False Idols: Shia LaBeouf & Lindsay Lohan Are Now Social Conditioning Experiment Subjects?

Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He will Not Divide Us’ live stream installation and supposed art project had recently re-located to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but has now also been shut down indefinitely. The cameras have been turned off after reports of gunfire at the new location at 2:00am in the morning. Good! The pretentious and divisive ways of Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” malarkey was first shut down in Queens, New York and now it’s been shut down in New Mexico. Good news! Not surprising, as the live stream project did more to divide people and to invoke violence, than anything else that it was meant to do. But, all in all, this was what it was meant to do in the first place. Seemingly, it was the only role that Shia could get at this pivotal time in his career, which now looks like it is completely over. We hope so, anyway…

Then you start to think of Shia LaBeouf not being cast in films anymore and how he also got his start as a Disney child star.

So, same thing with Lindsay Lohan, because she’s not being cast in any films anymore and she’s also a former Disney child star, so what else do Shia LaBeouf and Lindsay Lohan have in common, apart from that? What has Lindsay Lohan been up to lately? “Oh nothing”, just converting to Islam, apparently.

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What they both seemingly have in common is that they are both pushed by an establishment agenda of social conditioning experiments, so they are now playing these social roles for the devil, within society to strive for more division or is it unity?

We think it’s for further “division” as part of an establishment agenda. Who knows? They do, we suppose. But, we are not really buying into either of their seemingly instructed new jobs, as one of them looks nothing more like a “Marxist Anarchist” communist, in Shia LaBeouf and whilst Lindsay Lohan has decided to show up in public, wearing a hijab. Hmmm?

This is an attempt at social conditioning of the masses via these ex-Disney stars, because let’s face it; we are not going to be seeing them in any films anymore, right? What can we do with these ex-actors that are seemingly starving for work? Hmmm.

If Lindsay Lohan has really converted to Islam, that’s great for her, but this does seem like a role that she is playing to support the narrative of open borders for refugees and undocumented migrants into the U.S.

Perhaps, they are using her to try and fashionize the hijab, rather than her actually converting to Islam. A former party IT girl and Hollywood hell raiser, Lohan seems like the last person that would ever come out wearing a hijab, but yet, there you have it.

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So, what of Shia LaBeouf, with him already being arrested at his previous “He Will Not Divide Us” live stream installation in Queens, New York, then having to re-locate to New Mexico, only for it to be shut down after break outs of gunfire around the new installation, after only five days.

The surprising thing is that he was let go so quickly by police, after standing around and screaming like a moron and also for even putting his hands on another civilian in an aggressive manner. Is Shia let go easily because of his employers position in this whole pathetic art installation debacle? The answer is probably “Yes”, but he still has a court date set for April 4th, where we expect to see him do some community service afterwards, perhaps?  Maybe, a small price to pay your bosses, apart from the fact that your image in public opinion, has now totally crashed and burned.

With the installation in Albuquerque, the camera was shut off on Thursday, after gunfire reigned out around the vicinity and on Monday somebody had sprayed painted graffiti over the camera wall, with the following phrase, “Reject False Idols. Do it!”

A clear message here. Reject them! Photo Credit: VeryinutilPeople

This is great to see written on the wall, as Shia’s whole spiel has looked like nothing more than a Mind Control project done by the establishment elite to cause division after Trump Inauguration on January 20th 2017, by using Shia as the main puppet of “He Will Not Divide Us”. Yes, it’s strange to find that he has now become a pawn for this type of performance art in order to honour his masters and to pay for his earlier mistakes, whatever they may have been?

So, let’s use him to try and brainwash others? Maybe that was the angle?

It does seem like Shia could be under some sort of Monarch Programming, as is common practice around child star circles, especially to that of Disney’s rumoured history of keeping their stars controlled with this special type of mind control. Hitting switches and such, if you know what we mean?

One thing is for sure and that’s how this job was seemingly assigned to him and he has played his part in destroying his own career, well, whatever was left of it or whatever you want to call it now? Is he an actor or a performance puppet? In Shia’s case, it’s sadly the same thing.

Shia was an actor and he’s been playing the only role he could get. A role that people saw through for what it was, which was a brainwashing project for the young people to get riled up to try and fit it into the false narrative of Trump wanting to divide the country, somehow. Absurd!

Shia has been a false idol for many disillusioned young people with his “He Will Not Divide Us” repetitions and thankfully this has now come to an end.

Lohan with her latest post on Instagram. Some say it’s un-Islamic. Photo Credit: LindsayLohan/Instagram

“Reject False Idols. Do it!” written on the camera wall, was definitely in reference to Shia’s other famous performance video, where he shouted at a camera and was asking people to “Just Do It!”

So, after Saturday’s commencement in New Mexico by Thursday, it’s already been shut down, the reasons for the earlier closing of the New York installation, was explained by The Museum of the Moving Image,

“Over the course of the installation, there have been dozens of threats of violence and numerous arrests, such that police felt compelled to be stationed outside the installation 24 hours a day, seven days a week”.

Shia Labeouf now has that court date on April 4th for a misdemeanor charge of assault. We wonder what role he will play next? Maybe, he can just vanish into obscurity now? Please, just let the guy stop all of this already, as it’s becoming cringe worthy and embarrassing to watch.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan had uploaded this sultry photo onto Instagram, with the words, “Inshallah” written underneath it, meaning “god willing”.

As far as we know, taking sultry sexy photos doesn’t co-exist with Islam and she’s already faced some backlash for it. So, is Lindsay Lohan just playing her role for those establishment brownie points? Yes, we think so, but you better ask her yourself?

As questioning it, it might be considered to be too intelligent or even to be taken as “racist”, right? In this mad world of politically correct craziness and liberals being the new age communists of delusional proportions. What a world we live in and to think that they finally found jobs for these two ex-Disney stars. Amazing!


Mind Control Reports, over and out!


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