“Cash Me Ousside” Girl Gets A Makeover

Every once in a while, someone will become famous for absolutely nothing and this surely has been the case with Danielle Bregoli, 13, apart from her becoming a national sensation for all the wrong reasons with her “Cash me Ousside” comment on the Dr. Phil Show, within relation to her stealing cars, acting like a teenage thug, vandalizing and being totally unruly in her local neighborhood. The local police had been called 51 times in Boynton Beach with various incidents involving Danielle over the years, earning her a one-way ticket to the Dr. Phil show.

Hence, why she appeared on Dr. Phil in the first place, then the ratings shot up, so she got a return appearance (return ticket) as well. So, why does TV keep making stupid people famous? Is it that everyone is gaining some sort of satisfaction from seeing the worst of what human kind has to offer? We believe so, but now that she’s been making money from her tasteless behaviour, as well, you wonder what sort of message this sends out to the young generation? Here’s her makeover, so far, but admittedly she still needs a lot of work, inside!

Instagram: BhadBhabie

Her “Cash Me Ousside. How Bow Dah” phrase has become a viral meme and then her notoriety over the Internet saw her cringe worthy appearance in Kodak Black’s music video, called ‘Everything 1k’. This is so terrible, it’s hard to watch it as you begin to feel embarrassed for her.

Awful lip synching from the Editor there and is this really what the kids are listening to these days? Apparently they are, so the future generation is very much doomed!

She later returned to the Dr. Phil show and she said that she had made him famous. “You were nothing before I came on your show” she said. Let’s see that at 01:25.

Dr. Phil created this monster and now we all have to suffer. Now, let’s see that one flight “fight” altercation right away, shall we? Keep it classy!

Her mother must be so proud? “What’s up hoe, what’s up hoe?” she says, as if domestic air travel in the U.S.A. wasn’t bad enough already, without having some disillusioned child appropriating some sort of cartoon gangster culture in order to make her famous for her anti-social behavior, yet again. This kid needs an attitude adjustment, right?

She’s already been ridiculed for her accent, which is one of those strange phenomenon’s of white kids, trying to speak in some sort of street lingo twang, which is “OH” so embarrassing. Let’s just say that a Liberal would call this appropriation of another culture, right? Wearing grillz in her teeth and she honestly looks like a vandal version of a teen from The Jersey Shore and her last name surely does stick, with the name “Bregoli”, which could almost be the name seen on a bottle of Italian olive oil, couldn’t it? Say it with us, “Bregoli”, it has a nice ring to it and maybe she should roll out her new image with some “street pasta” food products.

However, it’s this behavior and general nastiness, which has now seen her “cash in” from her TV appearances and from her music video appearances. In fact, she’s raking in money as quickly as possible, because let’s be honest, what talents does she really have and how long will this really last?

Instagram: BhadBhabie

So, what’s next? Cue the Makeover! Yes, how to turn some white trash into something marketable, of course, you need a makeover and a plan to keep this juvenile out of jail, ultimately.

Apart from fighting on an airplane, she taunted fans and almost got into an altercation outside a bar in Lake Worth, Florida. Wait a minute, at 13-years-old; she shouldn’t be hanging outside bars, should she?

She says she wants to be an artist and if her career of doing god knows what really continues, then expect her to be a train wreck, just waiting to happen. She’s way too young for joining the porn industry (thankfully) but with AutoTune still out there and perhaps with some evil cult backing her, then anything is possible these days. I mean, she’s already got 7.4 million Instagram followers.

She’s also planning an event for her 14th birthday party and is reportedly set to earn 32k for every public appearance.

We wonder if she will ever look back at herself in twenty years and be completely embarrassed? It will just depend on who her PR team is and how they can somehow make this teen who’s known for swearing and acting like an “idiotic brat”, into something with any remnant of talent, whatsoever. We can sense some sort of TV role, probably in reality TV, you know the type of show when they send teens to penitentiaries, to encourage them to clean up their act.  She could even be the host of the show? Brilliant!

Truly it’s been a boring news day so far and this all becomes way too clear when we end up having to cover the “Cash Me Ousside” girl. It’s been a bad day so far for interesting news stories, that’s for sure.

Imagine, one day Danielle Bregoli will get probably beat up very badly “ousside” some bar, perhaps?

But, this new makeover will now hopefully teach her some manners and maybe her dream of becoming an artist will one day come true. Popular music couldn’t get any worse these days, so why not give it a try, right?

There’s always that to look forward to.

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Featured Photo Credit: BhadBhabie

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