Keep Calm, Tweet and Pray: How the Left Reacted After the London Islamic Terrorist Attack

Nothing to see here, please go about your daily business, just a few bodies lying motionless, injured and dying on the concrete paved streets of Westminster on a typical and mundane Wednesday afternoon in London. Oh, and whatever you do, in no circumstances must you blame Islam.

The usual sound of Chinese tourists clicking away at photos of Big Ben, drowned out by the sounds of bodies bouncing off Car Bonnets and the screams of normal everyday civilians just going about their usual routine of grabbing lunch from Pret a Manger during their lunch break. Again, nothing much to see here folks, just people dying, nothing out of the ordinary.

And, so without fanfare and without pomp and circumstance, it happened, the inevitable happened. We always knew it was going to happen; it was only a matter of time.

The official threat level for international terrorism had stood at severe for a while now in the UK, meaning an attack has been ‘highly likely’ on British soil and on the 22nd March, 2017 that threat became reality and it occurred at the very heart of British democracy.

On that day, at 14:40pm (GMT), a Hyundai 4×4 drove into pedestrians and cyclists along Westminster Bridge before crashing into the gates of Parliament.

The attacker, initially described by witnesses as ‘middle-aged and Asian’, then managed to break into the grounds of the Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot and later died of his injuries.

‘Middle-aged and Asian’ but remember, I repeat do not blame Islam, this has nothing to do with Islamic Extremism, right?

Stray trainers on the road, bodies lying dormant under buses, women being flown into the River Thames due to the impact of the car hitting them, this was the scene of Westminster, with modern-day society offering a chilling reflection of its priorities, as people took photos and selfies of the bloodshed and carnage only meters away from them. If it’s not on Instagram, then it hasn’t happened, right?

The BBC and left-wing media done their up most best in making sure that they implanted in our subconscious mind that the attacker was a lone wolf, had mental issues, loved by their families and neighbours, not on any terrorist watch list of any kind and most definitely not related to Islam in any way, shape or form, because you know, radicalism and terrorism are not synonymous with Islam.

Remember, Jihad and mass genocide are not problematic issue for Europe or the U.K.

Apart from 37 Islamic attacks across Europe since 2014 and the huge increase in mass immigration, what makes you think there’s a problem?!

CNN downplayed the ISIS-Style Parliament attack as a “Firearms Incident” as 4 innocent people were now dead, including Police Officer and 48-year-old father Keith Palmer.

All of this happened on a year to the day when the terrorist atrocities occurred in Brussels, but again, nothing to do with Islam, just coincidence, of course.

The vilified Tommy Robinson of all people happened to be within radius of Westminster when the attack occurred, yet Social Justice Warriors and left-wing millennials were more ‘’offended’’ that the former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League, was just there by off-chance, and was now speaking to the press and media and highlighting the fact that as a civilized world, we were under attack by Islam. But again, don’t listen to Tommy, he incites racial hatred and is a Nazi.

Everyone has come out of the woodworks to offer their 2 cents and even crocodile tears for the camera.

Professional Scottish Ginger troll, Nicola Sturgeon had the audacity to tweet her irrelevant mandatory condolences “my thoughts are with everyone in and around Westminster caught up in this dreadful incident – and with the brave emergency services’’ she wrote, joining the list of liberal virtue signallers desperately fighting to reach the front line in getting their sympathy seeking public messages out first.

“Sod off Sturgeon, you want to leave the U.K, you’re condolences fall on death ears.’’ Was one of the rather fitting responses to her second-rate condolences, which fell just as flat as her announcement for a second referendum.

One condolence that was well received was that of President Donald Trump, who showcased the strong bond and ”special relationship” he has with PM Theresa May and the United Kingdom.

Also, proving without a shadow of a doubt that everything Trump has ever said about Islamic terrorism was right all along, just a shame Major of London Sadiq Khan did not heed the advice sooner. Many in the United Kingdom would like to see Sadiq Khan, gone immediately, but that’s another story to be visited a little later.

The Twittersphere was rushed with the usual influx of hashtags for London, profile photos being filtered with Union Jack colours and people sending out their “thoughts and prayers” (because people writing pray statuses have stopped previous terrorist incidents in the past) with the usual bunch of do-gooders urging people “not to make judgments” or exhibit “Islamophobia” (criticism of Islam) and leftists expressing their concern about people being mean to Muslims and hurting their feelings, even as victims were dying in hospital. Don’t be mean to Muslims, they have feelings too you know?

We must show unity and solidarity and stand side by side. We must rally in the streets and all cry in sync and on cue for the cameras to witness. 

Son-of-a-bus-driver and best friend of migrants everywhere, Major of London Sadiq Khan, who previously had said that terror attacks were “part and parcel” of living in a major city and described ‘’Moderate Muslims’’ as “uncle tom’s” was noticeably quiet. In fact, it only took Khan 5 and a half hours to appear on video, stating that “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism”.

Predictably it was another showcase of love, hearts and rainbows from a man who had previously led a campaign in banning pictures of women in bikinis on the Underground because a) fat people were offended b) Muslims were offended.

Yes, that will sure show them terrorists that we mean business, what next, advertisements of women in burqas highlighting the benefits of multiple wives under Sharia law?

Dressed in a mourning black, Prime Minster Theresa May held a press conference on the London Attack in which she urged that the “Voices of Hate and Evil Will Not Drive Us Apart”

No Theresa, but the voices of hate and evil, might kill you.

When the terrorist attacks across Westminster occurred, you could almost see the wishful thinking and desperate hopes from liberals everywhere, that the attacker would be revealed as an English Defence League supporter with mental illness or at the very least, a Brexit supporter.

“Don’t be Muslim, don’t be Muslim” they muttered underneath their breath, as TV reports and News Stations covered the tragic and horrendous events unfolding.

Sure enough, when it was officially confirmed that the attacker in question was in fact… Muslim, you could hear a pin drop.

No one, was one bit surprised; expect the unassuming left who went on to quote the same cliché speech said after the aftermath of every single terrorist attack committed by a Muslim, time and time again.

How many more times must the public hear that “these actions don’t represent Islam” or that “Islam is the religion of peace” before they too get sick and tired of changing their social media profile photos of the current country that has been targeted by a radical and extremist Islamist attack?

The sales of tealights must sky-rocket each time an Islamic terrorist attack is carried out. Another Islamic terrorist killing in the name of Islam, when will the western world learn? Why are the liberal elite and left-wing media afraid to label the Westminster attack, as exactly what it was? An Islamic terrorist attack against western principles and life.

What’s so scary about saying ‘Islamic terrorist’ or “Islamic Extremist Terror Attack”?

We seem to live in a generation that is more concerned with not wanting to “offend’’ people’s feelings and not be labelled “Islamophobic’’, then it is at actually tackling Islamic radicalism, in the first place.

Oh yes, “Islamophobia”, that label that gets thrown around more than an ISIS hand grenade in Syria.

Debunking the myth that people are “scared” of Islam (phobia meaning an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something). There is one thing that is certain. There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”.

Just like winged horses and men floating in the sky, it is make-believe and it does not exist. It is the right of every individual to question a religion which claims to be peaceful and yet is responsible for more terror attacks than any other in history.

If anything, Islam has a phobia about anything not Islamic, which is evident by the carnage left in the aftermath of Westminster.

We are constantly told that terrorism has no nationality or religion. So, it’s just a big coincidence that Muslims keep mass murdering people, right? Liberals convince themselves multiculturalism works, yet the terrorist attacks in the name of Islam all over the world, suggests otherwise.

A picture that was circulating online, quickly went viral and told a rather fitting story, setting the tone of the frenzied attack in Westminster. In the photo, a person lays critically injured as concerned passers-by stop what they are doing to tend to and treat the man. This man is a stranger to them yet they stop to help him, gathering around him in a show of unity and support.

Some are on their phones, most probably calling the emergency services or calling the family of said man, slumped on the cold concrete paved streets of Westminster.Walking by him is a young Muslim girl, noticeably Muslin because of her hijab.

So, did she stop like the other concerned civilians to tend to the man and see if he was OK? Did she halt in her tracks to demonstrate the “love” and “peace” that supposedly Islam represents? No, her eyes remained fixed on her phone, as she just casually walked past the hurt man. There was no “act of kindness’’ shown or any concern demonstrated by this woman and it makes you wonder.

The only thing that was displayed, was an apparent lack of regard for a man who was badly injured and succumbed on the street because of Islamic Terrorism.

He was slumped on the floor with blood gushing down his forehead, because a man chose to carry out pain and hurt in the name of Islam.

And, what happened to that young Muslim girl? Did she feel any kind of concern or remorse, as she walked past a dozen more bodies on her way home, some with “catastrophic injuries”, some even dead. Didn’t look like it, did it?

“See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”

Move along now, nothing else to see here, multiculturalism works just fine.

Now let’s all have a nice cup of tea.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Twitter

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