BRIT Awards 2017: David Bowie Dominates and Katy Perry becomes a National Hate Figure

So, last night was the BRIT Awards of 2017 in London and all we can say is just, not even a word at this point, just a giant (sigh). This was sure to be the least watched BRIT Awards ever, and it has always been the meek British version of the GRAMMYs, but it shows no signs of ever getting any better, as public interest in Celebrities and Establishment artists is waning across the world, due to the burgeoning political landscape of celebrity social justice warriors and also due to fact of there being so many truly terrifyingly bad cult controlled music artists out there, these days.

Katy Perry’s fake a** show, the skeletons were meant to represent Donald Trump and Theresa May. How stupid! Photo Credit: DailyMail

The worst thing of the night was the sight of Katy Perry, yet again, after her failed performances for Hillary Clinton on her presidential campaign, so now she shows up on stage, live with a background set, made to symbolise something horrific about the blossoming relationship of U.S. President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who both joined hands on Theresa May’s visit to Washington D.C., last month.

As if anyone would be dumb enough to listen to an establishment pawns symbolism in trying to psychologically stain the allied relationship between the U.K. and the U.S.A, but this is the red political communist and socialistic brainwashing of the entertainment industry nowadays, shown at the BRIT Awards!

Absolutely atrocious and we think that Katy Perry should be banned from the U.K. for last night’s stage performance. She is utterly clueless and out of touch with the world, but let’s remember that she is just a puppet artist, doing the devils’ work to try and warp young minds, that know nothing about politics or the world, either…Shame on you Katy Perry, shame on you, you dumb – (fill in the blank!)

So, who won what? Who cares? As if anybody really cares about the BRIT Awards that much, but in case that you do? Let’s give it a rundown, shall we?

Best British Single went to Little Mix with “Shout Out to My Ex” and so Perrie Edwards, duly picked her moment to diss ex- Zayn Malik, after a really long wait…… (Zzzzzzz) Pass us the sleeping pills, please…

The British Group Award went to ‘The 1975’, some rock band from Manchester. Well done, guys! Rag N Bone Man won the Critic’s Choice Award plus also for British Breakthrough Act, which was justified because he can really sing, which is more than we can say for Katy Perry’s pitchy performances, which are always masked by Auto tune, as usual….

But, Emeli Sande picked up the British Female Solo Artist Award. You go girl!

David Bowie wins two Brit Awards. Photo Credit: TrtWorld

Then finally something good happened, the late David Bowie with his album ‘Blackstar’ won British Album of the Year. Then to top it off, David Bowie also won the British Male Solo Artist Award, roughly 1 year after his death on January 10th 2016. This was the great moment of the BRITs 2017, to honor David Bowie in the midst of lots of new and old artists, which are nowhere near his level of artistry by miles and miles. “My oh my!” How music has changed for the worse, has it not?

Speaking of giving respect out to where it’s due, Robbie Williams was honored with a Robbie Williams and why not? He’s had some big hits over the years and he also reportedly slid up into some of the Spice Girls, back in the late nineties, the cheeky lad, so he deserves an Icon Award that’s for sure, and not only for his music, if you know what we mean? He’s after all, an “Icon”, which is more than can be said for many artists these days…

The rest of the Awards, saw Drake winning International Male Solo Artist, (Zzzzzz) but of course, he wasn’t there to pick up the Award and Beyonce won the International Female Solo Artist Award (Zzzzzz). Are you still with us? Okay…So, Adele won the Global Success Award (Zzzzzz).

But, a welcome surprise was that A Tribe Called Quest won International Group Award, which was nice to see, but of course, they didn’t show either. But, we bet that Phife Dog was pleased staring down from the heavens, as was David Bowie, who all won on the night.

Luckily, there was no award for Katy Perry though and let’s thank the lord for that! With her live show last night, she has now truly staked her claim to be a true national hate figure within the U.K.!

A True Called Quest. R.I.P Phife Dog. Photo Credit: USAToday

Many people across the U.K. despised her performance last night for the disgustingly fake symbolism of it all. Plus, for it being politically guided by the Satanic sorcerers in an attempt to try and psychologically ruin the U.K. and U.S.A.’s political relations through lame and untrue imagery onto susceptible viewers, such as young people, who are utterly clueless within regard to world events and current affairs, politics etc. Yes, they are the one’s brainwashed by fake news and these establishment artists.

Katy Perry, you’re so done by now! Just pack it in, you establishment (fill in the blank!) You make us ill!

And, we couldn’t forget to mention One Direction, who won the British Video Award. Woohoo! Oh and Skepta performed “Shutdown” (Zzzzz) and we think it’s truly time for them to put that song to rest, already…

In equally exciting news from The BRITs after party, model Abbey Clancy, was pictured as if drunk, outside the Warner Ciroc – After Party, but don’t worry she wasn’t drunk, but she was completely pissed off about the dress that her stylist had made her wear for the evening.”This dress is sh*t” she said, overheard in the women’s restroom, much like the BRIT Awards. Well, it looks like somebody got fired after that night?

So, to sum it up, the BRITs were a bit “sh*t” as usual, apart from A Tribe Called Quest and David Bowie picking up some gongs.


We cannot wait for the politically left-wing charged Oscars this weekend! NOT!


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Featured Photo Credit: The Sincura Group

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