Ocean Wisdom Drops New Homage Freestyle “95 Re-Style” 22 Years after Jay-Z & Big-L. Hip-Hop Comes Alive Again!

We were becoming disheartened and totally sick of a lot of music that’s currently out there, but last night the most exciting talent in Hip-Hop, on both sides of the pond, artist Ocean Wisdom, dropped a new freestyle over the same beat that Jay-Z and Big-L performed over on the Stretch and Bobbito show, exactly 22 years ago in 1995, and what happens? Ocean Wisdom absolutely kills the beat as per usual and we start feeling pure joy toward his flow and rhyme style once again, heading into this weekend, wondering when his new album will come out?

There’s still the hope for an impeccable standard of Hip-Hop/Urban music to come out with this undoubted talent on the scene, originating from Brighton, England, with his double time raps and with his undeniably original rhyme style; all we are left thinking is, “when will we get more Ocean Wisdom music?” Like a fiend for drugs, if music were drugs, we’re having withdrawal symptoms from new Ocean Wisdom tunes, right now.

Here listen to that new Ocean Wisdom freestyle, “95’ Re-Style” from Soundcloud.

He is that lyrical talent nicknamed “Wizzy”, who’s debut album on High Focus Records was released on the 22nd February 2016, entitled ‘Chaos ‘93’ and it absolutely embodies everything that an original artists album should be all about, it should be all about the artist and the music. But, you don’t see many of those original artists out these days, do you?

Ocean Wisdom is after all, a rhyme wiz and we only ever like the most talented lyricists here and we always stay in our own humble opinion on that front. This guy is a lyrical savant, with so many variable rhyme styles and with such quick wit on the mic to follow it, which is ultimately what always makes him the most exciting lyricist of the moment, whenever he jumps on a track or whenever he writes a verse. So, all we keep wondering is when that new album is coming out?

The last album ‘Chaos ’93’ really started catching fire last spring and went onto dominate many urban music enthusiasts’ I-Tunes players ever since and throughout the whole of last summer. His single ‘Walkin‘ was a huge hit with Hip-Hop fans and brought him a lot of attention for his rapid rhymes in the music video on Youtube.

Hardly do we ever get excited by any artists anymore, but awaiting the news of a new album from Ocean Wisdom, would be comparable to the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. Beyond excited!

Here’s a look back to 2014, in the very beginning of when he first showed up on the scene and you could see that even back then, this guy had arrived, well you just need to check it out!

Search around Youtube for his more recent freestyles and music videos and you’d have to agree that here you have a true original talent and a real artist.

Ocean Wisdom or Wizzy’s ‘Chaos ‘93’ album was very well received and we are really experiencing some Ocean Wisdom music withdrawal symptoms, right now.  In case you missed it, Wisdom’s ‘Chaos ‘93’ is an album that we also chose to review in the fall and if you didn’t buy it yet, then what the hell are you waiting for?

That is if you claim to like Rap, Hip-Hop or even Grime, then this is the best combination of all three, rolled into one.  Get to know now, if you already didn’t know before, hopefully even before the announcement of a new album arriving some day very soon.


Buy Ocean Wisdom’s debut album ‘Chaos ’93’ right here.

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Featured Photo Credit: Youtube/HFTV 


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