The Reasons Why Millions of People Boycotted The 2017 Oscars. Mistakes in La La Land.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? No? We didn’t either and do you want to know why? Well, for plenty of reasons down to the social justice warriors of uber rich Hollywood celebrities spreading their anti-American, anti-Trump and communist politics via an awards show that’s meant to celebrate creativity and honor those in film, for their artistic brilliance and integrity, not their paid politics or opinions. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Well, because of Meryl Streep’s attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards, and now we’re very tired of her hypocritical ways, since she was even embarrassingly caught out by asking to be paid to wear Chanel, through Karl Lagerfeld out-ting her for her greedy money grabbing social justice warrior ways, yes, we’ve turned our back on you completely, Meryl, for good!

Jimmy Kimmel presented the show and he couldn’t just be a normal host and try to be funny (he isn’t funny), so his job was to try be an impartial moderate liberal leftie but couldn’t stop short of doing some thinly veiled good old-fashioned Trump bashing, even some Matt Damon bashing and even giving Meryl Streep a standing ovation and then asking if she was wearing an ‘Ivanka’ (how lame).  It could have been worse, here’s Kimmel’s monologue and it wasn’t even partly funny. It’s like watching ‘Manchester by the Zzzzzz’.

Maybe, they should have got James Corden to host the Oscars, instead? That was pretty tame and many logical Trump supporters decided to boycott watching the Awards, because of people like Alec Baldwin, whose over portrayals of Donald Trump on SNL,  have gone into overkill and are simply not funny, yet they never were, but were merely a social conditioning character parody, meant to play into the establishments’ globalist agenda to brainwash you into thinking that Trump is incompetent, when it’s the complete opposite, in all reality. Wake up and smell the coffee, Hollywood…

NO! We are not entertained by you and we are sick of you! We are sick of all these Hollywood celebrities and their hypocritical agendas, some even picking up large checks for spraying their left-wing communist liberal views to susceptible Hollywood loving audiences.  How many refugees has Alec Baldwin taken in? How many times did he curse out his ex-wife, Kim Basinger and threaten his own daughter? Talk about a good guy… Had to put that in there.

Even though George Clooney wasn’t there, he’s the type of moron that we all like to boycott, because of his stance on migrants and refugees this passed year, until the North African migrants showed up on his doorstep in Lake Como, Italy, ever since he’s become more quiet, until last week, calling Trump a “demagogue”. What was funny was Clooney’s comments about how there was never “going to be President Donald Trump.” How many migrants and refugees will George Clooney be helping out, in any sort of way? The answer is zero. Completely zero! How much understanding or research has he done, into the social and economic problems caused by mass undocumented migrants into Europe and their subsequent crimes? None. But, he wants the same to happen in the U.S.A, right? A deluded social justice moron, worth a reported $180 million. Why don’t you take in some of those refugees into your many homes, George?

Right…What a complete assh*le! We boycott the Oscars, because of Hollywood celebrities like him. Hypocrites aren’t what we want to watch for entertainment, anymore.

Robert De Niro, who also didn’t show up at the Awards, but he’s another reason, why we boycotted watching the Oscars in 2017.  Bobby, nobody forgot about your Trump bashing speech, calling Trump a “bozo” and for you encouraging of only Hillary Clinton votes. Moron! Unfortunately, all your films are now obsolete to 61 million people and counting…

“Yes” you, you Bobby, you sealed your fate. You went from a respected actor to left-wing celebrated moron in the space of a year and you did it all on your own? Apart from of course, reading from that script you were given, when you did your famous Trump bashing speech. Didn’t work, though.

Whoopi Goldberg, who had been speaking absurdities on ‘The View’ for a very long time against Trump, an out of touch, un-castable, former actress, yet another reason why people decided to boycott the Oscars, regardless if she would even garner a nomination, ever again, let alone win. The things that you have said in the last year, cannot be unsaid, lady. Like, “You can’t blame immigrants for a country’s problems”, Oh yeah? Try telling that to the people who live in Sweden and have seen its country crumble at the seams from a similar rhetoric, when all facts point to the influx of undocumented migrants and open borders, a failing socialist model.

Another champagne socialist there, limousine liberal biased views, without any justification of any truth or facts to back up any part of her claims, apart from her being greatly out of touch with the real world, like most celebrities well and truly are.

So, here’s a list of a Celebs that tried to share their Anti-Trump views and to make it stick, yet, it didn’t work out so well, did it?

The Oscars 2017 was a snore fest and the best bit was clearly when La-La-Land was momentarily given the Best Picture Award, with a mix-up of the winners envelopes, with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing them as winners, when in all actuality, mid-way through their acceptance speech, the revelation was that the film ‘Moonlight’ had actually won ‘Best Picture’. Cue embarrassment all around and applause for also making Steve Harvey into a patron saint again, after that famous Miss Universe moment.

Here you can re-watch that official moment on the Oscars night in 2017, with the whole mess up in full H,  in all it’s glory, perhaps you call it an Academy Awards karma of sorts, for all of Hollywood being biased liberal Hillary Clinton supporters and for being pro-anarchists and supporters of division of the criminal acts done by Democrats for the past 8 years.

Moonlight‘ were the deserved winners and we just feel bad about all the people from La-La-Land who made their winning speeches already. Classic fail and so the Oscars, had some fun things in it,after all.

We wonder what will happen over the next year in Hollywood in the year of 2017; will they ever stop trying to bash their own President, as part of the globalist elite agenda of destroying their own home country, with these divisive and looney bent liberal views supporting an Islamic influx of undocumented migrants.

We are happy that ‘Moonlight’ won Best Picture, but we are also happy that we didn’t stay up and watch this mess unfold.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: entertainmentfornow

Did Emma Stone just say “f*cking love Moonlight”

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