Nokia 3310 Re-Launches; Retro Phones Making a Comeback?

Society may seemingly be on the verge of a return to common sense and logic, with today’s news of the Nokia 3310 being re-launched onto the Mobile & Cell phone market, after it first appeared in our lives in September 1st in the year of 2000. Yes, if that doesn’t bring back memories, nothing will. Let’s face it, the emergence of the first Smart Phone and the first iPhone in 2007, saw our lives start the commencement of a major decline in social skills and us also becoming entirely addicted to our smart phones by hovering over new social media apps like vultures to carcasses, ever since. So, did our lives improve or have you also noticed major changes in how we behave because of the evolution of the smart phone? You know, when you’re talking to someone and they are simply staring into their mobile phone screen for hours, or you yourself, can’t live five seconds without checking your phone, for fear of missing something. Before we had Smart Cell phones to keep us all locked up inside, we had mobile phones and we used them for making calls and sending plain old text SMS messages, without all the other nonsense like Emojis and having a Facebook app to kill our time with.

So, Nokia the former Finnish mobile phone giant have re-launched the 3310 model and it is being made by Finnish start-up company HMD, who have recaptured the design of the model that was first made 17 years ago, which features the month-long battery life, a new color screen and 2MP camera and even a headphone jack. The phone enables you to text with the predictive text messaging and it also features a rebooted version of the popular game, ‘Snake’. If there ever was a phone that you needed, when you felt like you wanted a clear mind and or to avoid the constant attacking of the age of information and rewind to life, as it was in the late 1990s, then this is definitely the phone for you. And, you can have it before the summer and Nokia will be releasing these undead phones in the Yellow, Red or Grey colors, for a price of 49 Euros or £41. Let’s take a closer look at it and even just the sound of the ringtone should bring back fond memories of a time that was way more hassle free than today.


Yes, it even reminds you of the uber classic Nokia 8210, released in 1999, of course, but with some updated features on this 3310, with the added technology, which wasn’t available back in 1999-2000, like the color screen and a camera, as powerful as 2 Mega Pixels, plus even basic web browsing, as if you’d ever use it for that! But anyway, there are plenty of things you could use this mobile phone downgrade for and we will get into this a bit later.

Last week, was the Mobile World Congress and all everyone was talking about was the re-launch of the Nokia 3310. So, here’s Android Authority with a quick look at the Nokia 3310, before we tell you why it would be great to go back to these mobile phones of old.

Why is it great to have a Nokia 3310, as a side phone? Well, because some people are sick of the constant interruptions that a smart phone brings to your life, where you are seemingly connected to the worldwide web at every breath and some people have become so addicted that they’re basically symbolically paralyzed by their constant checking of their smart phones, social media apps, checking emails or reading the news, or whatever it is that makes people avoid human contact all together. Flashback to the years of 1999-2000, and you had none of that, but what you did have were real friends that you would call to organize something or if you met a girl, if she gave you her phone number, it actually meant something.

You could then call or you could send a tech savvy SMS message and wait eagerly for one to come back, but in no certain timeframe, because we were all relaxed and free from the unregistered annoyance of future smart phones in our lives, which have “no doubt” made us all a lot more dumb, with all this information now at our very fingertips. Oh, the nostalgia of the Nokia 3310 and we think that people all over the world, should switch back to these phones as an experiment, just to see how much more wonderful our lives can become again. Let’s “make life great again”, shall we?

Go Full Retro this summer, “Try it!”. Yes, this is a classic photo. Photo Credit: MobilePhoneHistory

Let’s be honest, these days with Smart Phones, nobody even knows if phoning is appropriate, let alone texting or should you now find them on Facebook and then message them on there? “F*ck No!” As now, that’s never really appropriate any longer, as there’s hardly anything more annoying than receiving a Facebook message. Let alone a Whatsapp message from somebody that you did not want to hear from at all. If you had a Nokia 3310, you would never receive that annoying message, we guarantee you that.

Nowadays, there’s people who are so socially awkward because of smart phones, that you can sense the despair whenever you reach out to them (we met somebody like that) or on the polar opposite there’s your “basic b*tch” who uploads every meal he or she has ever had on Instagram, whilst swiping left or right on their Tinder app, like some sort of clever new human of the ages, who thinks they have it all figured out (major facepalm!) You’re wasting your time! You have it all backwards!

In the year of 1999-2000, we were free of all this nonsense and we had the same real friends that we have now, but our communication was obviously better in those days and communication and dating seemed a lot more straightforward than it is today. Do you have to Tinder somebody inside a bar today, before speaking to them or don’t you just wish it was like the old days, like “Hey, you’re really cute and I think I like you, can I have your phone number?”

If you do that today, somebody will think that you’re a serial killer. Such has been the calamity of these so-called Smart Phones on our society, in a nutshell.

Nowadays, our lives have been compromised by technology and as for the generation who only knows smart phones, good luck to you and we feel sorry for you in growing up in this crazy smart phone era; with their attention spans and their flat like social skills reminiscent to that of a clever “Gold Fish”. Divided and conquered already, since a very young age. It’s very sad.

“My word, things have changed” and people wonder why we wish we could all go back to the usual Mobile Phones of old, well, it’s because people were more connected without being connected only to their cell phones.

The Original. The Classic. The Best. Photo Credit: Huffington Post UK

Plus, if you ever wanted to get off the grid entirely (if you know what we mean), which a lot of people are doing these days in small steps, in modern times of spying and of having no privacy, then this Nokia 3310 is definitely the phone for you.

It’s definitely worth having one as your side phone, because you may want to walk around with only your mind to think about and not having to think about checking your Smart Phone apps.

You can just say, if I need to reach somebody I can call them or they can call me. Simple! I want to meditate within my own mind and I need a break from my iPhone, then do not bring your iPhone 7, but bring your new side piece, the Nokia 3310.

In fact, we have had A to B phones over the years for travel many times and it was blissful to have all that peace of mind. Plus, time to think, something that nobody does anymore.

So, yes the day may come when we only decide to use an iPhone for web surfing and if you need to use a specific app, just imagine that and we bet it feels good, right?

Smart Phones have made us detached from real life and many business men and women, already have done this switchover, preferring the business sided simple phones for their daily lives and the iPhone as a welcome distraction once you have the time to really be distracted.

Like if you wanted to avoid your wife or husband or something simple like that, otherwise, for practical purposes you use the old Nokia 3310. However, at the launch price of £41, you may just want to pick up another simple to use phone, for a cheaper price in a different country, because they’re all unlocked.

But, since Nokia have made the effort to bring back some normalcy in this crazy age of information, we feel that at 41 GBP, you might as well just buy one to support the vision of what once was, when staring in the face of just how badly we have decayed socially in the last ten years, so please support the change of going backward and please buy the remodeled Nokia for the good of humanity.

That’s what we would encourage you to do! In fact, you can order and buy even bigger classics right here, see below.


Buy the Nokia 216

Or get the Original Nokia 3310 right here for cheap and enjoy having “Peace”

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Featured Photo Credit: Metro

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  1. I had a Nokia 3310, it survived being dropped out of a window, getting wet when raining and being trodden on!

    Unfortunately it didn’t survive me accidentally leaving it on the metal grid of an electric fire.

    I might get another one just for the nostalgia, I miss the simple life.

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