Fight Night: David Haye vs Tony Bellew – The Trash Talk is Over.

On Saturday night it will see the culmination of months of trash talking between David Haye and Tony Bellew come to a head, as they prepare to punch the living daylights out of each other at the O2 Arena. Yes, the trash talking has been exquisite with David Haye’s cavalier and arrogant attitude, coupled with Bellew’s Scouser accent of repeated insults, since the pair was matched up in the ring for the WBC belt bout to take place at the O2 Arena for their Heavyweight boxing match.

You could most definitely claim that the gloves are off for this one, after David Haye even punched Tony Bellew in the face, during a pre fight press conference promotion event late last year. See it in slow motion below. A cheap shot?

As you can see this will be an all out war with the gloves off, after the war of words is beginning to come to an end, well, technically still with the gloves on.

Tony Bellew has been calling out David Haye for his nightclub ways and for his luxury lifestyle, calling him a “nightclub whore” and Tony has been agitating Haye since the get go, basically calling him a “yappy ______” on numerous occasions. But, who is just talking the talk and who can actually walk the walk? Let’s see some action.

On Wednesday, it was the last press conference before the fight on Saturday night and today is the weigh in. Seemingly, the sport of boxing has been recuperating their falling viewer figures over the years with the emergence of the UFC; by encouraging trash-talking build ups before the fights these days. Just listen to some of the gems halfway through this next video.

One thing that these trash-talking events have built up is a massive amount of interest and anticipation for the fight ahead. Who is your money on? Haye or Bellew?

This is David Haye’s prediction, “’My genuine, realistic prediction? Unless he’s had a brain transplant a chin transplant and a body transplant he’s getting knocked out really, really quick. My prediction is a spectacular violent knockout, a showreel knockout.”

Tony Bellew is a tough as nails Scouser with a big mouth and he added, “We heard about injuries but there’s no excuses, we all get knocks and I don’t want to hear any of them at all. I will go out there, execute the game plan and I’m just hoping he will go as far as I am. I just want to win by any means necessary. He says it’s personal but for me it’s not, I just want to win.”

David Haye responded that Bellew won’t be able to do much, once “he’s asleep”. So, David Haye will be looking for a KO.

It’s live on Sky Box Office and we will be anticipating this fight and we look forward to the result. It’s surely looking like it’s going to be a tough fight.

On Bet365, David Haye is listed as Favorite to win at 1.16, whilst Tony Bellew is the outsider at 5.00.


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Featured Photo Credit: The Sun

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