free money, free housing and encourage them to live off of the state. That was the old socialist model, but now Sweden can’t keep up economically with all these horrific consequences of lax open borders and political correctness, any longer.

What else goes on in Sweden, nowadays? Well, there’s “no-go zones” scattered across the country, where Police won’t even dare to step into. Yes, “no go zones”, consisting of Muslim refugees, migrants and Islamic extremist ideals, harbouring a great hatred for the West.

Also, you cannot or are not allowed to tell the truth or speak of the root of the problems in Sweden, because socialist conditioning of political correctness in the media gone mad; makes anyone referring to anyone speaking out against the Muslim invasion and their crimes, as being “racist”. Police officers and security firms are not allowed to name the culprits, as Muslim migrants. That’s socialistic denial. Wake up, Sweden!

Sweden took in way over hundreds of thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in 2015 & 2016. Let’s just watch this video to prove it from a very domestic news report, at the very beginning of Sweden’s ever increasing migrant problem.

The imbalance of the cultures not mixing at all, in letting in hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants into Sweden, who commit such crimes, unspeakable crimes, the likes of which Sweden has never ever seen before; all this in time, will make all Swedes a real minority in their own country, very soon.  Not to mention, all these crime problems every day, with even hand grenades being used on Police in Sweden, in certain suburbs and towns. That’s not a joke!

Here is your typical brainwashed Swedish lady down below, a typical type of socialist feminist and also probably a Pro-Palestine sympathizer, a blind socialist, a mind warped socialist pawn to a faltering system of multiculturalism and open borders of fake news reports inside the country. Sweden is really at breaking point, both socially and economically and that’s so true.

Please somebody help to eradicate this problem that we have in Sweden now, before Sharia Law becomes a Swedish value or even a supposed domestic tradition. Help to free Sweden, to rid the socialist brainwashing and to overhaul the meek people in power of the government and to re-assign illegal migrants back to their home countries, instead of giving them free housing and pocket-money to continue to live off of in Sweden; and thus also disrupt the country both socially and economically. Where was the controlled and documented immigration of these new unlawful residents of Sweden? Where was it?

Here! Enjoy this other video to show what Sweden is really like in those “no-go zones”. The Police won’t even police these areas because they are afraid of being called out as “racists”, because that’s socialism and democratic open borders, only respond argument, isn’t it?

Wow! Nice people to have in your country, right? Here’s another video about Sweden and how the face of Stockholm has changed completely, due to migrants and their crimes and even to their open hate for the West and its culture.

Donald Trump is right about Sweden, enough said! Help us in Sweden, please!

Send these disrespectful criminals back to where they came from!

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Featured Photo Credit: DailyMail

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