Hold Onto Your Hats: Storm Doris Hits the UK, Please Be Safe Out There

Just when you thought that the Groundhog was wrong about six more weeks of winter, because temperatures had recently become warmer, almost spring like, then yesterday the temperatures were swaying from cold to mild again, then now warm again in the South of the United Kingdom. Is the Groundhog only predicting the weather in Pennsylvania, who knows? But, all of a sudden, we get Storm Doris coming into the British Isles, with mild temperatures and big winds in the south, clear skies and only some clouds overhead, but with 80 mph winds. But, in Scotland, there’s been snowfall and dangerously heavy winds so far.

Scotland here. Photo Credit: DailyMail

Storm Doris is now being referred to as a weather bomb, due to explosive Cyclogenisis tests, with twelve severe “amber” weather warnings being issued by the Met Office for both wind and snow. There are already 56,000 homes without power across Ireland, where the winds have reached up to speeds of 75 mph. In other areas of the United Kingdom, they have picked up winds as pacey as 94 mph, plus one woman has died in Wolverhampton near a Marks and Spencer store and a pensioner couple are left fighting for their lives, after a tree fell onto their car on the road.

A woman died in Wolverhampton. Photo Credit: DailyMail

Dozens of flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport and also train services at Euston Station, due to gale force winds.

If there ever were a day to stay indoors, today would be the day to do so. Trees are falling and debris is being flung up into the air by the winds, all across the country.

In Scotland, snow has hit the country so suddenly and so badly, that coupled with the stormy winds, has seen the M80 highway being closed.

Photo Credit: DailyMail

The London Fire Brigade were called to ten incidents in two and half hours, as a woman was treated by paramedics when a tree fell onto her car shortly after 8am in Purley. Scaffolding came down in Battersea, damaging three cars and a sinkhole opened up in a Chiswick after a 30 ft tree fell onto two houses in the London suburb. A trampoline was clocked flying up into the air in Eltham and was seen blowing around a roundabout.

All this, just by lunchtime on February 23rd and we are all wondering when this storm too, shall pass? Close your windows, stay indoors and only go to the shops if you absolutely have to; which would be our recommendation, if you’re in the United Kingdom.

Suburb in Liverpool. Photo Credit: DailyMail

You can feel and hear the angry winds and some might even wonder whether this is gods natural reaction to Katy Perry’s ghastly performance at the BRITs 2017 last night, where she portrayed Theresa May and Donald Trump’s hand holding on her visit to the USA last month, by the use of large Skeletons meant to represent them both in some sort of way, which didn’t even make any sense, at all? “Shaaataaap” Katy Perry, you muppet-puppet!

This is all Katy Perry’s fault! Photo Credit: Metro

Another truly terrible socialistic establishment ploy of the satanic elite (leftists) to try to hamper the public opinion on UK and USA relations going forward, via an awards show like the BRITs. Pathetic! Just pathetic! Just look at Katy Perry the puppet putting in her work here. What else could have caused this weather event? Of course, people are angry about this.

We think that she had something to do with it, so we really want to blame her (pathetic puppet), but in all honesty, its seems that contradicting weather, like spring like temperatures and winter weather coming together at once, has produced this; with these high winds blowing in from the West early this morning.

Either way, we hope everyone will be safe from this passing storm and one wonders how long it will really go on for? Reportedly, it will cease by around 8pm tonight, when the worst of Storm Doris will be over.


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