Romania’s Got Talent Judges get an Enticing Strip Dance

It’s not everyday that we decide to cover the most niche and the most hidden news stories of emerging talent, especially not coming from Romania or the so-called Eastern Block. Yes, you know the show, ‘America’s Got Talent’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, you guessed it, ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ too and with Moldovan beauty Antonina Goloseeva’s recent stage dance performance, who can say that she doesn’t have talent, after gyrating on stage, much to the amazement of the crowd and within being given four “Yes’s” from the judges, to see her into the next round. Let’s take a look at this amazing dance, shall we?

If this doesn’t brighten up your day, then nothing else will. She definitely has some moves on her, that’s for sure. The dance is seemingly classed as a strip plastic dance, which is a 50-year old seductive style that combines classical and modern choreography. Antonina said, “I will never perform in clubs. I only perform on stage”

Wherever she performs these dances, you know that people will watch her, regardless of whether on stage, in a club or on a webcam. We’re only kidding, but Antonina said that as a young girl she always felt inspired by her dance trainers and that she was fascinated by the contrast between femininity and strength, combining both into her original dance work.

However, some have come to even compare her dance to strip tease, you know, the kind you get in a strip bar? Right…

She seems like a highly advanced dancer to be considered likened to your average stripper and stripper routines, plus you would probably expect her Instagram page to see a huge spike in followers, after her on stage television performance. But, apparently she hasn’t switched onto Instagram, but you can follow her here on Facebook. Brilliant!

Antonina’s downward dog here, isn’t to be played with! Photo Credit: DailyMail

Did you see the arch of the back? Very much on point there, Antonina and as you could see, even the judges enjoyed it and she in our own humble opinion, definitely supersedes any stripper that we have ever witnessed. Antonina said in response to be likened to a stripper, “I fight these stereotypes”.

She explained the difference between strip tease and strip plastic, a little further, “In strip plastic it is forbidden to undress or to touch the erogenous zones and competitors receive disqualification for such movements. Another principle is that the competitions never create discomfort for competitors. And I never associate myself with a dubious teachers”.

There you have it; it’s not strip tease it’s strip plastic, now this seems like a form of new entertainment and dance that we can all get behind.

Nice work from Antonina here and let’s hope that we see plenty more of her, after her performance went viral, coming at us all the way from Romania. (Applause!) Would Simon Cowell approve? We think he would, as well.


Take a bow, darling; we really liked your performance very much. Brainstain, over and out!

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