Tim Allen calls out Liberal Fascism in Hollywood (Plus, Why People are Fed Up with Tinseltown)

Tim Allen, 63, is that well liked actor, famous for playing ‘Santa Claus’ and being the star of ‘Home Improvement’ and also the voice of ‘Buzz Lightyear’ from ‘Toy Story’, recently came out and said what many people have been afraid to say, calling out Hollywood’s biased liberal intolerance in political views, comparing their blind liberalism to the fascism of 1930’s Germany.

Jimmy Kimmel’s evil and nervous liberal laugh in opposition to such logical views being heard on his corporate sell-out show, were all to clear to be heard, which makes us remember how much we despise this Jimmy Kimmel guy, who of course, partly bared the brunt of that ‘La La Land’ mix-up with ‘Moonlight’ for ‘Best Picture’, in what was clearly the most boring Oscars ceremony ever, and surely Jimmy Kimmel played his part in that just deserved recognition.

Let’s take a look at Tim Allen’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night, last week, because somebody should give this guy a trophy and when Kimmel laughs, it’s just vomit inducing. We wonder how this fake talk show host even sleeps at night? He must really hate himself, but do carry on with your meaningless and vacuous show, Kimmel.

Tim Allen clearly compares the liberal intolerance in Hollywood to the Fascism of Nazi Germany and added, “You’ve gotta’ be real careful around here”.

Which is absolutely true and it shows their lack of respect for other people and most of all even Hollywood’s ties to Globalism and certain Satanic cults perhaps, but then acting out as Moral High Ground social justice warriors that live in these Mansions, detached from the real world and they just love when the democratic party keeps on lying and ruining the country and the world, because it doesn’t really affect them. It’s all honky-dory in La-La Land.

Limousine liberals or Champagne Socialists, whatever you like to call them, they’re shaking in their boots because a lot of them are just dumb and live in a bubble, because the first celebrity President, Barack Obama is gone now and Donald Trump is actually getting things done, like giving out a $100 million to Flint, Michigan for their clean running water problems, which has been a problem that’s been going for over 2 years. What did Obama do? He talked about Flint rarely and Trump actually does things, there’s the difference, less red tape, more action and less bureaucratic nonsense and BS! Trump gives $100 million to Flint, Michigan, while Obama gave $1.3billion to Iran. Hmmm?

The man who keeps on giving. A hero. Credit: NationalReview

That smells like, what? Plus, with additional links of his to the Muslim Brotherhood, what kind of American President, is that?

Barack Obama was all talk and no action, with a lot of backhanded donations, scandals, with even Hillary Clinton breathing down his neck for special interest groups and globalist corporations, whilst Donald Trump’s only special interest is the American people.

So, why are people who consider themselves “Liberals” so dumb? We suspect brainwashing and that’s also the job of many Hollywood celebrities which is to keep spreading these lies, by acting out the puppet masters wishes.

And, so in being a Trump supporter, it doesn’t make you any less liberal or any less tolerant, by the way, it just makes you a patriot and a logical thinker of doing what’s right.

So, it’s a matter of right vs. wrong and the Democrats, apparently they want illegal alien criminals inside their country, provided that they’ll vote Democrat. See a pattern, yet?

But, Tim Allen went even further, saying, “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like ’30s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group, “You know what we believe is right”, I go, “Well, I might have a problem with that”.

So do we Tim, so do we, and basically they used to use Sweden as that socialist and liberal Utopian model of reference for clueless liberals, but clearly that fake narrative of Sweden being some sort of paradise, has fallen by the way side, within being named the rape capital of Europe, plus an escalating crime rate wholly down to mass immigration and undocumented migrants from Islamic countries, plus they’re living off the state and straining the countries economical resources; whilst in the end the original Swedish nationals will end up suffering. Is that right? We think not. Liberal delusions of grandeur, that’s what that is!

Some of Sweden’s new recruits? Credit: DailyMail

This is already happening, as the elderly are not getting the care as they should be getting in Sweden, because of the influx of migrants, plus not to mention a burgeoning sympathy for Islamic Extremism, because we should feel sorry for them and give them everything for free, whilst they destroy Sweden. Absolute lunacy!

Look at what Donald Trump has already done whilst in office, he has brought back hundreds of thousands of jobs to America, the stock market has broken historical records and keeps on rising, consumer spending and confidence is up, plus he has also called Immigration “a privilege and not a right” and he has made budget cuts to actually make things happen in other areas for the U.S.A.

People say he had no experience being a politician, well thank the lord for that, here’s a businessman finally cleaning up the country and the mess he inherited from 8 years of the Democrats. One in four homeless people in the U.S.A. are War veterans, and the rate of homelessness has seemingly constantly been on the rise in America in recent years. How about taking care of those people and America first?


Please Hollywood, do take note, because most of you seem like a bunch of globalist pawns on the payroll of Satan himself. Hmmm? If you’re so liberal, then respect logic and respect doing what’s right for your own country, instead of agreeing with what “Fake News” is telling you.

Interest in Hollywood is set to keep on dwindling, until these liberal snowflakes decide to wake up and admit that they’re wrong and everyone knows it.

Just like Donald Trump calling out the liberal news media’s ‘Russian Hacking’ narrative, as “Fake News and everyone knows it”. Read here, of course it’s fake and it’s when people are so dumb, that they believe fake news networks spewing out such propaganda “24/7”, but not only on the news, but also on night-time talk shows, like the one with Seth Meyers or the one with Bill Maher or the one with that smug Trevor (Nobody gonna’ listen) Noah of The Daily Show, is just regurgitating globalist logic and paying their dues to deceive the public in continuing to support the destruction of their own nation.

All of this can be very infuriating to say the least. So, props to Tim Allen for telling it how it is, because the world needs more of it. If you like truth news, then please keep coming back here for more of the same.

Oh yeah, don’t forget that the Confederates became the Democratic Party, so it’s not hard to see why nothing has ever got any better.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: ReturnofKings

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  1. Jimmy Kimmel = Funny

    Tommy Cooper = reincarnation

    The guy has nudie cuties on somebody’s wife, he’s about as funny as an a-bomb.

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