Rihanna and Chris Brown Sexting Again?

Sometimes old flames are hard to put out (kill the fire) and it’s no different with Rihanna and Chris Brown, who last week began following each other again on Instagram, having social media chemistry sparks fly, which escalated to direct messaging (DMs) and now the word is “Sexting” from phone to phone. Well, that escalated quickly! Seemingly, Chris Brown with his restraining order from seeing Karrueche Tran, already in place, went one better, making a move for a blast from the past, Rihanna, single as well, after reportedly she even once upon a time was romantically linked with Drake (lies) before his J. Lo horneymoon (unthinkable), so now we’ve come full circle. It looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown could be back on the cards.

There relationship was always one full of passion and that one time, even sadly there was some domestic violence. The reasons for that horrible incident back in 2009, have long been speculated upon, but none of the reasons have been allowed to be confirmed officially or publicly, as of yet. Who’s to blame? Takes two wrongs, to get it wrong, usually. But, Chris was wrong!

So, after 8 years, it seems like Rihanna still has a soft spot for the singer and Chris Brown has always loved Rihanna and he must surely be apologetic and be trying to get back into her good books, once again.

Rihanna and Chris Brown during happier times. Photo Credit: Washington Post

Who’s to say whether couples who have a tumultuous and even passionate relationship to the point of violence, can’t ever be together again? Well, at least they can start by “sexting” again and then see where it all goes and hopefully it won’t end up being more of the same, with anyone being locked up behind bars, right? There’s always hope…

After Chris Brown re-followed Rihanna, they started confiding in each other and soon after the messages turned sexual, apparently, very sexual. They are said to be addicted to each other and rumors now say that they may be having some hotel rendezvous’ coming up very soon.

Who doesn’t enjoy a hotel meet and greet, especially if the Paparazzi are always on your case, “where else would you go?”

So, if you see a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door of some West Holywood, Los Angeles Hotel suite, it may not be just your regular old casting agent and some hopeful actress (you’re gonna’ be a star) in there, the noises you hear could very well be the Bahamian native putting in some “Work, work, work, work, work” doing the “Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, Dirt”, with Chris Brown eating some “dessert, ssert, ssert, ssert, ssert, ssert”. Thank f*ck that song is now pretty much, over!

The start of a new chapter in their relationship? Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Hmmm? This is great news, just don’t drink and beat each other up this time. We all know how that story goes, “kaboom!” and there you are, minutes away from a world-famous domestic violence incident, like WTF just happened?!

Either one of them could be the crazy one, just sayin’….Shit happens! When somebody has the temperament of a ton of TNT, one could provoke the other, you just never know and we will never know the full details of why it came to blows back in ’09.

Is this what they call a stormy relationship? And, one wonders sometimes if some women drive men crazy or is it just the other way around? Ever had a woman flip her lid and then assault you, it’s not a lot of fun, let us tell you? Take the beating like a man or just stop the madness? You could have the patience of a turtle, but sometimes women can be the aggressors, too. Now, this might not have been the case for Chris Brown though, but do you really ever know what happens behind closed doors?

Could it all end badly again if they do end hooking up for round 2? Photo Credit: The Pursuit of Sassiness

Hmmm, nowadays Chris Brown has that very bad reputation still. So, who knows what happened back in 2009 inside that Lamborghini, but surely they can patch this up with some bedtime action to feel out the situation. Surely?

We guess it depends on the relationship though, but hopefully this won’t lead to a second train wreck for Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Chris Brown has already stated that he likes to make his ex-‘s miserable, so that’s not very nice. Maybe, he just needs Rihanna back for good. Case closed. Maybe, Chris Brown just needs some loving. Bad boys need loving, too

Everyone deserves to be happy and if Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together, expect them to be the new “King and Queen” of relationships, for going through hell and coming out through the other side, 8 years later. Which would deserve some sort of medal or gold sticker, right? Or just by coming out through the back door of a famous hotel in separate cars, leaving in different directions, is also another way to look at it? Sexy time achieved!


We wish them the best of luck.

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Featured Photo Credit: IB Times UK

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