Nick Cannon Gets A Little Bit Crazy In His 1st Vlog

Sometimes people make it onto the celebrity scene with little to no talent at all, “yes”, so once upon a time they used to have a job presenting or something, or they even used to be a husband of someone really famous, like Mariah Carey, but then in the end, it all dried up and they start their first day as a Vlogger on YouTube, because they no longer have those same roles that they used to have. Today is that day, Nick Cannon has started his first Vlog to share with whichever person might come across it and on first look, it’s incredibly bad material. Fingers crossed for the next one…

Now, here comes that disaster in full from Nick Cannon, the man who once presented and still presents ‘Wild ‘N Out’, he also had ‘The Nick Cannon Show’ on Nickelodeon years ago and he even once did, ‘Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon’, but apart from that, having babies with Mariah Carey, was a very smart move for that meal ticket, ya’ heard!

So, let’s take a look at this train wreck unfold, but please only watch if you dare listen to complete garbage from someone with the same intelligence level as a poisoned rat, that’s on their last legs seemingly.

He talked about Donald Trump and Chicago, Remy Ma, then spoke about farting & Miley Cyrus, whilst wearing a golden turban or doo-rag, or what have you? Most if not all, was totally incomprehensible and perhaps that is supposed to be his new style of comedy.

We can’t remember him ever being funny in the first place, can you? On first review, with 1,170 views on March 6th 2017, we can honestly say that we have had more Youtube views in other ventures in just one hour, so we don’t think this Vlogging experience of his, will go very far, well at least with views, if you know what we mean? We sense a shut down even before it’s begun.

So, it seems like out of desperation of what to do next, it has brought us all the joy to watch this random and irritating Nick Cannon guy attempt at making a successful YouTube channel. So, just start talking gibberish and see what happens? We will keep it in mind, thanks Nick.

All we hope is that he’s incredibly high on some sort of drug, for his sake. Could it be PCP, could it be Meth or could this just be his latest efforts in drawing in a new audience of some kind? Who knows?

Oh and did he say he had a Mixtape coming out or did he, hmmm? We will be sure to use it as a coaster if we ever come across a physical copy, but seemingly Nick Cannon has a stand up show on Showtime, on demand, mind you, called ‘Stand Up, Don’t Shoot’ and he will continue to host ‘Wild ‘N Out’, with a new series coming, so you wonder what’s this new Vlog all about.

One thing is clear; sometimes we just have to share garbage on here, as it’s apparently one of the most interesting entertainment news pieces of the day.

Way to go Nick Cannon, thanks for entertaining us with that 8-minute glimpse into how to make insanely bad Vlogs. Peace out!


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Featured Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

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