Arsene Wenger & The Future of Arsenal

Here at Brainstain, we don’t always cover sport, but when we do, it’s usually a big story and nothing is bigger in this moment in time in Soccer, than the impending announcement of football manager, Arsene Wenger’s expected resignation from the manager’s post at Arsenal, after holding that position for some twenty-one-years, already. He is expected to announce his leaving very soon for the end of the season.

Arsenal fans have been engaging in the “Wenger Out” scenario more so in the past few weeks, than ever before. Losing six matches out of the last nine games, across all competitions, dropping out of the Champions League to Bayern Munich with an astonishing 10-2 Aggregate, plus dropping down to 6th place in the table, with Wenger’s worst ever performance run in his whole tenure as Arsenal boss. During the last 9 matches, there were 3 wins, against Hull City in the league, then a win in the FA Cup against lower league Sutton, then another win, against an even lower league side, Lincoln City in the FA Cup, as well.

But, after losing 3-1 away to West Bromich Albion on Saturday, some say that this was the final nail in the coffin and seemingly now everyone understands the Arsenal fans frustrations, but let’s give you an overview of the transfer policy over the years and why Arsenal always seem to slip up and never quite build upon any previous successes?

Alexis Sanchez is very prepared to leave Arsenal. Credit: DailyExpress

Could it be that Arsene Wenger has kept on neglecting the need to purchase new players every season, to keep up with the other top clubs in the English Premier League? Yes, we think so, too. For example, Per Mertesacker the German centre back is no longer World Class for many seasons now, yet, he’s still in the squad but hasn’t played a single game, who in past seasons, could be seen alongside another questionable defender, Lauren Koscielny, who isn’t quite up to standard either or to even the recent addition of Shkodran Mustafi, for a high price of £35 million in the summer, which hasn’t quite alleviated Arsenal’s back four problems.

However, Arsene Wenger has always insisted that he doesn’t need to spend big money on players in the transfer windows (the player prices are too inflated in the market), whilst even star players like Meshut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are now prepared and considering leaving Arsenal, due to conflicting ideals about weekly wages and where the club is actually going, if anywhere, but down the table. It’s lose, lose, all around for Arsenal at the moment.

Alexis Sanchez had also been hunted by some of the Chinese Super League’s richest teams, with a massive pay packet deal offered, but he decided to stay after the January Transfer window had closed.

Sure, Wenger signed Granit Xhaka for the midfield in the summer, for some say a ludicrous price of £30 million and he’s got the most red cards and bad tackles that you could ever expect for that price, have a read here.

The guy that always sees Red. Credit: SkySports

There was also always the debate for a long time, whether Wenger didn’t need to sign an out-and-out striker, with Olivier Giroud some saying “was not enough”, even though he keeps on scoring, as does Alexis Sanchez who Wenger played as a Striker more and more, but how does that matter, if you’re not keeping up with the Joneses in the transfer market like Manchester City, Manchester United or even Chelsea for that matter, and Tottenham have become the top club in North London, much to the dismay of Arsenal fans.

Some football pundits and rumours have suggested that Arsene Wenger’s training methods may even be a bit dated, after handling the football team for so many years.

Still Theo Walcott has also been turned from Winger to Striker many times, just like Sanchez over the passed season, to compensate for the lack of a brilliant Center Forward. Some say that this was entirely wrong, instead of buying an established additional Centre Forward to help Olivier Giroud out, in the first place.

The Arsenal Fan TV channel on YouTube has become somewhat of a comic benchmark for other football fans to laugh at Arsenal and their fans, rather than celebrate any of their achievements, these days.

Sure some clubs have it worse, but Arsene Wenger has bared the brunt of every bad result, which is often reflected by their fans on this YouTube channel.

So, now with an International break to give them a pause for some breath, this has come at a very good time for Arsene Wenger, because this has given the team a chance to rest and re-group, ahead of any drastic decisions.

Rumors today said that Wenger had received a two-year contract to take over at Paris Saint Germain (PSG), but Arsene has called this out as “Fake News”. So, Arsenal fans are waiting in the wings for the announcement of Wenger’s resignation any time now, however, knowing Arsene Wenger, he won’t go quietly, will he?

In 2003-2004, the last time they won the Premier League. Credit: PremierLeague.

Arsenal haven’t won the Premier League since 2003-2004 and they have dropped out of the Champions League as expected every year, without really seriously competing for the trophy in any given season, over recent years.

Arsenal fans are very fed up and with a home match against Manchester City on Sunday in the EPL coming up, a lot beckons on that result for the future of Arsene Wenger and we sincerely doubt that Arsenal will win that match, given their recent lacklustre form.

So, it looks like there might not even be Champions League football next season and that would see many players leave and Arsenal in turn, slip further down the pecking order into the unknown territory of mid table infamy and obscurity, potentially.

We wish Arsene Wenger the best of luck and surely the calls for his resignation, are now more loud than ever before. But, it seems like Arsene Wenger may even stay for a further two seasons, if this latest news is anything to go by.  What will happen next, that is the question, “will he stay or will he go?”


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