Rachel Maddow’s Tax Return Special on Trump Backfires

Rachel Maddow is that very irritating liberal-leftie news anchor for MSNBC, the one that you can’t quite figure out, if it’s really a man and or a woman, but she’s been apart of the same machine that has tried to bring Donald Trump down, since when he was in the initial running to become president, circa eighteen months ago. Of course, the rest is history.

On Tuesday evening though, she sensationally said that she had a copy from Donald Trump’s tax return from 2005 and her show was to be the big reveal of it all. You could tell that she was so excited to reveal it on her show, perhaps, something that could even make or break her career. Especially, if she could find anything scandalous within these tax returns against Donald Trump, so cue the drum roll…

Anyway, Donald Trump had paid a staggering $38,000,000 in taxes in that year alone, much to the joy of Donald Trump fans and to the dismay of the liberal losing left, yet again, since it just keeps on getting sweeter and sweeter for those with logic on the right side of sanity. Rachel really looked lost for words and this is how she must’ve felt inside.

Rachel Maddow’s big Tax Return reveal, explained via the film, ‘Carrie

Surely, a substantial sum, more than any money that Rachel Maddow will ever see in her entire lifetime. How’s that for sour grapes, hmmm? How’s it taste, Rachel, are you embarrassed much?

So, much to her disappointment in her special show being a total bust, as all of the left wing’s claims and attempts to unsettle Donald Trump, has been all along, it was just more reason to be gleeful for Trump supporters, like ourselves, last night and today. Take a look at how she tanks on her own show, priceless material, so we suggest you give it a watch for Rachel’s sake.

The sight was a joy to behold for everyone who have simply supported an honest man and a brilliant president in Donald J. Trump, from the very beginning or from the get-go, or what have you?

Let’s be honest about how she had to eat her own humble pie for dinner last night and that she’s a major failure, plus nobody can quite stand her, any longer. It’s such a joy to see her failed attempt to reveal anything scandalous about Donald Trump’s tax return, thus turning her show into more of a sinking ship than the Titanic, much like her career, which should be a sinking ship by now, shouldn’t it?

“Help me, I’m drowning!”, you can imagine Rachel saying this in her tiny little liberal mind, as she realised that her big show is just one hell of a big bust!

Credit: Trump Jr./Twitter

Truly, seeing these liberal left-wing numpty’s losing yet again to Donald Trump, gives us so much pleasure and joy (makes our day), because it re-affirms everything that they are, which is a bunch a fake news baiting mainstream media knuckleheads. The brainwashing isn’t working, anymore, not even on the blind liberals that makes up your target audience, surely even they must be waking up by now, you’d think?

All that these libtards have done for the past 18 months is to try and discredit Donald Trump, but it has never worked, not even once, with their fantasy fiction narratives of Russian hacking to whatever other lie they can come up with to try and compensate for Hillary Clinton’s disastrous campaign loss, has just gone way beyond pathetic by now. The mainstream media is nothing more than a mix of untrue and salacious tales of any narrative that is made up to try and take Donald Trump down, whether it’s even true or not, they don’t seem to care. That’s why they’ve become known as “Fake News!”

Rachel, you “FAIL!”

Last night was another victory for “Logic”, “Truth” and “Honour”, the things that Donald Trump stands for and quite frankly, everyone is sick of MSM (mainstream media) and we love to see these Marxist’s and these Communist purveyors of the mainstream left media, keep on failing over and over again, like a bunch of sore losers after a heavy-duty NFL game.

“The Liberals just got sacked and lost the ball, with a major fumble from Rachel Maddow”, so once again, it looks like Donald Trump is in the end zone, with the football, celebrating, along with all his fans, doing the victory dance for the Republican party and for the United States of America, as a whole.

Hence our earlier gif was a homage to this tweet. Perfect! Credit: Joseph Wulfsohn/Twitter

We can’t stand the sight of Rachel Maddow and she should know that her career, which was already on the decline, has now entered a major nosedive, until the final crash and burn happens, which is any day now. The ratings are killing her.

Just herself alone, by being herself alone, is killing her and we are overjoyed to see this sort of thing unfolding before our eyes. Hats off to you, young lady (wink, wink).

Credit: Trump Jr./Twitter

Her special show on Donald Trump’s Tax Return backfired, big league and she should probably start looking into a new career, don’t you think? But, as what? As some sort of second class political hack with brown hair, that’s the MSNBC’s equivalent version of an “Ellen”, but on male hormones?  Hmm…But, the difference is that she’s not funny and nobody likes her? We’re not sure either, what her new career should be? Please, tell us what you think in our comments section.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to her show on Twitter, tweeting out some gems about seeing it all unfold. Priceless! So, here’s another one. Our serotonin levels have just peaked yet again, since this has truly been a wonderful Wednesday, after all.

Credit: Trump Jr./Twitter

How do these liberal marxist morons sleep at night, you might ask? So, Rachel Maddow just got owned on her own show. Excellent!

Just how brilliant is that? It’s one of the most brilliant things of the whole year, so far, and this has made the month of March even sweeter. This is the true icing on the cake for many a Donald Trump supporter and everyone is now sporting wide grins of victory; that can be sensed all across the world against these liberal lefties, with their complete and utter idiocy out in the open, for all to see. Fact!


Night, night,you Liberal Fascists!

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