Brad Pitt: The Suffering Artist and his Craft

Now, we all deal with breakups in different ways and there are definitely varying stages of the recovery process for everyone involved. Sure, it’s very different for men and women, especially if you have children, which will make it even more difficult, pending child custody battles, but the way the grieving is done is paramount to recovery. It all depends on the many factors, which leaves either person in a new situational matter, so different from what they are used to, so naturally it will evoke not only physical pain, but also mental pain.

So, Brad Pitt, 53, has reportedly been spending lots of time locked up inside an art studio in Los Angeles, listening to sad songs and creating a sculpture of some kind, whilst Angelina whisked the six children off to Cambodia and then even a stop in London, in the meantime.

Arriving back in LA on Friday night. Credit: DailyMail

Brad Pitt had been on record recently and he stated that whilst the time may have flown by for Angelina Jolie and the children, everyday for Brad without his kids, felt like a lifetime. This is understandable for anyone who has children and or has been through a parents divorce; let’s just say that it cuts very deep into your heart.

Recent research over the years has almost proven that you can die from a broken heart, although, scientists are still debating the notion, but with so much coincidental evidence suggesting just that, we believe that this is very real. Relationships are hard enough, let alone having six kids to miss, whilst you iron out a divorce, as well.

But, Brad Pitt has been very patient and with not having the kids around to see, it’s been a very difficult time for him.

Seemingly, in divorce it can have the same devastating effect on the children and no doubt, this will follow them around for the rest of their lives and perhaps impact their future relationships, as well.

Divorces aren’t fun and Mrs. Doubtfire was a real tear-jerker, so you can almost feel your own heart sinking right now, can’t you?

Angelina had also previously been reported as stating that at times, her first trip with the kids, without Brad, had also been bitter-sweet and full of melancholy moments; as they had shared so many great memories travelling the world with their international brood of children, from all over the world. Sadly, not anymore….this is divorce, all part and parcel of the journey, you could say.

At least, the ludicrous FBI investigations on Brad Pitt into that plane incident with Jolie’s son, Maddox, was quashed immediately and once again, Brad Pitt has his rights back to see his children.

This didn’t look so good on Angelina Jolie and she truly emphasized using political smear tactics in initial custody relations to try and dirty up Brad Pitt’s name, not a very nice way to play, but shared custody looks like it is definitely back on the cards. And, rightly so. Co-parenting in divorce is on the way, hopefully.

Brad here, entering the art studio. Credit: DailyMail

However, upon recent rumors that Brad has been back in contact with old flame, Jennifer Aniston, one of the first things that Angelina has made sure of with her lawyers when she got back, was to organize a clause in the contract of the divorce and separation, that nowhere and at no time, shall Jennifer Aniston ever be in the vicinity of her children. Hmmm, somebody still has it all seemingly planned out to a “T”, with a meticulous war strategy of past insecurities and even new one’s from camp Jolie springing out of the skeleton closet; so one wonders how smooth this divorce, will ever be?

At least, it’s been almost agreed upon with shared custody that the kids should have access to both parents and live in Los Angeles, so let’s hope so.

Brad has been shutting himself into an art studio for 15 hours a day, making something, under the guidance of a British friend and artist, Thomas Houseago, who owns the studio in the Elysian Valley, also known as the Frogtown area.

Thomas and his assistant’s join Brad for the day, but at night, Brad stays there alone and is seemingly working on something quite unique, into the early hours of the morning, listening to emotional songs and this is what you might call a type of artistic healing therapy. It’s actually a wonderful idea to express yourself through a sculpture, rather than with that film, ‘By The Sea’, right?

Knowing of what we know of Angelina, she will probably be very concerned as to what he is actually making now and what the public may take it to symbolize, given if it is ever shown to the public.

Just imagine, if Brad is creating a sculpture representing the inner-monster of Angelina Jolie? How will she explain that one, away?

One of Thomas’s art pieces in the studio. Credit: DailyMail

An inside source said, “’He spends all night working on his art and listening to emotional songs. Everybody knows it’s related to what’s going on with him personally, but nobody says anything. He’s a quiet guy, and very humble. He’s learning at a fast pace. Art is a way for him to concentrate on one thing, taking his mind off everything else. He’d rather do that and be constructive than go out partying”.

Fair play, yet again from Brad Pitt, and this playlist is said to include the music of Bon Iver and the Waylon Jennings song, ‘Just to Satisfy You’. With the lyrics to the song, “How many hearts must break, how many will it take. To satisfy you, just to satisfy you. Another love, another fool. To play your game.”

Brad Pitt recently appeared alongside Thomas, who has also been going through a divorce, in Downtown Los Angeles, alongside bassist Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, with Thomas saying about his own personal struggles to the crowd, “You need that darkness and doubt as a motivator … recently I’ve come to really like that broken guy and take care of him.”

Thomas and Brad have been friends for years and they have backed each other up in their healing processes of divorce.

Thomas Houseago explained further about his art inspiration healing process, ‘When you have that trauma and have that anxiety, you have that push ….it gets you off planet earth, and through the atmosphere really fast.”

And, some weeks later Brad started his own art project with Thomas, after seemingly feeling very trapped, isolated and after admittedly going a bit stir crazy in his Santa Barbra beach house.

Let’s hope we get to this see this work of art and it will be interesting to see how and what sort of divorce agreement will be reached between “Brangelina”. We will keep you posted here on one of the most publicized divorces to ever hit Hollywood.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: DailyMail

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