Are You Ready for the Nintendo Switch?

Just when you thought the gaming console market had gone all quiet, today at midnight comes the Nintendo Switch, a cross hybrid of portable gaming console so you can take your gaming experience, wherever you go. How about that? Sort of like the Sony PSP, but it’s Nintendo’s turn with their first console release since the Wii in 2006, coming out with a more powerful portable tablet design than the PSP, that even links up to your TV for your full wide-screen gaming experience. The questions everyone is asking, “Is it any fun?” The fun factor is paramount, of course, so let’s take a closer look at the Nintendo Switch. Check out this teaser trailer, showing exactly what it can do.

Clearly, if you have children, you will no longer have to parent them, as they can simply play at home or on the road, so no need to pay them any attention, any longer. This will surely go down a treat for many parents and even for latent child-adults; that just wish to get lost in a game at any point in time. It seems like Nintendo are onto a winner with this portable console, after years of languishing in obscurity behind Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox’s escapades in the gaming market. But, what sort of games can we expect out on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, there’s Zelda, there will be Super Mario Kart (hooray!) as you could guess, but let’s go through some of the hardware in the Switch, in a nutshell. Enjoy!

That should take you through all the specs before you decide to part with your $299 or in the UK, the price is set at 280GBP. “Switch and Play” goes the slogan and it’s affordable, portable and it will feature these release games, buy below.

That should keep Nintendo fans busy, whether at home, on the tube or on an airplane, with The Legend of Zelda & Mario Kart 8 set to dominate first game release purchases, as its something familiar that Nintendo fans will have been craving for years.

Gone are the days of the Wii that dribbled out to a sleepy end, so there’ll be no more flinging your forearms in the living room through an intense Nintendo tennis match, instead the thumb and index finger will now take center stage yet again, like with most consoles. Now let’s take a closer look at the specs for all you uber Nintendo geeks, out there.

  • CPU: Quad core ARM Cortex A57
  • GPU: Nvidia Maxwell with 256 CUDA cores
  • Memory: 1600 MHz 4GB LPDDR4 (2+2GB modules)
  • Memory bandwidth: 25.6GB/s
  • Internal storage: 32GB flash memory

But wait, there’s more, you can select to buy your console in multi-colors, like blue and red or just choose to go with the standard grey/charcoal color. Which one will you choose?

This is joyous and exciting news for Nintendo enthusiasts, whether for kids, women and or men, that just cannot part with Super Mario, this is the must have new gadget of the moment.

We think this will finally put Nintendo firmly back into the gaming world, after the dithering success of the Nintendo Wii. Often baring the unfunny joke of being more like the Nintendo Wee (piss), when compared to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

This is the Nintendo Switch, so go and order yours right here, and then let us know how you like your new Nintendo Switch?


Brainstain, over and out!

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