Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart Due To Left Wing Media Witch Hunt

Yesterday Milo Yiannopoulos, who has become a legendary purveyor of free speech, decided to resign from Breitbart news as Head Editor, following a witch hunt by the far left-wing Democrats, insistent on tearing him down since he shared conservative views of logic and in spearheading the support for Donald J. Trump in his presidential campaign. This made him a political target for the left-wing democrats and so plenty of fake news stories were printed about him by networks, such as CNN, who have even had to print apologies, for their fake news stories about him.

But, after the far left-wing funded riots at UC Berkeley, where he was due to speak about “freedom of speech”, the carnage and “communist-esque” scenes, plus criminal violence and the subsequent damaging scenes of anarchy caused by the riots; this was completely disgusting to see and it changed many peoples views on UC Berkeley and to what sort of an education people are really getting there. With the paid protestors and anarchists, that were all funded by the usual suspects, that also funded the women’s march and every other anti-Trump protest, since Donald Trump’s Inauguration into Presidency in January of 2017, these were shockingly intolerant scenes against free speech.

Milo here, taking questions at yesterday’s press conference in New York City. Photo Credit: KTLA

The UC Berkeley event, which didn’t go ahead because of these violent criminals ruining the event, this made the world truly see the crazy and intolerable views of the liberal left. All of that was based on and was inclusive of the media witch-hunt on Milo, who had over time even tried to affiliate him with being a white supremacist and with him even having links with the KKK. (HAHA, laughable lies) Completely false! Fake news all around and nothing more than another smear campaign to discredit his logical and slightly conservative views.

After all, he’s an Englishman, he is gay, he prefers Black men and with his conservative and logical views in politics, also in actually just being logically against Hillary Clinton, the democratic party and with the George Soros funded protests; they did all they could to take him down.

So, they fished out some comments that were from a Podcast on the Joe Rogan show over a year ago, where misportrayal’s and sound editing was used by the media from an informal podcast, they since tried to make Milo seem like a supporter of pedophilia. The words may have been taken in the wrong context, but he himself was a victim of sexual abuse as a teen, so we are not going to get into that, apart from saying that this is the result of the media witch hunt on Milo. And, also he is staunchly against pedophiles, as he has already stated that many times and who isn’t against that?! Well, only pedophiles, we hope? They should be eradicated from the face of the earth! Milo isn’t one of them and that’s for sure and neither are we for supporting Milo in this article.

So, the root of all this is trying to silence those with a conservative logic, in a faltering world of open borders and political correctness gone awry, so being against open borders and the influx of muslim migrants across Europe and even in the USA, doesn’t make you a pedophile? But, that’s what the mainstream media and the witch hunt, has now tried to make him fall with.

That’s what this is all about and it’s also about how the Democrats lost so heavily with Hillary Clinton’s weak presidential campaign, and with the Wikileaks and her parties lies, and then by also being critical of Obama’s presidency, pointing out his many failures as the president of the United States.  Basically, also in being a supporter of Trump’s policies, Milo was targeted.

We definitely are also “NOT” for the edited words that were made to target Milo with pedophilia involved, words that were taken out of context on the Joe Rogan show and we are most definitely against pedophilia, just like Milo, yet, we find ourselves not jumping on the media bandwagon in falsely hating Milo, but instead, we share his full press conference down below. Can you read in-between the lines? Do you see the witch-hunt? Let’s hear it in his own words, shall we?

Book publisher Simon & Schuster cancelled his book ‘Dangerous’, but many other publishers are lining up to publish and release the book in 2017, so there’s “no worries” there.

This won’t be the last you hear from Milo, that’s for sure and this is just a new beginning for him.  We thank Milo for all the great work that he has already done for free speech (in providing logic in a politically correct world, gone mad) and for being the head editor of Breitbart. A salute to you, sir!


Brainstain, over and out!


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Here you can buy Milo’s other book, ‘Forbidden Thoughts’

 Featured Photo Credit: GettyImages/Timothy J. Clary.

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