Socialist Swedish Minister Forced to Apologize After False Claim that Rapes were Decreasing in Sweden

Sweden is that Scandinavian country of almost 10 million people, that has deludingly been covering up their faltering model of “socialism” for the best part of over 30 years, but at the core of that agenda in the last 17 years, has been the increasing intake of refugees, migrants and benefit seekers from Islamic countries, sacrificing its own safety and culture for these foreign beggars and it seems like all eyes are finally on Sweden; with the burgeoning immigrant problems becoming worldwide news, finally.

So, in the news today is Swedish Minister Ylva Johansson who has had to publicly backtrack on her earlier deluded statement to counter Nigel Farage’s statement, which was calling Malmo the rape capital of the Europe. She said that it wasn’t true, but she had been feeding the cover-up and now blames looking at incorrect statistics for saying rapes were on the decline. So, Nigel Farage was right, yet again, because rapes are most definitely rising across the country. Malmo is now the rape capital of Europe (maybe the world) and Sweden has an escalating migrant problem of rapes, no-go zones, hand grenades being used as a daily weapon of choice and to even city suburbs, where paramedics and fire fighters need police escorts to enter into certain neighbourhoods, where Islamic (ISIS) State are somehow to be respected. “Yes”, really?

Pathetic, they should send in some of Donald Trump’s team to clean up the country. That would be a good idea, at this point, as Sweden has always had close ties to America, throughout the ages. We need your help!

Ylva Johansson is a bit of a total idiot. Photo Credit: DailyMail

This is truly socialism gone mad, which only the logical people of Sweden dare to address, without being called “racist” and now all eyes are on Sweden with its rape problems, rising crime figures and even murders happening on a weekly basis. Just the other day, there were two murders (confirmed), burning cars (as usual) and even kids blowing up port-a-potties with hand grenades just for fun, in places like Rinkeby (suburb of Stockholm), even in Marsta (near Uppsala), plus of course, in the third biggest city in Sweden, Malmo, this is all happening as a daily occurrence. This is what happens when a country adopts an open border policy, with socialism (bordering on communism) by giving free benefits and housing, to a new generation of migrant families, that’s now clearly raping Swedish women, selling drugs and creating a gangster sub-culture with open sympathy and support for Islam, that show a lack of manners and respect for Sweden. (Who are the parents?!).

There’s seemingly a domestic war on the rise, due to the failed integration and lax attitudes towards immigration and the welcoming of all refugees. Sweden has a major problem on their hands and the country has now become a socialist minefield of mistakes and catastrophes, that they try to cover-up with the blind show curtain being pulled down again by the socialist mass media, just to cater to the false narrative and lying news on their inherent statistics of rising crime by migrants, in an attempt to try to continue this fake liberal paradise of Sweden, which is factually crumbling at the seams.

Ylva Johannson had said that rapes were “going down and going down” after Nigel Farage had called Malmo “the rape capital of Europe”. But, now the integration minister acknowledged that sex attacks had been on a sharp rise. In fact, you only need to go out in Stockholm at night, to see how the country has changed and how it has lost the core essence of what the country once was; being now that is something totally unrecognizable.

In the nightclubs even, door security is run by Muslim men and most nightclubs are filled with mainly Muslim men, that seemingly have a lack of respect for women, as is evidenced by their pushing and shoving to gain entry, perhaps, to put their hands on Swedish women. So, it should come as no surprise that in these immigrant neighbourhood’s even more so; because  there are rapes every day and also a rising crime culture. It is in fact, sickening!

That face you make when you are always right. Photo Credit: OxfordAstrologer

Nigel Farage, now a legend of politics, a man who spent 30 years to achieve his goal of saving the United Kingdom from the disaster that is the EU and the EU migrant policy, last month said that the sharp rise in rapes was down to the influx of migrants into the country of Sweden.

These are some supposed correct statistics, as follows, despite a 12 per cent dip in 2015; the number of sex attacks had in fact climbed 13 per cent in 2016. Really? We bet there’s a lot more than just that number or percentage that is shown. Add to that, all the rapes and crimes that are not reported and just go by the feeling of the people, the women that are now afraid to walk outside at night or to even go on a night out in the countries cities. You can feel it in the air, a palpable unnerving energy in the atmosphere, Sweden is not safe like it used to be and this has only got worse in the last decade or more.

Sweden took in an estimated sum of over 300,000 migrants in just two years, in 2015 and 2016 combined, apart from any and all undocumented migrants, some of who have just disappeared within the country itself. That’s good isn’t it? We are sure that many of them got free money and free housing and can just live off of the state, which has been the case in Sweden, since the mid-nineties. Now, unfortunately with the migrant surge, Sweden cannot even afford to take care of its own original citizens any longer. Pensioners and the elderly in care homes, are left stranded and are not receiving the care they deserved and justly paid for during their whole lives.

Lovely people for your country, right? Not a single Svensson in sight, is there? Photo Credit: Infowars

So, despite just the rapes, there’s more going on in the country of Sweden than what the socialist press and news media will have you believe; because they will not admit to that either. A classic case of liberal delusions once again, going way too far.

Ylva Johannson told Dagen’s Nyheter newspaper regarding her rape “going down” mix-up, “I based my answer on information that I had at the time, that the number of reports of rapes went down in 2015.”

She continued, “It was wrong of me to speak of a development that was only based on one year. The preliminary figures for 2016 unfortunately show that the figures are on the rise. It’s important to be correct, of course.”

Johansson had earlier told the BBC that she saw now direct link between Sweden’s immigration policy to the rise of crime in the country, saying, “We cannot see a connection between crime and immigration.”

Obviously, she’s blind and she lives on another planet and people like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump know these statements to be completely false, as does anyone with half a functioning brain left in society, but seemingly, people who can form their own thinking are also in sharp decline these days. Socialism and fake news to support disasters like mass-immigration from Islamic countries, should be enough concrete evidence of just that. Socialism does nothing more than lie to support domestic disasters that are spiraling out of control.

When Ylva Johannson was asked specifically about Farage’s comments, she said,

“When we make surveys about if any woman has been… if there has been a rape towards her or sexual harassment, we can see that the level is going down, and going down and  going down.”

She has now been marked out as a liar, as she should be, and the reported rapes have gone up from 4,208 incidents in 2006, to 6,560 incidents in 2016. But don’t let does statistics fool you, as you know with a socialist media, you cannot take these stats at face value. There’s more to it than that and Swedish news will not condemn or name criminals as being migrants, for fear of backlash to their failing socialist model.

Sweden has a problem with migrants, Sweden has a problem with rapes, Sweden has problems with integration, Sweden has had a problem with giving out benefits to migrant families who sponge off the state and many are criminals or just useless members of society for decades now, whilst their own countries citizens, will ultimately suffer in the end as they already are.

Unreal what has happened in Sweden. Photo Credit: RT

Sweden now has a problem with murders, weapons that have never ever been seen on Swedish streets before, plus Sweden has a socialist conditioning problem of the people, who genuinely are trained (brainwashed) to believe in these extreme liberal values, that have proven to not work at all, whilst their country is being destroyed from within.

That sounds similar to what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to do the United States of America, but yes, let’s not forget their guilt in all of this, as well. There mishandling of the Middle East has now caused Sweden to crumble and we could only have wished that Sweden would have woken up much earlier to the nightmare of Socialism.

The Swedish Democrat party are now gaining more popularity by the day and that is a good thing. Sweden needs an epic cleansing to rid the country of years of socialist brainwashing and such fickle conditioning, in order to tackle the problems at hand and finally go hard-line to fight against it. Some Swedish citizens have even called for the deportation of whole migrant families that commit crime. Clearly, that should be enforced right away!


Yes, Sweden has a lot of problems and once again, Nigel Farage was right. More eyes on Sweden, please.


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Featured Photo Credit: Picudio – Pixabay

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