Angelina Jolie Looks Hot Again with New ‘Mon Guerlain’ Fragrance

So, it’s been a rollercoaster ride in the life of Angelina Jolie recently, following on from the ongoing divorce in-process with Brad Pitt, she had recently re-surfaced again in Cambodia, with her six children, buying some jungle land for the kids and also feeding her off-spring barbequed spiders (tarantulas) and such, all in a days work for a UN special envoy-mother and things, right?

So, to counter all the recent ordeals and occurrences in the world of Angelina Jolie, there’s a new fragrance from Guerlain that’s based on and inspired by Angelina Jolie; called ‘Mon Guerlain‘, which has already gone some way to rectify her image and bring back what we know her most for, which is her beauty, after all.

A nice and sleek memory of the Angelina Jolie of old and also in bringing in the new, a sort of sexy new mother montage and new chapter to her life, with white sheets, see through white curtains, with blossoming spring vibes and a small bout of depression and new life kicking in after 30 seconds into the advert, then it’s all smiles and more flowers again with some new man, smelling perfume strips, perhaps that’s a new love interest? Then all finishing off with the words, “Mon Guerlain”, Angelina Jolie is no doubt, the new face and inspiration of their new fragrance for Spring/Summer 2017. It does smell very good to us, indeed.

One thing that is clear is that this new commercial is by far many miles better than any of Angelina Jolie’s recent films over the past years. And, that’s very refreshing to say the least, as this could well and truly be her best work in a whole decade.

30 seconds into the Advert, there’s that depressing moment. Then life blossoms again, all of sudden. Photo Credit: USWeekly

We may just have to buy this new fragrance for our next girlfriend and then we will all hope that life will be just as inspiring and giddy, as this new fragrance promises to be in its advert, right? A beautiful life will arrive instantly, exuding happiness and everyone finally being at peace in their lives. Perfect! What a fragrance, we must buy it ahead of time…

It does seem like Angelina Jolie’s single mother (recently divorced) inspired advert for Guerlain has come at the right moment for her public image and we’re super excited about this. No, truly we are, as this most definitely tops Johnny Depp’s ‘Sauvage’ Dior campaign, after he apparently savaged (domestic violence) his ex-Amber Heard. Hmm? There was the elements of a media backlash given the ‘Sauvage‘ name at the time of reports of domestic violence in the relationship between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard, perhaps even damaging the brand of Christian Dior in the process. So, if you’re in a violent domestic relationship, Sauvage is definitely the fragrance for you.

But, if you have children and your going through a divorce, and you’re a woman, than clearly ‘Mon Guerlain‘ is the fragrance for you. Simple!

Because, remember with a wonderful fragrance, everything will just be honky-dory and all will be perfect all over again. New beginnings and all that jazz. After all, this is why we buy fragrances for, right? It’s an experience, is it not?

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has reportedly been doing some texting with Jennifer Aniston. Fair enough…They had to patch up some old things that happened back in 2005, so that’s good to hear that they’re finally back on speaking terms. You know you want to buy “Mon Guerlain“, because it’s a wonderful advert and the smell is just to die for.


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Featured Photo Credit: Van-Matin

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