Zombies in Spaceland with David Hasselhoff

Low and behold ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ has been out since early November 2016, on PS4, Xbox One, but with this Warfare release in the COD series, what many people actually wanted to get their hands on was the inner-game, “Zombies” of course, and with the latest gaming craze in the series, “Zombies in Spaceland” is a whole lot of fun, perhaps even eclipsing the ‘Call of Duty’ game altogether. Unlike previous Call of Duty Black Ops releases harboring Zombies, Activision and Infinity Ward made a smart move to include Zombies within Infinite Warfare and this was just tried and tested out this weekend.

Some gamers refuse to play anything else, so what is it about Zombies that people find so much fun? Well, obviously it’s the return of the unending fun of shooting zombies that are coming at you from all directions, but this time you are inside a Spaceland theme park, as opposed to being inside a WWII Nazi Bunker or taking the role of a previous American President in fighting Zombies, whilst cooped up inside the Pentagon.   Plus, in ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ there’s a live guest appearance of David Hasselhoff as the Disc Jockey within the theme park, so what’s not to like?

The face you make before dropping “The Final Countdown” Photo Credit: SegmentNext

The humor of Zombies which is catering to an adult audience, will no doubt enjoy Hasselhoff’s inclusion amidst the 1980’s inspired map, where you have to board up windows, find the juggernog and pick up new weapons on your way, fighting as always on an arcade level mode till death. First night’s try and the furthest we got was level 11, which is a pretty good run for a first evening playing Zombies. But of course, the admitted bonus and or fun with Zombies is the two player, multi-player online game, where you and a buddy, circumnavigate the map, level up and turn on power switches, open doors, watch out for Killer Clowns on Level 5 and then rest and re-group before more Zombies come at you.

One thing that was very annoying though, was the fact that it took about one hour, to figure out how to add a multiplayer (extra player) inside the game, each time. Zombie frustration with having to add PlayStation 4 profiles, in order to get two Zombie killers out there on the level platform, in the form of you and a friend, ready to “shoot the sh*t” out of these flesh-eating scumbags! Get your copy for Xbox One here.

Once, we figure that out, we had lost an hour each day and perhaps this is something that Infinity Ward and Activision should look into, how can they make the multiplayer option for Zombies more understandable, so that we don’t need to waste time using trial and error, in creating a multi-player game all over again? They need to make it a lot easier to cure the thirst for multiplayer online Zombies. Have a look at this for some first time Zombies fun from VanossGaming on Youtube.

As you can see, mostly Adults play this game and this is usually how it goes down! This is the standard communication on multiplayer, beware the Clown round, “F*cK!”

Anyway, many buyers of COD: Infinite Warfare were disappointed by the space theme in COD and the futuristic direction of where COD is going, but it’s refreshing that none of that nonsense was rolled out into the Zombies game. Many people still preferred the traditional weapons and realistic gun fights in the Black Ops of old, so Zombies becomes even more popular via Infinite Warfare.

But, some new things did arise in Zombies, such as new features like sharing points, team buy doors, fate and fortune cards similar to Gobblegums in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, but they kept the normal movement system in tact, so you won’t be space boot flying across the level at all as you do in COD.

Admittedly, Multiplayer in Zombies, usually consist of two friends, one with the “master plan” and he who knows how to play the game and the other one, is the not-to-be forgotten “co-pilot”, who doesn’t have a clue of what he’s doing, but simply run around and follow the man with the plan, shooting Zombies dead, with whatever gun you could afford to purchase at the time. Tension and panic rises, as you level up to more and more difficult arcade shooting situations.

If FIFA 17 is the mother of all sports games, which is somewhat like a gaming religion, than surely ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ is the undead uncle of all shoot ‘em up games, featuring David Hasselhoff and now Killer Clowns, which helps to bring that 80’s vibe to the game, within even featuring the song by Europe “The Final Countdown” in its soundtrack. Mind blown!

The loose plot revolves around four aspiring actors who want to audition for a new Willard Wyler film, one seemingly a Geek wearing an awkward Ice-Hockey helmet, one seemingly a cross-dresser and one reminds you of a B-Boy from New York City and the other who knows? The names of the playable random characters are as follows, Andre, Pointdexter, Sally, A.J. and we’re not sure if you can actually play as David Hasselhoff or not, maybe with some secret unlocking code?

Photo Credit: PrimaGames

Our ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ experience has just begun and we didn’t even reach the fun gun box yet, nor any Easter Eggs and we’re also wondering if the Monkey’s will still be in the game.

Yes, monkeys! You know the one’s you can throw out with those crashing cymbals to distract all the Zombies to go in the opposite direction, before you drop a hand grenade on them to create a giant splash of Zombies body parts all over the map. But, remember to always leave a crawler, so that you can continue to find out what you have to do next, before even more Zombies come out of nowhere, to eat you.

After all, this is what makes the game so much fun and we suppose the only thing, that could one day revolutionize the game, would be if they introduce some sort of future save option, in forthcoming Zombies releases.

Just imagine if you could save your progress? Or even have the option to? That would add a whole new element to the craze and phenomenon that is now simply known as “Zombies”.

We will no doubt be returning to play more Zombies once the guy with the Master Plan is available, as otherwise, we’d have no clue what we are doing, because we are only the Co-Pilot. But, the legend of “Zombitch” lives on, when given the chance to play it properly.


Brainstain, over and out!

Get Zombies in Spaceland on PS4 here

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Featured Photo Credit: Gameranx

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