Hitting the Snooze Button Could Help You Escape Death?

You know the feeling, when the alarm clock rings in the morning and you dread getting up out of your bed, because of the ordeal of facing life for yet another day. Well, in some instances, hitting the snooze button can actually be good for you, giving you that extra ten minutes of uninterrupted sleep, especially if this recent lucky news story is anything to go by.

Raymond Bowling from Austin, Indiana, thought he would indulge in some slight snoozing on Wednesday morning, as did we, but the difference was that within Raymond staying in bed, he avoided being impaled by a tree, avoiding a sudden and possibly painful death.

Raymond Bowling is a true jammie dodger. Photo Credit: DailyMail

What a jammie dodger (lucky guy), quite literally he is, he dodged death by pushing the snooze button and from looking at the picture, we’re glad that he decided to snooze on Wednesday morning too.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be alive today. “See”, sometimes hitting the snooze button works out for the better. In fact, we might just get back into bed and snooze it away today, right after this. Well, at least tomorrow morning, just to honor this man’s lucky escape from death.

Raymond was going to get up and get ready for work, as we all do, when he decided to hit the snooze button, something that he usually doesn’t do. Raymond explained to Wave3 News, regarding the incident,

Is that a tree branch in my ensuite bathroom?! Photo Credit: DailyMail

“I had actually stood up to go to the bathroom to get ready for work but decided to let the snooze go off one more time and laid back down. I never do that. The limb came through literally minutes later before the snooze went off again. And that’s exactly where I would have been standing.”

Nobody knows what felled the tree limb but severe thunderstorm warnings, were issued on Tuesday night in the Austin area, so it may have been a tree limb dislodged by lightning. Truly, if there ever were a man to call a “jammie dodger”, it would most definitely be Raymond Bowling.

We salute you for your snoozing and we think that we might just do the same from now on, every morning. Zzzzzzz.


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Featured Photo Credit: GeekPause

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