One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Rage’s at LAX Airport (Full Fight Video)

Ding, ding. Louis Tomlinson, 25, that singer from One Direction (1D) who’s from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was flying into Los Angeles (LAX) airport on Friday evening, when all of a sudden he had an altercation arise with a paparazzi photographer in the arrivals hall, who was getting way too close to his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Both wearing matching blue Champion tracksuits (High End – Chavtastic) trying to look very incognito, it didn’t hide them away from the awaiting paparazzi photographer who got right up in his girlfriends face, prompting Louis Tomlinson to wrestle the photographer to the floor, whilst his girlfriend ran in the other direction (see what we did there), where she was seemingly mobbed in a corner by young two female fans, including Ana Becerra, 22, who was only reportedly trying to retain her cell phone, which was snatched from her hands by Eleanor Calder. Once Louis Tomlinson saw this, he became super vexed and ran over to the two women and hurled one of them onto the floor in a violent rage and even throwing a punch in Ana Becerra’s face.

Surely scenes like this were more expected after the pub closes in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, than at LAX airport. A melee of sorts can be seen as Louis from One Direction, sends the photographer and then the female who apparently was bothering his girlfriend; in one direction, both flew to the floor. Let’s have a look shall we?

It’s clear that Tomlinson was protecting his girlfriend, so first he felled the photographer, by crouching down and putting his weight on him, then a rapid response to answer his girlfriend’s calls for help, as she seemingly looked like she was pushed into a corner by the two young Los Angeles (local) women and some people are now wondering whether it was a paparazzi set-up? With the one female claiming she was socked in the face before being dragged to the floor, which she pretty much was, after all.

Louis was arrested and booked for battery, which can carry a maximum sentence 6 months’ in jail plus a £1,600 fine.  He was arrested in the baggage reclaim and he was held from 11:45pm until he was released at 1:32am on Saturday morning. Talk about flying on the Red Eye from Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles, with a spot of Airport Rage. We all know that some people’s temperaments rise to breaking point after flying, so could this be what happened to Louis Tomlinson?

Louis was later taken to the LA police station where he was ordered to pay $20,000 in bail, but he was later released without having to pay it. Louis who is worth an estimated $40million is no due to appear in court on March 29th, later this month.

Martin Singer, Louis’s lawyer told MailOnline: “The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. It’s not the first time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity.”

The photographer explained, Mr. Larssen, “He was actually smaller than me, but he got my leg and then I was off-balance. He lunged for the camera then he lifted up my leg and then he hit me and I hit my own head.”

Another classic case of paparazzi in denial, and here’s the video of the girl who is now looking to press charges against Louis Tomlinson and she looks pretty happy about it.

She could be called a “Chola” a Mexican with American Indian blood, and everyone knows not to fight with a “Chola”, because she will fight back. So, it looks like Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend ran into some trouble and Louis sealed his fate by expressing some post Air Rage at LAX.

Now let’s see it all again from a different angle. Apparently, the David Haye v Tony Bellew wasn’t the only high-profile fight this weekend. It was like a scene from the Royal Rumble, with a pile up down on the floor.

All we want to know now is will this Los Angeles woman now turn into the new 15 minutes of fame celebrity of the moment and then also sue Louis Tomlinson for assault?

But, shouldn’t Louis Tomlinson have learned airport etiquette by now? He’s headed in One Direction if he keeps this up, that’s a downward spiral, because let’s face it, how long of a shelf life does 1D (One Direction) really have?

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