Snoop Dogg & Bow Wow vs. The Trumps?

What happened on Monday, anyone? Well, Snoop Dogg released a new music video called “Lavender”, which seems abhorrently racist at the core to all white people, by labeling them all as “clowns”. Yes, apparently upon a quick music video review, this is what we see and many people have come to question Snoop’s motives with such depictions in his music video. But, apart from Snoop Dogg clinging onto any sort of relevance in music, after the Snoop Lion image failure, he is seemingly returning to that West coast sound, but the video features him mimicking the murder and assassination of President Donald J. Trump, via a lookalike with a clown face, with a cartoon “Bang” pistol flag coming out instead of a real gunshot. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Obviously, Donald Trump saw this, along with plenty of other people, like Marco Rubio down in Florida and many have called it out for what it is, which is an unacceptable piece of media to be had in circulation during these times of effective change in America. Let’s just say that many people were not very impressed. Imagine, if somebody had done the same with a depiction of ex-President Barack Obama being assassinated instead. That would be racist, right? That would be considered racist though, right? So, isn’t this reverse racism? We definitely think so. Trump responded on Twitter with this tweet.

A day or so later, the forgotten kid rapper, Bow Wow, 30, then did the unthinkable, showing what sort of uneducated moron that he truly really is, by Tweeting this, in the most disrespectful of ways, aimed at Melania Trump.

“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk a– up talking s— about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us”

Lil Bow Wow here, the Muppet! Credit: NetLiveVideo

Shortly afterwards, lil’ Bow Wow (idiot!), deleted his tweet and the only thing that one would think possible, is that now both Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg have now put themselves on a watch list of sorts, or at least you’d hope so; by them showing their true adolescent and uneducated colors of moronic means to bring any attention onto them when both their careers are lacklustre.

So perhaps, they have now garnered the attention of the U.S. Secret Service. That be the one type of attention that they might not have wanted, but they will now obviously be heavily considered for some type of surveillance and such, you might think?

Bow Wow should at least deserve some form of physical beating, one would think, because let’s face it, what an idiot he is!

However, what best describes all that Snoop Dogg is nowadays, further on from us calling him the biggest sell-out of all time (facts!) in a previous article last month, we found somebody who felt just as the same as we did on Facebook, in response to his ‘Lavender’ music video. And, here it is, in all its truth and glory. We know you Snoopy-Sellout, you’re an Establishment and globalist pawn.

So, what should happen to Bow Wow and to Snoop Dogg? Should they let this one slide or should Bow Wow be called out for insinuating that the first lady would turn tricks for them and thus maybe he should be sanctioned or sectioned for hate speech? Or  for making this threat, which is downright tasteless, lame and actually embarrassing even for him, what should be the punishment? Maybe, just looking like an idiot is punishment enough?

Bow Wow is about as “gangster” as a toddler on a tricycle and Snoop Dogg well, how’s he still embarrassing himself so much at his old age? I guess you can take the man out of the ghetto, but his education and manners, will somehow seem dated and always catch up with him, no matter how many times he has sold out to the white man already. Relax Snoop, act your age with some nobility and respect. But, no…

So, just remember that this is what his Satanic masters want, since he is following the orders of being a globalist sell-out, a true occult member of the failing liberal left, Hollywood and the rotten Democrats, that have never ever delivered anything to the black community, during their tenures of power, apart from Slavery; granted that was nearly one hundred and sixty years ago, since the abolishment of that horrible history in America, but still is this what they’d think anyone would fall for?

Grandpa Snoopy here, can’t handle that Trump is way richer than him, as is evidenced on that Roast of Donald Trump. Credit: FirstDigital

Yes, Confederates of the south became what is now known as the Democratic party of today.  Apart from all of this, we can return to the time when Snoop Dogg openly expressed his jealousy for Donald Trump’s money on ‘The Roast of Donald Trump’, where he blatantly confided to the camera about how he was sort of jealous of how rich Donald Trump was, compared to him.

And so, long story short, we think Snoop Dogg is an actual racist. He’s racist to white people, which is now what’s being called out as “reverse racism”. Snoop Dogg is the king of that and it’s a shame that he didn’t realise that he killed off anything that was left of his music career for many people, with this latest stunt that will have many never listen to his music ever again.


Unfortunately, we won’t be enjoying any of your music anymore. Sad, but glad.


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Featured Photo Credit: Brainstain

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