Pamela Anderson Confesses Love for Julian Assange

Whilst, most of Hollywood is still completely under satanic control and worship, for example, do you remember the recent U.S. Presidential election? Where many celebrities reared their ugly heads into backing Hillary Clinton, so blindly? They exemplified a clear lack of knowledge of the world at large and continue to do so, by continually fighting for what is wrong in the modern world.

However, not Pamela Anderson, so you can’t use a blonde bimbo reference with her any longer, which was partly due to her physical appeal as C.J. Parker in Baywatch, when she ran up and down that Malibu beach in her red swimsuit in bouncy slow motion. That was nice until David Hasselhoff came in, but in all seriousness, millions of people have now switched off from Hollywood as a whole, because of their liberal intolerance and utter cluelessness in world affairs, because we know they are apart of the same evil conglomerate that opposed Trump so much, for fear of him doing some actual good things for the country and the world. Alas, Trump won and the rest is now history.

What was endearing and sort of sweet during the latter months of 2016, was the clear and justifiable intelligence of Pamela Anderson in bringing sandwiches to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy and there were even rumors of a brewing romance.

The lovely Pamala herself sees something in the Wikileaks founder – Photo Credit: CelebMafia

Now, if you don’t know anything about Julian Assange, like most of you don’t, apart from Wikileaks, then all we can say is you probably only watch mainstream news media, like the buffoon that you truly are and you might even be a Hillary Clinton fan or a Barack Obama advocate? Hence, they couldn’t carry on their faltering plans of destroying a nation and so they lost to Donald Trump, a man that’s actually for the good of the American people.

So, it was refreshing and endearing to see a clever woman like Pamela Anderson, be attracted to Julian Assange, who has truly already faced enough opposition for his groundbreaking work in exposing something as fickle and un-American as the DNC (U.S. Democratic Party). Of course, why wouldn’t Pamela Anderson be attracted to a freedom fighter such as Julian Assange?

So, just in the last few days, Pamela has been back to visit Julian Assange yet again and we’re sure that she wishes the same sort of freedom for him, as we do.

Pamela Anderson, 49-years-old, has since penned an open note to him on her website, entitled, “My Julian”, where she praised him as intelligent and sexy. She wrote, “Julian Assange is the most intelligent, interesting and informed man in existence. Yes – I think he’s quite sexy”.

We would have to agree, as logic and sensibility is waning these days and because of that, surely those are beneficial characteristics to have when seeking a mate. Pamela wrote further,

“He has tremendous strength and stamina- though vulnerable. Hard to imagine him that way – as capable as he is. But, he is up against the biggest super powers in the world. I’ve spent enough time with him, to be absolutely sure of his intentions – they are good ones. He is on the side of every civilian. And, he is exposing corruption in governments we elect. People need to understand that.”

We understand that, but few people have, especially to those that watch CNN and whatever other mostly crap news source that they are seemingly brainwashed by and Pamela went onto to praise certain whistleblowers, by writing:

“I am forever grateful to all whistle-blowers. (Who risk everything for us.) The world is a safer place because of you. And thank you to my heroes at Wikileaks, and of course – I will always stand by My Julian … Love, Pamela”.

Still trapped inside the Embassy, but drawing in new admirers – Photo Credit: Wikipedia

But, surely not all whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, now a transgender, who was pardoned by Barack Obama, who thus commuted and cut her sentence down to seven years, with her or his release now set for May 2017, only for Chelsea Manning to slam Obama and be perceived as ungrateful, whilst remaining a traitor at the core and calling for a liberal opposition to Donald Trump. “Aha!” Is this why only Chelsea Manning had her sentence commuted and set for an early release? Chelsea was obviously a traitor, even being ungrateful to Obama, so if moral fibre was a real thing that others should judge people by, then surely Chelsea Manning has no moral fibre at all.

With Julian Assange it is different, but he didn’t get a pardon from Obama before he left office, did he? Perhaps, it’s because he’s not a transgender and he somehow helped to enlighten people to the dark arts that the DNC were up to before and during the election.

So clearly, if there ever was a person that deserved to be pardoned, released and or be allowed to carry on with their righteous life, it would be Julian Assange.

And, if there ever would be a couple that are more deserving to be together in freedom, than Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange, then please enlighten us to any such couple out there in the whole wide world today.

Pamela Anderson, stated, “I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex-husbands and lovers combined”.

That’s a wonderful statement and we hope that one day soon, Julian Assange will be able to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy as the political landscape across the world goes through a major change, away from a “One World” philosophy and back to a world of logic, reason and righteousness, after all, that’s also what Pamela and Julian’s union represents for those that have any ounce of intelligence towards politics and world affairs today.


Free Assange and spread the love. Brainstain, over and out!


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Featured Photo Credit: Motto

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