George Soros Gives $246 million to 100 Protest Groups behind “Day Without A Woman”

Whenever there has been an unruly protest or domestic insurgence violence in the United States, since Donald Trump took office, you can put your money on that George Soros was behind all of it. The 86-year-old Hungarian-America billionaire worth an estimated $25.2 billion, donated $246million to groups between 2010-2014, with about 100 groups out of 544 partners receiving funding for the Day Without a Woman march, including Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Watch and ACLU, and blah-blah -blah, bottom line is that this man is an evil socialist.

George Soros is also behind the Black Lives Matter group, the many military coups in the Middle East during the Arab spring and he’s also behind every little evil “smoke and mirrors” effect in the U.S.A. today. A pure fascist and a complete socialist scumbag that’s also behind every Donald Trump funded protest amongst many other protests, that incite violence and destruction upon the American people and this is very well documented, before, during and after the election of Donald Trump. He preys upon the un-intelligent liberals who do not know that they are in fact helping to destroy their own country, so it is a joy to behold that a true hero like Donald Trump is the President of the United States, because if Hillary Clinton was President, the decay of the United States would simply have continued as it did under Barack Obama.

The face of the man funding these idiotic people.
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Since Donald Trump was elected the stock market has soared to record levels and trade is booming and the U.S. job growth has increased exponentially since he became the 45th President.

But, there will always be Soros funded protests and violence, as has been seen at all his funded group protests, which just have one thing in common, apart from the thinly veiled banners and so-called reasons and that is to try to create opposition to Donald Trump, under whatever fake guise that George Soros can mask it with.

What was this last protest all about, called a ‘Day Without a Woman?’ Where women wear encouraged to wear red and to not attend work, and then just be seen screaming and shouting about a whole lot of nothing?

Here’s an interesting video, where you can learn more about this man and his funding efforts and the many things that he is responsible for.

Soros has tried to capitalize on the non-existent and frankly touchy subject of abortion as well, where as abortions are still legal and nobody wants to change that, but Soros will prey on the tiny impressionable liberal minds in order to try and cause more opposition to Donald Trump, to progress the New World Order and push a failing socialism model for all, so what will be the next Soros funded program or group protest? Who knows at this point?

There have been so many fake and paid protests that people have now lost count and they don’t care anymore and they know it is the work of George Soros, yet again. When is he just going to die of old age, or however, is what many people are still wondering?

So, if you see a big protest, remember that they are being paid to do it by George Soros, a man who doesn’t have many fans in America any longer.

Any bets on what the next special day or protest will be called? Tell us in the comments section.


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Featured Photo Credit: The American Mirror

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