Synthetic Drug Epidemic: Prelude to a Zombie Apocalypse?

Now, we’ve all heard of the Zombie apocalypse in popular culture in recent times and even with people’s fascination with Zombies in popular TV series such as ‘The Walking Dead’ or with films, like the franchise of ‘Resident Evil’ or to even what the kids are playing these days on PS4 consoles, with ‘Zombies in Spaceland’, but who would have actually thought that we would one day have real life Zombies walking around on our streets, after engaging in so-called legal highs, such as “Spice”, “Flakka” or even “Bath Salts”, for that matter. That Brad Pitt film ‘World War Z, hasn’t quite made any sense at all, until now, with further drug induced Zombie’s seemingly sweeping across many U.S. cities, even stretching as far as to the English Isles, across the pond, as well. What are they even on? Let’s take a closer look, at various Zombie cases. Brace yourself, as these are truly scary and perhaps it’s time to stamp out these legal highs, for good? First stop, Charlton St. Worcester, Massachusetts.

The Dawn of the Living Dead is really here, with reports suggesting that these addicts can get these legal highs for as little as $1 or up to $5, depending on whatever their favourite legal high is. But, these synthetic drugs are causing chaos across the world, with people seemingly not realizing the dangers from taking such legal highs, like “Flakka” or “Bath Salts” and it’s only getting worse.

And, in Baltimore yesterday, there’s this video of three older women, having a Zombie session in broad daylight, with a video narrated by a man who can also do nothing but seemingly film all of those that are staggering around, coming courtesy of WorldStarHip-Hop, take a look below, which could’ve been through the use of tainted Heroin or even K-2 itself, who knows?

But, the problems of Spice or Flakka, can also be seen to be having a devastating effect on the people of Russia, as well. Here watch a report from Russia Today (RT), concerning these dangerous legal highs.

Let’s remember last summer, how Zombies on Spice in Brooklyn, NYC, in July 2016, were everywhere and distressing calls came in reporting some 33 people seen staggering around the Bedford-Stuyvesant & Bushwick neighborhoods, after a bad batch of K-2 was seemingly smoked by the civilians, turning them into the walking dead. Here’s that tame report, down below.

There’s a K-2, Spice epidemic and synthetic marijuana problem going on in America, so when people joked about a Zombie Apocalypse, who knew but the elite or the synthetic drug makers, who knew of the devastation that was to come from the spread of these legal highs, causing havoc across the country.

Here’s another shocking video of some of the worst spice highs ever recorded and we wonder what it takes to get the word out?

Is the Zombie Apocalypse already here to stay? It’s surely looks like it, unless something drastic is done to stop the production of such dangerous high’s, seemingly available to the public, so readily available and purchased so easily. Perhaps, it’s better to just use recreational drugs or just don’t touch any drugs at all?

The Government and Law Enforcement need to tackle this problem of the sale of legal highs and find out where they have come from, because it seems like these Chemists have knowingly caused a Zombie epidemic, even before it became known as a real thing via pop culture, they almost predicted it before it happened.

So, seemingly World War Z, is inspired by the influx of muslim migrants before it even happened, but all of them seemingly smoking spice of some kind? A horrible turn of events has made K-2 into a real life Zombie problem.

Zombie K-2 problems are a real concern, especially in many NYC neighbourhoods and in U.S. cities, like Baltimore and across the whole nation, with the physical and economical strain it’s putting on medics, hospitals, the police and the devastating effects on the users and the families of the users, as well.


Stay off the Spice, everyone! It’s not safe!

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Featured Photo Credit: Right Wing News

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