SpaceX to Send Two People Around the Moon

It’s truly an exciting time to be alive, isn’t it? With today’s news of SpaceX revealing that they are intending to send a privately crewed two-man space mission around the moon, sometime late next year. So, it’s probably not going to look like this? Do you remember that one time at NASA, when they claimed to land on the moon in the year of 1969. Amazing facts! They beat the Russians to it, travelling through space in scrap metal and tin foil? Yes sir, they did!


So, it seems like we may be having lift off again, some day soon. After, more than 47 years since the first time somebody actually landed on the moon. It’s true, but the difference here will be that SpaceX with the help of NASA will just fly around the moon this time, with two private paying mystery men already putting down their deposits and now set to board the journey later next year. Hmmm? Of course, there were supposedly six moon landings, with the last one happening with the ‘NASA Apollo 17’ landing in 1972. The question on many people’s minds is “why has no one ever really gone back there since?“

With our HD cameras and all our other modern-day advancements since way back when; the first people wore bell bottom jeans and flower power was all the rage?! It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The astronauts will fly a week-long loop around the Moon and then come back to earth. Well geez, why not just drop by for a coffee at the very least? Why not? It’s sort of rude to just go all that way and not even come by and say hello, right?

Elon Musk has never really been a very social type person though, but one thing that he clearly is and that is that he’s clearly a man with some strokes of genius. This is definitely some exciting news from SpaceX and you can catch all the details of the planned mission, right here on their official website.

Let’s hope that this video here isn’t a sign of things to come.

So, who could these two people paying their way onto the SpaceX mission to circle around the moon be? Nobody knows as yet, but Richard Branson must surely be on there, come on?! He must be!

SpaceX continues to work partly along with NASA in their plans for the future space exploration of mankind up in the galaxies. So, far there’s still a lot yet to happen…

Whoever said that we are just living in completely boring times, would be mistaken and they must not have heard this exciting news from today, right?


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: UniverseToday

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