Terrorist Attack in London (Live Updates)

At around 14:40 pm (GMT) today on Westminster Bridge, London, the incident that many people had been fearing, happened, as sirens could be heard across the city. A shocking and horrific attack has now landed on London. On first look, it’s definitely a terrorist attack, similar to what has been seen in Nice, France and across Europe over the last twelve months. Exactly twelve months on the day to when Islamist Terrorists’ attacked the airport in Brussels and Maalbeek Metro Station.

A Hyundai 4 x 4, four door vehicle drove down Westminster Bridge and has plowed through and injured several people on the bridge by driving onto the sidewalk and hitting pedestrians. So far, an estimated twelve people have been hit on the bridge, plus then the chase that continued with Police in pursuit, including reported gunshots on the bridge, that seemingly later culminated with a suspect crashing the Hyundai 4 x 4 vehicle into an iron gate fence in Parliament Square, then the suspect abandoned the vehicle and left on foot and he walked into Old Palace Yard with a seven inch knife; and then stabbed a Police officer, resulting in his immediate shooting by other Police Officers. Three gunshots were heard by tourists in the area within regard to the suspect going down. However, there are also reports of gunfire on Westminster Bridge, which are now only becoming clearer as the investigation continues.

Credit: Metro

The suspect was first described as an Asian man, but has later said to involve a man of black descent, in his mid forties, Asian (in the UK can very well mean, someone from Middle Eastern or Arabic descent) was carrying a seven inch knife, the Police Officer that was attacked by the man, has suffered multiple knife injuries and the Police shot the suspect down in Old Palace Yard. It is still not yet 100% confirmed of the exact ethnicity or even the real identity of the man, but no doubt, this has Islamic Extemist terror attack, written all over it.

Credit: Metro

It is still yet unclear, as to whether the suspect is still alive and it is still unclear as to how many are injured in this latest terrorist attack. It is not known how many have died on the bridge so far, but with suspected casualties expected on Westminster Bridge, the number will be revealed a little later on, as more news comes in. London is on lockdown and Westminster has been closed off including the Westminster Tube station and sirens can be heard all over the city, as Ambulances take the many victims to the nearest hospitals.  Some victims and pedestrians were even said to have jumped off Westminster Bridge to avoid injury.

Credit: Metro

The radius of Westminster has been closed off, including Horseferry Road, right back to Vauxhall Bridge now, as more news continues to come in. People are now worried that there might a string of other attacks that could happen simultaneously, but so far, it looks like a single terrorist attack. Feelings of unrest are very palpable at this moment in the city and naturally people will be worried everywhere, wherever they are, not to mention to those that were in a close vicinity during the shocking incident and terror attack.

The SO-19 (Swat) have been called in and are responding with their training on counter terrorism, with extra trained officers joining as well and now Police are wondering whether there is just one attacker or if there could be more. They will be conducting a major search around the city and all over Westminster and any surrounding areas; cordoning off the crime scene and beyond, as the investigation evolves. With the added worry of a suspect package found inside the Hyundai 4 x 4 and with the potential of further attacks, being feared at this moment.

This attack has shocked London on what was a very ordinary day, a rainy day and peaceful day in the city of London, like any other day.  This is a serious assault on the whole of London as a city and it is truly devastating news to hear, being that it also took place right near the Houses of Parliament, with Theresa May inside, not far away from the incident, which raises even more concern, as it occurred right in the nucleus and near its very position of power, literally on its doorstep.

One woman has now been confirmed as dead at St. Thomas’ Hospital and that many others have been critically hurt with reported catastrophic injuries coming in from Hospitals, right now. Pray for London and all the victims during this horrible time.



Abu Izzadeen aka Trevor Brooks, a well known British Islamic Extremist was incorrectly named as the attacker, a few hours ago. CreditTheMirror

A second fatality has been confirmed from being hit by the 4 x 4 car. Two dead now.

Three crime scenes. First Scene: on Westminster Bridge (Car Fatalities), Second scene: Outside Houses of Parliament (Car Fatalities) and outside in Old Palace Yard, with the stabbing and the shooting of the suspect.

Parliament has now been evacuated.

One Attacker taken to Hospital. 2 Suspects presumed in the attack.

French Students confirmed as part of the casualties and those injured by French Prime Minister.

Dead police officer has been named – Keith Palmer

7 arrests have been made during raids by the police in connection to the incident

5 Confirmed dead, including the Police Officer that was stabbed (Keith Palmer), and the attacker.

Latest News  – The attacker has been named by the Met Police – Khalid Masood.

He was living in the West Midlands before he carried out the attack. He was known to the police and had a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences.

29 Injured, 7 Critcal,  5 Deaths



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