10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Date A Deluded Liberal

How could you possibly date someone who doesn’t agree with you politically, in this day and age? Politics are very personal. The way a person votes offers a pretty accurate reflection of his or her inherent values, views and beliefs.

So fathom the thought of trying to be romantic and intimidate with a crazed, radical, uncompromising and deluded leftie whose hero is Hillary Clinton? If you ever come across a liberal on Tinder, swipe left, swipe left fast, because these are the 10 Reasons why you should never ever date a liberal, not even if you are desperate for love or a bit of an unhinged Bridget Jones.

1 – They will be intolerant of your views

Racist, homophobic, sexist and every left-wing’s favourite ‘Islamophobic’, are names you will get used to being labelled when dating a liberal. Any left-wing ideology that you do not conform with? Be prepared for your liberal significant other to have a ready-made left wing label, ready to attack your individuality and right of free speech. Being in a relationship with a liberal you will learn one thing, lefties love their labels.

2 – They will drag you along to embarrassing protests with them

Relationships are all about sharing one another’s interests and past times, right? But a Feminazi march? Maybe that’s pushing the boundaries of compromise. Liberal marches, whatever it be the latest window car smashing BLM angry riot or pointless anti-Trump rally, they are not exactly the place where love and romance can blossom, so imagine being forcefully dragged along to one by your raging liberal significant other, against your own logic and will. You know you shouldn’t be here, you don’t want to be here, but here you are, surrounded by the worst of what human kind has to offer.

3 – They will quite literally force their liberal views down your throat

If you are a proud Brexiteer or a proud Trump supporter, chances are that your tolerant left-wing partner isn’t so tolerant of other people’s opposing views or opinions, especially yours. They are more likely to be more Angela Merkel than Marine Le Pen, and that’s not exactly a good thing, is it?

4 – They are violent and aggressive anti-social thugs

Speaking of President Trump, saying his name in radius of a left winger will begin a ‘’trigging’’ explosion of apocalyptic devastation. Domestic violence, especially from a liberal partner aggressively forcing their deluded views on you should not be tolerated. Ever. Just avoid their meltdowns altogether by not dating them.

5 – They are scruffy and look like they need a hot bath

Why do all liberals who march in these unnecessary rallies which serve no real purpose whatsoever, always look like they are near homelessness? Do you really want to introduce your conservative and well-respected parents to someone who quite literally looks like they have just walked right off the streets (probably from another left-wing rally, no doubt). Plus, most people prefer potential dates that shower at least twice a week and don’t smell of cat urine. Ouch!

6 – They are quite possibly unemployed 

To find the time to attend all of these rallies (and one seems to pop up daily) one must assume your potential liberal significant other must be claiming benefits and or living off of a welfare state.

7 – They have no logical solutions for anything

No borders, everyone is equal, love Trumps hate, migrants welcome here, this is the wishy-washy left-wing tripe that is uttered out of the mouths from liberals holding and waving their illiterate homemade signs and banners at the latest anti-democracy march. Now, it’s all well and good for your liberal significant other to spew out that ‘’refugees are welcome here’’, but what if that very same un-vetted and undocumented refugee attacks and rapes them after they had welcomed them with open arms, because they have some kind of “sexual emergency” and seemingly does not understand what “NO!’’ means? Multiculturalism might be great in theory, in some kind of utopian fantasy, but in the real world, life is not all daily chains and left-wing slogans and so your liberal significant other may find that out the hard way.

8 – They think they are above the law

Whatever it is, the view that illegal migrants can roam around un-vetted and document free, or protesting for the human rights of the latest Islamic terrorist, your liberal partner is more likely to be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to diplomatic and social matters. Second Amendment? You’re more likely to find a poster of Barack Obama on their wall than an automatic rifle stashed underneath the bed.

9 – They seemingly do not understand how democracy works

52% of British people voted to leave the E.U, 61 million American people voted to make Donald Trump President of the United States, yet you’re liberal significant other will insist on marching against democracy, stating the vote was rigged or some kind of left field conspiracy of Russia and then drag you along to a gathering of crazed lefties, weeping that they didn’t get their own way like a bunch of disobedient children. In fact, your liberal partner will spend most of their time crying instead of accepting reality. What a great date?!

10 – Above all else, they are hypocritical

It’s likely that your liberal partner marches nonstop in rallies in support of refugees, yet never actually donates money to charity or volunteers any of their time. It’s also likely that you won’t find a poor starving refugee living in their spare bedroom either. Virtue signalling liberals tend to love preaching these causes, yet do nothing that contributes to the logistics or practicality of said cause. Be prepared to be in a relationship with someone who operates on double standards and hypocrisy. Liberals are the worst kind of stupid, being in a relationship with one will unfortunately make you find that out the hard way.

Let’s also take a wild guess, that they’ll also be talking about the Oscars today. No boycott there.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit:  True Pundit

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