Geert Wilders Calls for Turkish Nationals to lose Citizenship After Turkish Riots

In 48 hours time, on Wednesday, the Dutch population will go to the polls to select their new Prime Minister and Geert Wilders is the undoubted strong frontrunner for the win in the Netherlands. The Dutch have always been a very liberal and tolerant nation, but seemingly even Holland has had enough of this politically correct culture, in sacrifice of their own culture and values. So, up springs the logic and popularity of Geert Wilders to emphasize the problems in many European countries today, except many people have been made to be socially conditioned by socialism to keep quiet and or are afraid to say it, which is to tell the truth; about how many Europeans really feel about the influx of Islamic values into European countries or even politics. So, let’s take a closer look at one of Geert Wilders older video messages to Turkey and President Erdogan, about joining the EU, down below.

What happened just the other day in Holland? Well, Dutch authorities blocked two Turkish ministers’ flight to land in their country, to rally for Turkish politics on their land for their Turkish elections. Holland already houses some 400,000 Turkish migrants or immigrants of Turkish descent, but naturally those rallies were blocked, so these ministers were not able to land their plane, in order to be able to do Turkish election rallies and politics on their land. Let’s take a look at the future Prime Minister of Holland here, in another interview, clarifying his position on the West and Islam, among other key matters.

Holland is changing and one thing is clear, which is that many logical politicians across Europe are safe guarding the right of their own culture, after feeling rightfully threatened by the vast amount of Islamic migrants, who simply do not fit into the same model of freedom and liberty that we have in Europe. Islamic values is not something that should have a place in any European society, something which Geert Wilders stands by and this is something which is already resonating with the Dutch people.

The dangers of welcoming Islamic culture with open arms into Europe, can already be seen as a big problem, as is evidenced by the amount of issues already seen in Sweden and in Germany (rapes, murders, rise in crime) with their open border policy and government handouts to families of Muslim migrants for years, due to socialism (conditioning) and failed integration over many-many years already.

Rotterdam, March 11th. Photo Credit: DailyMail

Other countries like France (election in late April) and even the U.S.A. have also expressed concerns over such issues and as we saw in America, Trump has put his foot down. With Brexit, the UK has put its foot down, for much of the same reasons and we expect this trend to carry on and continue, as extreme Islam, does not fit into the way of European and Western life.

As any smart nation would have it, if you wish to move to a new country, you must abide by the values and mindset of the country that you wish to integrate with and being such that Islamic values are so vastly different to that of the Western philosophy, we may see more of the same protection of Western Values, being rolled out into the world and especially throughout Europe.

We hope that Sweden and Germany will one day wake up and that they will do the same. The question is also, “why do many Islamic countries and their inhabitants want to come to the West?”

Well perhaps, they are coming over to European countries to avoid an oppressive Islam, as well? Maybe?

Rotterdam, March 11th riots. Photo Credit: DailyMail

On the weekend, 1,000 Turkish people had taken to the streets to riot in Rotterdam, about the blocking of the two Turkish ministers, not being allowed to hold political rallies in Holland, which was met with tough resistance from the Dutch Police, exercising their right to maintain their own countries stance on such an issue, by using rightful force to disperse the crowd.

So, will Geert Wilders be elected Prime Minster in the Netherlands? We don’t know, but we believe that this will be the case, once all the electoral ballots are finally counted. Learn more about those riots in Rotterdam here.


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