Floyd Mayweather’s Car Set Ablaze in Birmingham

Floyd Mayweather, 40, has recently professed his love for the United Kingdom and for London in particular, during his ongoing visit, stating that the UK has brought excitement back into the sport of boxing with the resurgence of interest because of boxers like Anthony Joshua and Tony Bellew, pulling in the crowds. But yet, we find Floyd Mayweather in the midlands in Birmingham of all places and you might ask why? Well, there’s a method to the madness from the Mayweather Money Team “TMT” and it might also be about a little bit of love, you know?

So far, during Mayweather’s visit to the British Isles, he has re-connected with that former New Look shop assistant from Birmingham, Rmarmi Ellis, who he once whisked around the world on his private jet, now seeing her again in Brummie, making people think that they might be on again. Why else would he be in Birmingham?

Love is in the air. Photo Credit: RmarniInstagram

Two days ago, Floyd also stated that he wants to create a Mayweather Promotions office in the UK and bring the most exciting boxing matches to the British Isles.

He was also spotted in Newcastle earlier in the week, partying with Geordie Shore newbie, Abbie Holborn, plus reportedly afterwards taking 25 girls back to his hotel room. He definitely has the “stamina” unlike Hillary Clinton, whilst he also spared some time for a drink with Sunderland striker Jermaine Defoe, at Livello Nightclub.

But, back to Birmingham he went, and then the unthinkable happened, like scenes straight out of suburban Sweden, the Money Team passenger van for his entourage and UK tour, was set ablaze last night, for no apparent reason.

Might this have had something to do with a scorned ex-lover of Rmarmi Ellis, nobody is quite sure yet as to why his van was torched out on a public road in Brummie.

A financial loss for something like this for Moneyman Mayweather is probably the equivalent to losing £3.50, so, “oh well” life goes on. But, the mystery now is who really set the van on fire and who caused this incident on Mayweather’s almost stately visit to the UK (minus chaving it up UK style)?

The West Midlands Police are now investigating and since they have the photos of the van, will there be some CCTV footage of the vandals seen doing the job?

Toasted TMT Van. Photo Credit: TheSun

The West Midlands Police are on the case and released this statement, “Offenders smashed the window of the vehicle, a people carrier, before pouring accelerant inside and setting it alight. Inquiries into the fire, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle belonging to a guest, are currently ongoing and police are examining CCTV from the area.”

So far, no such news of suspects has surfaced yet and one thing is clear, somebody in Birmingham doesn’t like him very much, so why not just swing by London, again? Surely, it’s much better than Birmingham?

All of this, at a time when many people are still yearning for that famous cross over fight, between Connor McGregor and himself, if the UFC and the WBF can muster up a mega deal to bring Mayweather out of retirement and thus box the MMA Irishman in the ring.

Seems like a busy week full of incidents for Floyd Mayweather and it seems like he is here to stay, so burning one of his passenger cars, won’t even help in the slightest.

So, let’s hope that they catch these criminal arsonists post-haste and throw them in jail, ASAP! The UK has no place for scenes like this, whatsoever!


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Featured Photo Credit: TheSun

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